Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Day

Election Day for Republicans.  Democrats vote tomorrow!

Today I will be voting Republican.  Apparently, others will be too.

The Republican strategy from 2008 is expected to succeed today.  The strategy: let everything go to shit, ignore the patriots in the Tea Party groups, back RINO losers for nomination, and 51% will - eventually - vote us back into power.

If the predictions are true, I'll be celebrating tonight.  Then tomorrow, it is back to work fighting against the establishment GOP to drive the Party to the right, to restore the will to fight, enthusiastically embrace and defend conservative principles, and replace elected officials who betray their constituents - both RINOs and all Democrats - with hard-headed, stubborn, extremist conservatives.

And maybe along the way I'll sell a hat or two to like-minded comrades.

UPDATED 11.4.14 12:30pm:

Voting today reminded me of public school.  I just looked for the "Republican" label, or the "NO" box, then just had to color in the box without going outside the lines.  My teachers would be proud of me today.  Maybe they'd even give me a gold star...

I wanted to point you to a Townhall article that was written for today.  It is worth all the pop-up ads to read in full.

Shawn Mitchell posted some thoughts about election day, and skewers the media and those who choose not to vote.  I post not to be rude to my Libertarian comrades, but to further document my correct assessment back in 2012 when I began to look closely at the Libertarian movement.  My instincts are proving correct now that others are sharing their analysis.

Media More Commie than Obama:

Barack Obama has shafted American fortunes, prospects, well being, and hope for the future more than Liberals ever imagined Bush did.

The only thing that stands between us and a 70-30 Senate is a major media and online media complex that is even more commie than Barack dares to be on his most ambitious days, and that feeds denial and nonsense to the gullible, 24/7.


In this age when Leftism shows its totalitarian face, when there is no doubt they would put any one of us in jail if they could, I cannot fathom the preening, indulgent purity of the people who brag they will not vote for imperfect Republicans.

I don't comprehend the libertarians that condemn Reagan. Did anyone ever push boundaries harder than that great man? If you aren't satisfied with Reagan’s efforts, then just procure your dynamite and get on with it.

Ya know what, LibertZealots? I don't mind your fervor. I love your fervor. Come join the fight. Lets win some hearts and minds.

But here's what I do mind: your facile condemnation of candidates and electeds who are in the arena and who don't meet your purity test.

Is the answer so obvious? Good! Then run for office! Try your message out with your neighbors and fellow citizens. Get on the stump. Spread the word and get elected!  Do your neighbors buy?

Or shut up and enlist in the hard work of informing your neighbors. Sick of your futile condemnation. Help change the playing field or quit already with criticizing the players.

Libertarians: Americans with a strong sense of the Constitution and a desire to shift to a literal Constitutional state; who desire changes that would never pass any congress, and thus require the suspension of the Constitution and some form of dictatorship to enact said changes.

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