Thursday, September 30, 2010

America's Small Farms

America's Small Farms, the subject of Stanislav Mishin's latest post at Mat Rodina.

Titled: Control of Food, the American Holodomor.


Unlike popular belief, the Soviet Union did not set out to orchestrate the extermination of a large portion of the Ukrainian, southern Russian and Armenian populations, but set out or not, that is exactly what happened and nothing else could have come of it.

In America, the House has already passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act S.510 bill and only the Senate is left to pass their version and commingle them into a unified monstrosity. The bill is designed to destroy the small farmer in America, the very caste of people who is the most likely opposition to the control of the moneyed elites. Though the American small farmer is a dieing breed, with hundreds of thousands of families throwing in the towel over the past decade, he is not dieing out fast enough.

Under the guise of food safety, these farmers will be destroyed once and for all and an American version of the Soviet centralized food manufacturing and processing system will be created, with continuous shortages, occasional population control through starvation, whether intentional or not and so on.

It will, through bureaucratic oversight that even Stalin would be jealous of, preclude any growth, harvesting, sharing or selling of any food stuffs, from a small garden plot to a field or a green house, without the victim bending his knee to government oversight, control and of course payments, all in the name of food safety and freedom.

Indeed, the American frog is already in boiling water and this is his final chance to jump. My bet, from previous effects of the elite's control and the misdirection and destruction of the conservative will and anger, that the frog will not jump. Instead it will dream lazily about its so called freedoms, while sitting in its steel pot and boiling alive in the juices of its own self relevance.

As we've suggested before, as bad as Cap & Trade and Obamacare and record deficits and the nationalization of 2/3 of the auto companies and 100% of the student loan business are... watch for the grab for food. Watch for the offers to 'streamline the nation's food supply.' Or, 'put measures in place to ensure safe food.' Here it is. Anybody, other than the Mat Rodina blogger Stanislav Mishin in Russia, paying attention?

We tip our Ushanka to Mr. Mishin for calling out what should be on the front page of every US paper.

Marx, The Visionary

As our three loyal readers will tell you, we think Obama is 'Communist-Inspired'. Meaning, put both Obama and Marx (or Trotsky, Lenin, or Stalin) in a box. Grant each the Constitutional authority of the President of the United States, and present each with the same problem (foreign, domestic, medical, climate, whatever). Our Communist-Inspired leader will do exactly what Marx does. He will use every option available to him to address the problem with a government-first, everybody and everything else second approach. He will use his Constitutional powers with no regard to the limits set by the Constitution.

That's different than calling Obama a Communist. It is his inspirations that are flawed; tied to an ideology that led to 100+ million dead in a span of just 72 years and to the suffering, and stifling, of millions more.

We are not alone in these thoughts as we were when we launched in 2006, and our hat store in 2008. For example, today's proof comes from one of the best, Doug Ross. His post: Compare and Contrast: Karl Marx' 10 Point Program of Communism and the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Agenda.

For the doubters, fence-sitters, and the 'don't poison the political discourse' crowd, go read Doug's post then come back here and tell me again how Obama is not a socialist.

UPDATE 5:30pm

Van Helsing at MoonBattery saw Doug's post and piles on with this:

Today's liberal is nothing more nor less than an incremental communist who operates by stealth.

There goes the political discourse!


Why are so many clingers spreading the word about Capitalism? We're told Obama isn't a Socialist, so why the fuss?

Another video about Capitalism. Found at IOTW.

By the way, we are LOVING the election season. Aren't you??

Everybody is a Conservative for the next 5 weeks. Democrats, Republicans. Even McCain and Reid! "Tax Cuts" here, "Control Spending" there. Obama even mentioned Jesus at his latest rally! Frick'in Clinger!

If only election season could be stretched to 2 years. If only...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Video Picks

from around the blogosphere. Enjoy:

Friday, September 24, 2010

We Are the Bad Guys

and we are the dreamers of dreams! Reason comments on capitalism:

We Stand Corrected

We thought this was a picture of a Post Tarp, Post Stimulus bank in the US. It turns out it is a bank for collective farmers in the former Soviet Union.

Sorry for the mistake.

Found at EnglishRussia.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heh. He said "Socialist"

Posted by DougM at Knowledge Is Power

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Browse Report, Stardate 9.21.10

Some pics from today's quick scan of our favorite blogs - listed at the left for your convenience!

