Sunday, April 28, 2013

The New Public Discourse and Who is Speaking

Judge Jeanine Pirro communicates our pent-up outrage at muslim terrorists - specifically the two Boston bombers and their winner of a mother - in her FOX News rant below.

For each word Pirro speaks, we thank her.  For this segment below, we honor her with a rare Ushanka Tribute Post:

Is it any wonder Fox News is the top watched media outlet by those who still pay for cable?  It isn't outrage for outrage sake.  We could get the outrage du jour anytime at MSNBC or CNN or ABC or NBC or CBS or NPR, if we still had cable.  No, there is something different about the outrage at FOX.  Something measured and authentic and moral. 

Question 1 - Is Pirro's rant the result of:

1) the frustration with the political correction movement that has poisoned America since the late 80's, or
2) the frustration with an impotent administration which will respond to each and every attack on Americans with a speech saying, "We will not rest until they are brought to justice blah blah blah," or
3) all of the above?

Question 2 - 

Have enough Americans died to warrant similar and more frequent rants?  In other words, can we agree that the Religion of Peace is a massive conspiracy of evil with the end goal of total submission or death?  And if so, will Pirro's comments above be as common and mainstream in public as they have been in private since 2001?

Changing the topic a bit....

Question 3 - 

Are we more receptive to Pirro's message when it is delivered by a woman? 

This isn't a loaded question and there is no right answer - we recently had an epiphany.

We just noticed that some of the most outspoken, deliberate and thought-provoking critics of the muslim Religion of Peace Conspiracy of Evil are women.

This isn't scientific - maybe Karl just gravitates to strong women who do not hesitate to call out evil.  Pirro, hat owner Ann Barnhardt, Pamela Geller, [name removed], several of our FB comradettes, and our better half don't suffer fools and they don't mince words.  They lead, and we are lucky to have them.

What men have been as persuasive and unfiltered in remarks about islamists?  Allen West?  Gret Gutfeld?  Maybe a few bloggers in our blogroll to the left?  We are drawing a blank here.

Do men have less to lose or think the dangers are farther into the future?  Or are men so comfortable with the tools, application and moral justness of lethal force that we'll take an actions-speak-louder-than-words approach to the problem?

We're just making conversation here, but it'd be nice to see more men deliver these scathing, yet poetic, indictments.  We should all be speaking in unison on this topic.  They are.

We promise to make a better effort too, when we're not picking the low fruit of mocking liberals and their communist inspirations.

Speaking of strong women, we'd suggest you go read parts one and two of Dr. Faust's recent predictions for our future.  Part two suggests watching for the emergence of the "killer mother" in pop culture as a sign of a coming collapse/civil war.  Quite interesting.
When the nation starts responding to killer mother images, it's war time. The men will sense this change and become hyper-aggressive, fear ridden, and near panic. When the internal pain of the world reaches a crescendo it's released into a deluge of external struggle.
Hyper-aggressive?  Fear ridden?  Panic?  That is going to be some "killer mother!"

CLICK HERE to see another brave American woman.

And yes, if you must ask, we are still consolidating, compiling and collating all the comments from moderate muslims denouncing the Boston bombings.  This is keeping us quite busy....

U/T: America's strong women, and Real Clear Politics

UPDATED 4.29 7am:

 We removed a blogger's name from our list of strong women.

UPDATED 4.30 11am:

Thanks for the link Doug Ross!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buy Recommendation

Hat-owning, gun-toting, tax-striking, koran-burning, ball-busting Ann Barnhardt is selling her Colorado license plate on eBay:
You are bidding on Ann Barnhardt's MOLNLBE Colorado Vanity License Plate.

Ann can no longer tolerate having the emblem of a pot-smoking, gun-grabbing, sodomite-worshiping, communist totalitarian cess pit of a state on her vehicle, no matter how completely admirable and excellent the sentiment of the text itself.

Galt's Gulch in Colorado? Oh, I think not, sir.

Opening bid is $0.99. Free shipping via USPS. 

This would look great in a gun safe or militia headquarters.

