Saturday, September 04, 2010

The War is Over!

So says the Dear Leader as he announced this past week that the US role in the Iraq was is over.

Victory? Nah. Troops coming home? Nope. Hostilities over? Not really. The Iraqi government stable? Getting there.

One less criticism from his devout supporters at the Communist Party USA? Yes.

Obama says it is "time to turn the page" as he leaves 50,000 combat troops in Iraq.

Is this a US surrender in Iraq? Probably not, but it is worthy of a post to look back at the positions Obama and his fellow Democrats chose to take once the anger of 9-11 took a back seat to Democrat Party's (The Party's) power - roughly on 9-12.

Is it good to force the Iraqis to accelerate their adoption of their own security, as The Party will tell us is the main reason for this announcement? Yes, but. The but: the President's other option for pressuring the Iraqis would have been to talk-up the accomplishments of Iraqis - often, state in no uncertain terms the US commitment to self-governing people - everywhere, push allies to do the same while decreasing US forces in a transparent manner on a measured timetable dictated by security reviews of our generals and the experts on the ground.

We see this announcement as nothing more than an overwhelmed and incompetent President removing a critical issue from his desk after deep, philosophical thought during his recent six vacations. It gives him one more reason to ignore those phone calls from pesky, opportunistic generals - as if he needed one - and gives him an 'out' if Iraq slips into chaos.

These images fit in our theme: White Flag Spotting. You can click that label at the bottom of this post for a scroll back through The Party's history on the war in Iraq - before it was rewritten.

Images above found at AtlasShrugs and Townhall.

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