Monday, September 06, 2010

Outrage Overload?

Our best trait is also our biggest downfall. Outrage. We on the right are slow to show it, and even slower to express it. The tea parties are a welcome change, but more is needed. Do we suffer from outrage overload, or are we just too busy with faith, work and family to bother?

Here are some recent outrage opportunities for those not suffering outrage overload:

Steven Gilbert's Sweetness & Light blog is the latest to receive notice that they are being sued for linking to news stories from a certain Nevada newspaper. Thousands are being sued for the reason that they may have made advertising dollars from the newspaper's content. Like all of Gilbert's readers, we go there for his content, not the MSM's he links to.

Expect more of this from a MSM that can't attract advertising dollars to their own content. Click over there to learn more and to support Sweetness & Light.

Worthy of outrage?

How about the elevation of the criminal in society?

CBS: Gang Members Blast City, Police Policies

CHICAGO (CBS) ― At a news conference organized by self-identified gang members Thursday morning, several speakers complained that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improving their community.

The self-described current and former gang members held a news conference at the Columbus Park Refectory, at 5701 W. Jackson Blvd. on the city's West Side.

"You say it's gangs, drugs and guns. We say we need jobs, opportunities and contracts," said Reginald Akeem Berry Sr....

Worthy of outrage?

Does the disarming of veterans get your blood boiling?

From John Lott's blog: Veterans having their guns taken away.

The VA is reporting veterans to Homeland Security if they answer "yes" to questions about their 'feeling stressed' or 'depressed'. Homeland Security then notifies local law enforcement who revoke concealed carry licenses and confiscate private weapons.

The video from John's post:


Worthy of outrage?

We are embarrassed to say we didn't know about this. Did you know there are ten soldiers serving 10 years or more in federal prison for killing the enemy on the battlefield?

The Leavenworth Ten, or "L10" are ten soldiers incarcerated at the Fort Leavenworth prison. You see, the justice we dish out to our own is a bit different than the justice applied to our enemies at Gitmo.

Shall we justify this by saying we 'hold ours to a higher standard', or shall we admit that the Democrats, liberal Republicans and politicized generals have lost the will to fight this war and any future war?

Worthy of outrage?

We might be getting some traction on the Ground Zero Mosque issue. Sensing a losing battle, Muslims are pushing back in another way. Have you heard about the mass praying that has shut down streets in Paris and elsewhere?

From MoonBattery: Islamization of Paris Gets Obvious

And from AFP: Some 600,000 Muslims crowd into Mecca mosque

RIYADH — Some 600,000 Muslims crowded into the Grand Mosque in Islam's holiest city of Mecca for prayers on the last Friday of the Ramadan holy month, mosque officials said.
In all more than a million worshippers were in the mosque and surrounding areas...


Worthy of outrage?

Unrelated - we recently tripped upon a great place to mail-order ammunition in bulk! SGAmmo

Unemployment notched up to 9.6% this past week as businesses are still uncertain about which shoe is next to drop after the biggest tax increase in history this January.

A screenshot of our current survey on our home page:

Worthy of outrage?

Is this a call to action? Nope, just some observations. If asked, we'd tell you to continue to cling. Cling to your faith, family, work and values.

But... when the opportunity arises, confront, as this person did at Glenn Beck's recent DC rally:

Isn't she great?

As for setting the example for overcoming outrage overload, we defer to the expert, Bob:

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