We want, but too rich for our blood.  Now at $910!

2 days and 10 hours left on the auction.  Support a comrade - make a bid!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blog Posting is Light

Would you believe... we are busy consolidating ALL of the statements of disgust regarding the Boston bombings from outraged moderate muslims? 

This could be the biggest Ushanka blog post ever.  Stay tuned!

More Name Calling

This time from Dan Gorman, singer and blogger at Intellectual Froglegs.

Dan leads with last year's Pravda article calling Obama a Commie.  But more important - he delivers a well-edited presentation of the "Commie" label argument.

Be sure to check out his music videos: Cowboys and Communists and I am the Infidel.

Boston: Random Thoughts UPDATED & BUMPED

[orig post 4.20 5:30pm]

You can't make this stuff up, part i:

So bomber #2 runs over his brother during his escape?  And leaves him to die?

That scarring on the head and shoulder may have been caused from the SUV.  He was probably face-down as he was being cuffed by officers when his younger brother ran him over.

It must have hurt.

Do you notice a trend too?  Part i:

We're from the government and we're here to help, part i:

The elite FBI hostage rescue team designed a super-secret plan to get bomber #2 out of a boat where he was hiding with two gunshot wounds.

The solution: what every other swat team would do - tear gas and flashbang grenades.

Make way for the professionals!

Asymmetric Warfare.  Heard of it?  Part i:

Where it didn't happen:  The bomber brothers both had guns.  Why didn't they open fire after the bombs went off at the marathon?  Terrorist attacks that incorporate more than one method of deadly force have exponential results.  See the Mumbai attacks as an example.  It isn't like they didn't have access to this advice.  Had they opened fire from two locations after the bombs detonated, they would have 1) killed more people with their firearms, and 2) delayed medical help to the injured.  Our assessment: these guys were pikers.

Do you notice a trend too?  Part ii:

Quote of the Yesterday:
238 years ago today, citizens near Boston took on the most powerful military in the world and won.
Today, they cower from one man.
- Bob Owens
What else are you going to do if a killer is on the loose in a gun-free state?

Asymmetric Warfare.  Heard of it?  Part ii:

Where it did happen - 1:  Two bombs.  More would have been better, but the introduction of the 2nd explosive device shows some level of planning and competence.

Hiding in Plain Sight, part i:

The bomber's had a friend with this license plate - TERRORISTA #1.

Chicago comparison:

What these brothers did in Boston is about 15% of what happens in Chicago on a warm weekend.

Was there anyone at state or federal level that suggested the amount of kevlar-clad enforcers was a bit out of proportion?  This was less a terrorist attack than it was a infomercial about the militarization of US law enforcement.

We wonder how many lives would have been saved this weekend in Chicago if the same level of attention were given there.

Amnesty, part i:


At least for 2016.

You can't make this stuff up, part ii:

The bomber brothers are in a major gun fight.

And they carjack a guy with a car that has a COEXIST bumper sticker.

What if the Department of Homeland Security was run by Boston PD?

Who do prefer be responsible for your safety?

These two in blue?

Or these three in yellow?

We predicted earlier and stick to our prediction: Obama and the federal agencies will try to make themselves look like photo 2 when, in reality, they are more like photo 1.

They will try to steal Boston PD's professionalism, because commies are first and foremost thieves.

Our Department of Homeland Security FAILED:

1) To detect the bombing plan,

2) To staff the marathon with competent enforcement,

3) To capture the bombers within hours days, allowing the added death of a MIT police officer, Sean A Collier, and the near-fatal wounding of Boston transit officer, Richard Donohue.

Will they fail to use the Boston bombing to further limit our freedom?

Hiding in Plain Sight, part ii:

The FBI questioned the older Boston bomber 2 years ago.

Did they think of looking at the possible terrorist threats in the Boston area as part of their search?

Maybe just limit the search to those with links "to Chechen extremists."

A new reality in America?  

No.  At least not yet.  Homemade explosives from common chemicals are 1) nothing new, and 2) relatively ineffective.  Terror was achieved at the marathon - no question - but three dead is an embarrassment in today's world of terrorism.