First, from Doug Ross - a photo that will be the inspiration for, and the header of, our next blog:

The ol Hammer and Sickle rears its ugly head in American politics again. Once again distracting from the real problems that Americans face in these troubled times of economic hardship. Can't people rise above the name-calling and work together to solve our most pressing problems? This time in Deleware. Found at American Thinker:

Oh ya, we still have a few Commie Obama Rally Caps left at Be sure to pick one up on your way out!

Speaking of commie-pinko latte-sipping bed-wetters, here is a pic from English Russia. They have a photo gallery of a Moscow rally to celebrate the Revolution - one month before the fall of the world's largest union - the USSR. Look at those faces! Looks a lot like your neighborhood teacher's lounge or the executive offices at General Motors, eh?

Two more logos. So many creative minds, so little bandwidth!

Found at Doug Ross:

And found at MoonBattery:

We might be the one millionth blogger to ask this, but at what point do we all agree that the Democrats are not worthy of any public office or other responsibility? We know, rhetorical. It's not like conservatives are going to pass on Capitalism so they can fill in at these jobs! Puhlease.

Found at Weasel Zippers:

Found at IOTW:

That is a summary of today's Blog scan.

Think of all the cool posts we didn't share! - A Video Summary

But don't call those Democrats Socialists!!


U/T IOTW and The Blaze

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Blog Scan

Sorry for the rare appearance. Still trying to be a capitalist. I always seem to be going against the grain...

So we visited our favorite blogs and here are some items that caught our eye:

The Democrats changed their logo. We won't show it here, but we'll share some modifications that the bright minds of the bourgeois have created in the first 24 hours -

Doug Ross


Horrorman18 @ IOTW

A more appropriate change to the logo would include a hammer and sickle, but we're repeating ourselves here (this is our 970'th post showing the common traits of Democrats and Communists). Is it any surprise that we found a hammer and sickle in our 5-minute blog browse? This one found at MoonBattery comes from a blog new to us, Reaganite Republican. So what is this image telling us?

Also from MoonBattery - The Obama Zone. Nice, short, crisp and dead on!

The Obama Zone from RightChange on Vimeo.

Last - again, going against the grain - we wanted to chime in on the Karl Rove thing. As readers already know, Karl appeared to step in it big on the Hannity show when O'Donnell wiped the floor with Castle in the Delaware Republican primary on Tuesday. We all heard him question her character and insist Castle was the better candidate for November, and we all blew our tops. We've waited to hear Rush's take on this and to read our favorites, and sure enough, Karl really screwed up!

Well, here we go. We think Karl's mistake was to not explain his message better. Not that he has turned his back on conservatism. We think Karl's statements appeared to be opinion when instead he was speaking facts, as in polling facts. Rush asks why we never heard Karl say these things about Democrats during the Bush years. Or about Charlie Rangel now. Good points, indeed.

Our guess to all of the above: Karl is an expert with the polling data, and he was stating the obvious as it appeared to him this week. O'Donnell is a long-shot and the Republicans will likely lose the seat. That's the polling data now. If we are right about this, Karl should have stated this better. He should have also explained that polls change and do so often on momentum alone. If O'Donnell is 25 points behind on Tuesday (and 16 points behind 2 days later as we heard), then a Democrat win is not a sure thing.

He mis-spoke regardless, but we're leaning toward this reasoning vs. what our right-wing fellow extremists are saying. And kudos to Hannity for catching Rove's comments. That is definitely a sign of good listening skills to catch that when interviewing someone you think is like-minded.

Ok - tell us why we are wrong!

UPDATE Sat. 9pm More Logos!

From MoonBattery:

And at SondraK:

And more from IOTW:

And still more at America Is an Obamanation.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Cigar

We are trying something new today - A. Fuente Rosado Gran Reserva. A shopkeeper of a high-end shop in Kansas suggested this after hearing we like Rocky Patel Sun Grown.

As you already know, Oleg Atbashian, operator of The People's Cube blog, recently authored the book, Shakedown to Socialism. We have our copy and will begin reading soon. To give just a taste... First paragraph:

The recent "card-check" debates in the US Congress reminded me of my own experiences with trade unions in the USSR, where organized labor was part of the official establishment and union membership was mandatory. It also reminded me of how that system's seemingly magnanimous goals - fairness, economic equality, and social justice - in real life brought forth a rigged game of wholesale corruption, forced inequality, and grotesque injustice.

