Monday, November 17, 2014

This Christmas: Give the Gift That Keeps On Taking

We'll be shipping TWO Commie Obama hats for every order through the end of this month!

This is the time to redistribute huge savings to the proletariat masses!

For the sarcastic conservative who has everything!  For the greater good!

The Stocking Stuffer of the [5] Year [Plan]!

We will ship TWO hats for every Commie Obama Hat order through the end of the month.

Every hat will come with all available 2-sided placards: Obama 08/Hillary 08, DNC 2010/Obama-Biden, DNC 2012/Obama, and the current placard FORWARD/OBAMA.

Thanks for the links!  Western Rifle ("full bolshie" is hilarious!), Captain Capitalism, Middle of the Right.  

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