The "new reality" that some MSM types were suggesting will be when military-grade explosives come across a porous border and into the hands of competent jihadis.

As if we have a porous border.  Or two.

We're from the government and we're here to help, part ii:

3-5 million residents were confined to their homes during the search for suspect #2.

During the confinement, tactical units entered homes searching for suspect #2.

When the confinement was lifted, a resident finds suspect #2 in their boat and calls 911.

Snarkybites' prediction:

The warrantless house to house manhunt will be the new no-knock raid.

Asymmetric Warfare.  Heard of it?  Part iii:

Where it did happen - 2:  We would not have wanted to be in the FBI this past week. (Even the new and improved affirmative action FBI where expectations are set lower for public school types like us.)

Did you know the Boston bombing was one of four possible attacks this week?  You know about the Texas fertilizer plant where over a dozen are confirmed dead and dozens more are missing.  And the ricin letters sent by a terrorist Democrat.

What you may not know is there was an attack on a power sub-station in California by someone who knew what to disable.  For those knowledgeable about the art of asymmetric warfare, these four events, if coordinated and repeated, could cause a partial or full collapse.


Who are these guys in the cool tactical pants and black jackets?

Amnesty, part ii:

It's dead, Jim.

Hopefully, three dead and many with lost limbs are enough damage to make the right decisions.

Do you notice a trend too?  Part iii:

No further questions, your honor.

UPDATED 4.21 Noon:

We re-arranged some of the items above, and are also posting links to some quality after-action reports/rants:

Bob Owens

Thanks for the link Doug Ross!

UPDATED 4.21 1:30pm:

 Hat owner Andrea Shea-King shared this video with us on FB:

Benjamin Franklin:
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
 4th Amendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

UPDATED 4.21.13 10pm:

Doug Ross has posted a great timeline.

UPDATED & BUMPED 4.24.13 Noon:

Correction:  The original ricin suspect has been cleared. It appears he was setup.  (We still suspect someone with marxist inspirations is behind the letters...)

You can't make this stuff up, part iii:

The bomber brothers were on welfare, as are their family members here in the US.

Islamic marxists hit bad patches along the way too.

You can't make this stuff up, part iv:

Breitbart reports the older bomber brother was "listed on the government's highly classified database of potential terrorists."

It would be easier to check a database than to fuel up your new armored personnel carriers, get suited up in all your gear, and then violate the constitutional rights of 5 million citizens.

But it wouldn't be as much fun.

UPDATED 4.24.13 5pm:

Quote of the Day from Tam:
This was the lemonade stand of terror plots, with bombs barely more complicated than a pinewood derby car.

UPDATED 4.25.13 1:30pm:

 You can't make this stuff up, part v:

The hits keep on coming!  

Remember the 20 minute shootout with bomber #2 in the boat?

Well, Bob Owens tells us bomber #2 didn't have a gun.  Or bombs. 

So, a city-wide unconstitutional "lockdown" occurred because of a wounded and unarmed teenager was hiding bleeding in a boat.

UPDATED 4.28.13 3pm:

 You can't make this stuff up, part vi:

The Telegraph reports that the older bomber was also listed in a CIA terrorist list.

No word yet if he was on a watch list at the US Patent & Trademark Office too.

UPDATED 5.2.13 11am:

You can't make this stuff up, part vii:

New York Post - Apparently the Saudi government warned the US about the older bomber.

Further, the Saudis found him to be so radical the denied his visa application to visit Mecca.

May we suggest that the DHS create a new list for only radical muslims that are denied entry to Mecca?  They can put a team - a committee - in charge of monitoring this new list.  Then - now follows us here - DHS could a) kick these people out of the US, or b) keep them under surveillance 24/7, or c) ignore them and let them bomb a sporting event, then turn to the list to find their suspects.

Any of the three suggestions is better than what our government did with regards to the Boston bombings.

You can't make this stuff up, part viii:

Three bomber friends were arrested for lying.  Two are not US citizens.  CBS - Apparently one of the non-US friends was able to re-enter the US without a valid visa.

