Thursday, September 30, 2010

America's Small Farms

America's Small Farms, the subject of Stanislav Mishin's latest post at Mat Rodina.

Titled: Control of Food, the American Holodomor.


Unlike popular belief, the Soviet Union did not set out to orchestrate the extermination of a large portion of the Ukrainian, southern Russian and Armenian populations, but set out or not, that is exactly what happened and nothing else could have come of it.

In America, the House has already passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act S.510 bill and only the Senate is left to pass their version and commingle them into a unified monstrosity. The bill is designed to destroy the small farmer in America, the very caste of people who is the most likely opposition to the control of the moneyed elites. Though the American small farmer is a dieing breed, with hundreds of thousands of families throwing in the towel over the past decade, he is not dieing out fast enough.

Under the guise of food safety, these farmers will be destroyed once and for all and an American version of the Soviet centralized food manufacturing and processing system will be created, with continuous shortages, occasional population control through starvation, whether intentional or not and so on.

It will, through bureaucratic oversight that even Stalin would be jealous of, preclude any growth, harvesting, sharing or selling of any food stuffs, from a small garden plot to a field or a green house, without the victim bending his knee to government oversight, control and of course payments, all in the name of food safety and freedom.

Indeed, the American frog is already in boiling water and this is his final chance to jump. My bet, from previous effects of the elite's control and the misdirection and destruction of the conservative will and anger, that the frog will not jump. Instead it will dream lazily about its so called freedoms, while sitting in its steel pot and boiling alive in the juices of its own self relevance.

As we've suggested before, as bad as Cap & Trade and Obamacare and record deficits and the nationalization of 2/3 of the auto companies and 100% of the student loan business are... watch for the grab for food. Watch for the offers to 'streamline the nation's food supply.' Or, 'put measures in place to ensure safe food.' Here it is. Anybody, other than the Mat Rodina blogger Stanislav Mishin in Russia, paying attention?

We tip our Ushanka to Mr. Mishin for calling out what should be on the front page of every US paper.

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