Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marx, The Visionary

As our three loyal readers will tell you, we think Obama is 'Communist-Inspired'. Meaning, put both Obama and Marx (or Trotsky, Lenin, or Stalin) in a box. Grant each the Constitutional authority of the President of the United States, and present each with the same problem (foreign, domestic, medical, climate, whatever). Our Communist-Inspired leader will do exactly what Marx does. He will use every option available to him to address the problem with a government-first, everybody and everything else second approach. He will use his Constitutional powers with no regard to the limits set by the Constitution.

That's different than calling Obama a Communist. It is his inspirations that are flawed; tied to an ideology that led to 100+ million dead in a span of just 72 years and to the suffering, and stifling, of millions more.

We are not alone in these thoughts as we were when we launched in 2006, and our hat store in 2008. For example, today's proof comes from one of the best, Doug Ross. His post: Compare and Contrast: Karl Marx' 10 Point Program of Communism and the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Agenda.

For the doubters, fence-sitters, and the 'don't poison the political discourse' crowd, go read Doug's post then come back here and tell me again how Obama is not a socialist.

UPDATE 5:30pm

Van Helsing at MoonBattery saw Doug's post and piles on with this:

Today's liberal is nothing more nor less than an incremental communist who operates by stealth.

There goes the political discourse!

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