Is it fair to compare proposed and established US policies to policies of the USSR? NYET Comrade! (unless you value history as a guide for the future...)

Friday, September 10, 2010

We Are "extremely conservative"!

So says the Center for American Progress. (Key word comrades: Progress).

Take the 40-question quiz and see how you come out!

We took a big risk here. What if the Center for American Progress came back and told us were were extremely liberal?

U/T: SayUncle

Obama's NEP - Updated & Bumped

Ah, history repeats itself.

From CNN: Obama to lay out new economic plan Wednesday

(CNN) -- With less than two months to go until a critical midterm election likely to turn on the economy, President Obama this week will lay out a new plan that includes a proposal to extend a tax cut popular with the business community, according to an administration official.

Whoops. CNN shows its hand. So Obama's New Economic Plan, or NEP, is only about the upcoming elections. Can we look back in time and find a president who selected policy for the good of the country rather than an upcoming election? We count about 41...

From Wikipedia on Lenin's New Economic Policy:

The New Economic Policy (NEP) replaced the policies of War Communism which attempted to obliterate any signs of the market economy in the Soviet Union. War Communism’s policies had made a damaged Soviet economy even worse and thus there was a dire need for reform. While it went against Marxist theory, the best solution seemed to be limited commercialism in the form of the NEP.

Our re-write for the future Wikipedia page: Obama's NEP

The New Economic Policy (NEP) replaced the policies of Democrat Socialism which attempted to obliterate any signs of the market economy in the United States. Democrat Socialism’s policies had made a damaged American economy even worse and thus there was a dire need for reform. While it went against Marxist theory, the best solution seemed to be limited commercialism in the form of the NEP.

But don't call Obama a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist. Name calling only lowers the political discourse and distract from the problem-solving efforts of our elected officials.

BTW - Still FREE shipping for our Commie Obama hats and Leninade drinks!

UPDATED & BUMPED We expanded on this theme in an article.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Freedom of Speech

We can't help pour the foundation for the Ground Zero Mosque, nor torch the only textbook found in Wahhabi schools.

Both of which are our right to do.

So, we're doing the next best thing and practicing our freedom of speech by sharing this video.

91k hits in 3 days.

U/T: SondraK

And right on cue, Bob chimes in:

Our Hat in the White House?!?

We were just enjoying a Camacho SLR cigar when we tripped across this post at WeaselZippers.

Will our coveted Commie Obama hat make it to the White House in January 2013? It will if hat owner John Bolton is elected!

No sleeping for us tonight!

U/T: WeaselZippers

Hat pic is archive from last year with Rocky Patel Sun Grown pictured. Too busy today to take a new pic...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Forgotten Man

The painting by Jon McNaughton. Click here to see the full pic.

We'd name it The Forgotten Subject...

Why are only Democrats clapping?

And what is that Obama is standing on?

U/T: Michelle Malkin

Monday, September 06, 2010

Outrage Overload?

Our best trait is also our biggest downfall. Outrage. We on the right are slow to show it, and even slower to express it. The tea parties are a welcome change, but more is needed. Do we suffer from outrage overload, or are we just too busy with faith, work and family to bother?

Here are some recent outrage opportunities for those not suffering outrage overload:

Steven Gilbert's Sweetness & Light blog is the latest to receive notice that they are being sued for linking to news stories from a certain Nevada newspaper. Thousands are being sued for the reason that they may have made advertising dollars from the newspaper's content. Like all of Gilbert's readers, we go there for his content, not the MSM's he links to.

Expect more of this from a MSM that can't attract advertising dollars to their own content. Click over there to learn more and to support Sweetness & Light.

Worthy of outrage?

How about the elevation of the criminal in society?

CBS: Gang Members Blast City, Police Policies

CHICAGO (CBS) ― At a news conference organized by self-identified gang members Thursday morning, several speakers complained that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improving their community.

The self-described current and former gang members held a news conference at the Columbus Park Refectory, at 5701 W. Jackson Blvd. on the city's West Side.

"You say it's gangs, drugs and guns. We say we need jobs, opportunities and contracts," said Reginald Akeem Berry Sr....

Worthy of outrage?

Does the disarming of veterans get your blood boiling?

From John Lott's blog: Veterans having their guns taken away.

The VA is reporting veterans to Homeland Security if they answer "yes" to questions about their 'feeling stressed' or 'depressed'. Homeland Security then notifies local law enforcement who revoke concealed carry licenses and confiscate private weapons.

