Monday, November 10, 2014

Chart of the Day

Found at Doug's:

Anyone know the story about Eisenhower's numbers above? 

I'm assuming Vietnam and Watergate are behind Ford's numbers. 

And Reagan's anti-communism diligence obviously riled the Democrats into action.

Is it just a measure of partisanship?

Out of the 13 presidents listed above (and 44 total), nine were president in my lifetime.  I'm not sure what to think of that. 


Anonymous said...

Direct involvement in Vietnam ended in August 73.

WiseCaveOwl said...

as to Eisenhower's off years, simply a reversion to the "2-Party" mean: look at the net FDR+Truman losses. Put another way, by consolidating New Deal socialism instead of getting rid of it (see also: Republicans, Bush41 et. seq)...Ike preserved the Democrat New Deal coalition. This is why Republicans are so widely known as the "Stupid Party"