Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Browse Report, Stardate 9.21.10

Some pics from today's quick scan of our favorite blogs - listed at the left for your convenience!

First, from Doug Ross - a photo that will be the inspiration for, and the header of, our next blog:

The ol Hammer and Sickle rears its ugly head in American politics again. Once again distracting from the real problems that Americans face in these troubled times of economic hardship. Can't people rise above the name-calling and work together to solve our most pressing problems? This time in Deleware. Found at American Thinker:

Oh ya, we still have a few Commie Obama Rally Caps left at CommieObama.com. Be sure to pick one up on your way out!

Speaking of commie-pinko latte-sipping bed-wetters, here is a pic from English Russia. They have a photo gallery of a Moscow rally to celebrate the Revolution - one month before the fall of the world's largest union - the USSR. Look at those faces! Looks a lot like your neighborhood teacher's lounge or the executive offices at General Motors, eh?

Two more logos. So many creative minds, so little bandwidth!

Found at Doug Ross:

And found at MoonBattery:

We might be the one millionth blogger to ask this, but at what point do we all agree that the Democrats are not worthy of any public office or other responsibility? We know, rhetorical. It's not like conservatives are going to pass on Capitalism so they can fill in at these jobs! Puhlease.

Found at Weasel Zippers:

Found at IOTW:

That is a summary of today's Blog scan.

Think of all the cool posts we didn't share!

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