There was a day when a valid visa was necessary to enter this country.  Right?

Still no calls for DHS leader resignations.  And NONE volunteered.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Troops

in another music video.  Found at The Smallest Minority thru Captain Capitalism:

Click here and here to see more videos from our troops.


Comrade and hat owner, Erin, has set a new standard today with this one:

Check out her other work - here.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Article of the Day

This is a must-read for anyone who is stressed out over what our dear leader is doing to this nation.  And who isn't?

David Kupelian at WND: Americans 'Snapping' by the Millions.
He wants people to snap.


Thus it has come to pass that America, long the hope of the world, has grown increasingly dispirited and angry, which in turn breeds anxiety, fear, confusion, hopelessness and depression.

After all, let’s face the hard facts: We just re-elected perhaps the worst president in history, someone manifestly obsessed with dismantling traditional, free-market capitalist America and transforming it into a socialist nanny state. That in itself is highly stressful – at least for the roughly half the population that still understands socialism always leads to a profound loss of freedom and prosperity.

Listen comrades.  This Chicago community organizer and his commissars are the most destructive force on the planet today. The biggest threat to our liberty - at the moment.

But keep some perspective: Americans in the past have faced far more serious challenges in other forms.

Obama is a piker.  He's a chump.  And your health and happiness are more important.  Kupelian includes some simple and worthy advice in this article - advice that we attempt to follow every day. 

Keep positive.  No generation in the history of man has had it so good.  And Obama isn't the one we need to worry about.  It is the next guy who Obama has set the table for.  Shouldn't you be in the best shape, with the least amount of debt and with the strongest family ties possible if that day comes?

Now is the time to put yourself first, comrades!  Get healthy.  Get happy. 

If you want more advice, we highly recommend Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

From author and blogger Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation:
One of the cool things about whenever I post a Hate Mail post, within a day or so I get to post a Hate Mail Response to the Hate Mail Post. Fisking one moron inevitably attracts more morons, in a sort of perpetual moron cycle. (I am secretly hoping to someday learn to harness the friction energy created by liberal handwringing, which I will then sell for billions because I am a capitalist, which will cause even more liberal handwringing friction, as they demand the profits from my liberal handwringing machine to pay off their student loans).

It appears some lefty has decided to take on Larry's claim that Hitler's National Socialists Party was NOT socialist.  You see, the public education these kids get today teach European politics as right vs left. 

Now follow the logic: Since "left" is commie and zGermans fought the Soviets, then that must mean the Germans were "right-wing."  And we also know that George W. Bush was like Hitler because our public school teachers told us that too.  So... Hitler must have been a neo-con who must have cut taxes, been pro-life, and been really really stupid.

Read any book in our Library to the left here, and you'll learn that the Europeans, both East and West, were f**ked last century.  There was no Libertarian-Conservative-Republican movement to be found there.  You either get a dictator who commands the nation's industry for his end goals, or a dictator who nationalizes the nation's industry for his end goals. 

Larry's argument reminds us of shooting sporting clays last week with Zhukov where one clay pigeon came out of the machine and hovered seemingly right if front of my shotgun barrel.  It was almost not fair.

Sunday Afternoon Cigar

We smoked a Rocky Patel Sun Grown as we read Outwitting the Gestapo by Lucie Aubrac, a 1994 book.

We are 1/3 into this book and we doubt we'll add to our Library to the left.  It isn't a perfect fit for Ushanka.  But this is a good opportunity to share.

We are reading this book as part of an intellectual quest to know the political loyalties within the French Resistance.

We recently saw a comment that the French Resistance was made up of Communists.  This bothered us, as we wanted to believe the movement was only freedom-loving people who decided to fight back.  It appears both assumptions are part right, part wrong.

We are far from fully understanding the movement's origins or political goals, yet there appears to have been some Communists in the movement.  We've also learned there was some distrust between Communists and non-commie resistance leaders.

Regardless, and interesting book.  She was pregnant with her second child during her 9 months of resistance.  Her husband was a Jew and also a member of the resistance. 

