Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Blog Scan

Sorry for the rare appearance. Still trying to be a capitalist. I always seem to be going against the grain...

So we visited our favorite blogs and here are some items that caught our eye:

The Democrats changed their logo. We won't show it here, but we'll share some modifications that the bright minds of the bourgeois have created in the first 24 hours -

Doug Ross


Horrorman18 @ IOTW

A more appropriate change to the logo would include a hammer and sickle, but we're repeating ourselves here (this is our 970'th post showing the common traits of Democrats and Communists). Is it any surprise that we found a hammer and sickle in our 5-minute blog browse? This one found at MoonBattery comes from a blog new to us, Reaganite Republican. So what is this image telling us?

Also from MoonBattery - The Obama Zone. Nice, short, crisp and dead on!

The Obama Zone from RightChange on Vimeo.

Last - again, going against the grain - we wanted to chime in on the Karl Rove thing. As readers already know, Karl appeared to step in it big on the Hannity show when O'Donnell wiped the floor with Castle in the Delaware Republican primary on Tuesday. We all heard him question her character and insist Castle was the better candidate for November, and we all blew our tops. We've waited to hear Rush's take on this and to read our favorites, and sure enough, Karl really screwed up!

Well, here we go. We think Karl's mistake was to not explain his message better. Not that he has turned his back on conservatism. We think Karl's statements appeared to be opinion when instead he was speaking facts, as in polling facts. Rush asks why we never heard Karl say these things about Democrats during the Bush years. Or about Charlie Rangel now. Good points, indeed.

Our guess to all of the above: Karl is an expert with the polling data, and he was stating the obvious as it appeared to him this week. O'Donnell is a long-shot and the Republicans will likely lose the seat. That's the polling data now. If we are right about this, Karl should have stated this better. He should have also explained that polls change and do so often on momentum alone. If O'Donnell is 25 points behind on Tuesday (and 16 points behind 2 days later as we heard), then a Democrat win is not a sure thing.

He mis-spoke regardless, but we're leaning toward this reasoning vs. what our right-wing fellow extremists are saying. And kudos to Hannity for catching Rove's comments. That is definitely a sign of good listening skills to catch that when interviewing someone you think is like-minded.

Ok - tell us why we are wrong!

UPDATE Sat. 9pm More Logos!

From MoonBattery:

And at SondraK:

And more from IOTW:

And still more at America Is an Obamanation.

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