The video from John's post:


Worthy of outrage?

We are embarrassed to say we didn't know about this. Did you know there are ten soldiers serving 10 years or more in federal prison for killing the enemy on the battlefield?

The Leavenworth Ten, or "L10" are ten soldiers incarcerated at the Fort Leavenworth prison. You see, the justice we dish out to our own is a bit different than the justice applied to our enemies at Gitmo.

Shall we justify this by saying we 'hold ours to a higher standard', or shall we admit that the Democrats, liberal Republicans and politicized generals have lost the will to fight this war and any future war?

Worthy of outrage?

We might be getting some traction on the Ground Zero Mosque issue. Sensing a losing battle, Muslims are pushing back in another way. Have you heard about the mass praying that has shut down streets in Paris and elsewhere?

From MoonBattery: Islamization of Paris Gets Obvious

And from AFP: Some 600,000 Muslims crowd into Mecca mosque

RIYADH — Some 600,000 Muslims crowded into the Grand Mosque in Islam's holiest city of Mecca for prayers on the last Friday of the Ramadan holy month, mosque officials said.
In all more than a million worshippers were in the mosque and surrounding areas...


Worthy of outrage?

Unrelated - we recently tripped upon a great place to mail-order ammunition in bulk! SGAmmo

Unemployment notched up to 9.6% this past week as businesses are still uncertain about which shoe is next to drop after the biggest tax increase in history this January.

A screenshot of our current survey on our home page:

Worthy of outrage?

Is this a call to action? Nope, just some observations. If asked, we'd tell you to continue to cling. Cling to your faith, family, work and values.

But... when the opportunity arises, confront, as this person did at Glenn Beck's recent DC rally:

Isn't she great?

As for setting the example for overcoming outrage overload, we defer to the expert, Bob:

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The War is Over!

So says the Dear Leader as he announced this past week that the US role in the Iraq was is over.

Victory? Nah. Troops coming home? Nope. Hostilities over? Not really. The Iraqi government stable? Getting there.

One less criticism from his devout supporters at the Communist Party USA? Yes.

Obama says it is "time to turn the page" as he leaves 50,000 combat troops in Iraq.

Is this a US surrender in Iraq? Probably not, but it is worthy of a post to look back at the positions Obama and his fellow Democrats chose to take once the anger of 9-11 took a back seat to Democrat Party's (The Party's) power - roughly on 9-12.

Is it good to force the Iraqis to accelerate their adoption of their own security, as The Party will tell us is the main reason for this announcement? Yes, but. The but: the President's other option for pressuring the Iraqis would have been to talk-up the accomplishments of Iraqis - often, state in no uncertain terms the US commitment to self-governing people - everywhere, push allies to do the same while decreasing US forces in a transparent manner on a measured timetable dictated by security reviews of our generals and the experts on the ground.

We see this announcement as nothing more than an overwhelmed and incompetent President removing a critical issue from his desk after deep, philosophical thought during his recent six vacations. It gives him one more reason to ignore those phone calls from pesky, opportunistic generals - as if he needed one - and gives him an 'out' if Iraq slips into chaos.

These images fit in our theme: White Flag Spotting. You can click that label at the bottom of this post for a scroll back through The Party's history on the war in Iraq - before it was rewritten.

Images above found at AtlasShrugs and Townhall.

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

Another Sun Grown burns as we ponder our version of Hope and Change - big dreams of limited government.

In the Mail

Comrades! The Dictatorship of the Proletariat Handbook is now in paperback!

Shakedown Socialism: Unions, Pitchforks, Collective Greed, The Fallacy of Economic Equality, and other Optical Illusions of "Redistributive Justice", by Oleg Atbashian.


Oleg is our Comrade behind The People's Cube, one of the few blogs worthy to grace our Blogroll since the Revolution!

Now hidden in false walls throughout the Motherland!

"Ispirational!" Fidel says. "I liked reading about Socialism in America so much that I bought three!"

Be sure to specify USPS shipping so it'll be delivered with the appropriate passages redacted.

Book Website

UPDATED The author himself acknowledges our praise!

Here is a link to the author's articles at Pajamas Media. Click over to get a flavor for his insight, passion, humor and focus. Oleg Atbashian sets the standard, and we look forward to joining him for a re-education 'tenner' in the near future!