Thursday, November 06, 2014

2014 Election: Gun Control

First, our quote of the day by Real Science
Bitter clingers shown in red below.

Now for the truth. 

The two governors who voted for the most oppressive gun-control laws in the past two years were re-elected.  Anybody telling you the 2014 election had a pro-gun message is full of s**t.

Colorado Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper was re-elected on Tuesday.  He signed the magazine limit (15) which led to Magpul leaving the state and two Democrat state representatives being recalled.

Connecticut Democrat Governor Dan Malloy signed an assault weapons ban and magazine limit (10) last year.  He was re-elected on Tuesday.

Some advice for the freedom-loving folks in Colorado and Connecticut:  GTFO.


Robert What? said...

I live in CT. There are two problems: first there is a huge illegal alien vote in shitholes like Bridgeport and parts of Hartford. Second, most people in the southwestern (read: most populous) part of the state just reflexively pull the D lever like so many trained hamsters. With jobs and businesses leaving the state you'd think there would be a bit more reflection. But I'm convinced they will always vote for the Democrat unless he is convicted of child rape or something like that. And maybe still even then.

Karl said...

Thank you for the CT information Comrade Robert!

I have to ask, do you agree with the urgency that our comrade over at Sipsey Street Irregulars is sharing with regards to armed confiscations? He is the only blogger talking about CT and I could use some perspective.

Your thoughts, and/or any other sources?


Robert What? said...

I wish I could offer some more perspective. I own several guns but none is a semi. That may change, though.

CT is a mixed bag. You have the mindless Liberal Democrats in the southwest corner (Fairfield County) closest to NYC. The Liberals are anything but liberal. You also have huge dependent classes in the cities. However, outside of those you have lots of conservative / libertarian types. Unfortunately, the former greatly outnumber the latter and CT has become effectively a one-party state. (You also have some large military contractors who, I suspect, swing with whoever is in power at the moment.) I know some fine state representatives / senators who are true Public Servants in the classic sense. I also know some corrupt, power and money grubbing trolls, the current governor being one of them. He definitely watches out for "his own". I live in Fairfield County so I am an anomaly and curiosity to my family, friends, and acquaintances. My fellow small-business owners are disgusted with the state and would love to leave.

I read the blog post you cited. While I have no doubt the state government would love to confiscate - from the logistical point of view, I can't see how they would accomplish it without calling in the National Guard. And there would be a lot of unhappiness and dissent in their ranks. I almost hope that Malloy does try a gun grab. It is time to see who stands with who.

Karl said...

Comrade Robert, thank you for the CT info. I agree, the logistics of a confiscation is outside the scope of anything the state police could do, and would be a stretch for the Nat'l Guard.

The question is: Is the state going to aggressively pursue violators of the gun-control laws? If so, I'd watch for normal police actions that spiral when an evil 30-round magazine is found in the normal course of a police investigation.

I guess the follow-up question is: Was the gun-control just a political stunt like it is elsewhere, or are the CT officials on a confiscation mission?

Not sure if you saw, but there is a blogger in Indiana who has offered his gun-safe space to CT gun owners in need of non-CT storage. Pass that on to any buddies who may have a need. I know the guy, Mr. B., and he is someone I would trust with this service.

Robert What? said...

who has offered his gun-safe space to CT gun owners in need of non-CT storage

Thanks for the tip. I'm not sure how that would help. If the gun is registered they will demand I produce it. If the gun is not registered, I'm like "gun? what gun?"

Can you elaborate?

Karl said...

Sorry. Here is the link to Mr. B's offer:

Boy, things are bad if the original owner has to have the answer to "where is it now?"

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