Not one Ron Paul shirt or sign

It is not just a gateway drug to more lethal drugs.  It is a gateway drug to violence too.

And a society that dilutes its values 'for a good time' gets what it deserves.

We have yet to see an interview with Ron Paul (or any of his Libertarian successors like Gary whats-his-face or Rand Paul or Judge Napalitano) explain where their policies end. 

Reduce sentences for pot users and dealers first. Then legalize it because it is so harmless.  Then what?  Needle parks?  Therapy paid for from the only source that has funds but no moral judgement, the government?

We're only in our late 40's, but so far in life we haven't met one pot user who we found trustworthy or worthy of a job.  That doesn't mean there are pot heads participating in society and earning a living.  We just haven't seen any.

The day the US Army started piss tests was a great day.  Was that 84 or 85?  It was refreshing to know the people we counted on for our survival were drug free.

It is a shame to see this happen to Colorado.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


A muslim man threatens a jewish man on the NY subway.

Police respond.

Democrat voters react.

Just more video from the nation's gun-free zones where EBT cards outnumber two-parent families.

This is planned.  Criminals are set free on the bourgeoisie.  The criminals say this will stop once they are in power.  An exhausted populace will eventually allow the criminals to take power.  Then the real violence starts.

Just read a book listed at the left in our Library to see one possible future for this country. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Captain Speaks on Boston

Captain Capitalism just posted this 15-min video where he explains why events like the Boston Marathon bombing occur.  Some good advice for parents in there too!

We highly recommend his podcasts (TURN THE CELL PHONE OFF, CAPTAIN!).  Listen to one and ask yourself what comments you disagree with.  Then, fix your opinions.  Because - so far he's been spot on with everything regarding life, career, and relationship lessons.

We are heavily invested in the Captain.  We've bookmarked his blog, bought his book, and driven through 20 foot-deep snow to smoke cigars with the man.  We will be HIGHLY disappointed when he slips and comes out for some liberal cause, but so far he's toed the conservative line.  The pressure is on, Captain!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Toomey: 54-46

According to the Liberal Progressive Communist gun-grabbers at the NYT, it appears gun-control will not make it through the Senate.

The Toomey bill had 56 votes, but not enough to break the right-winger bitter-clinger closed-minded filibuster.

The message is clear: you can't win a game of chess with pawns alone.  Our dear leader's on-the-job training continues.

Bob Owens has the final tallies.

This one issue has been a windfall for our Obama Cuss Jar.

UPDATED 4.20.13:

Now it is over.  From Western Journalism:

Fair and Balanced

Don't ever accuse us of giving just one side of the political commentary. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Win $1000, or about $500 after taxes

FrontPage Mag is holding a contest where two lucky winners will each win $1000.

The contest:  A winner will be selected for 1) the best article and 2) the best video that best presents the theme, "Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out."  Ha!  Brilliant!

We've offered our furry Commie Obama hat to both winners and hope they will take us up on the offer.

We'd submit to the contest, but how do you submit a whole blog??

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston: Fact and Spin UPDATED

Obama opened the doors to Saudis.

January 11, 2013, NationalVisas via Ann Barnhardt:
Saudi Arabian nationals will experience better chances of traveling to America and getting their American visa. This is as a result of US President Barack Obama having lifted most of the restrictions of Saudis entering the country.
That is the fact.

Here is the spin:
It was a video that triggered the Boston bombings.

It was workplace violence.

America can do better.

Turn in your guns.

It is Bush's fault.

_________ (Fill in the blank)

President Obama has avoided responsibility.  His.  Entire.  Life.  

What makes you think he'll take responsibility for his skewed security priorities now?

And as for the many DHS affirmative action employees making over $100k a year to protect the nation from attacks like we saw in Boston?  Never mind that they failed completely today.

Homeland Security won't fail to fill out their expense reports in Boston.  They won't fail to find fault with other agencies or a 'pervasive right-wing influence'.  And they certainly won't fail to record every minute of overtime in the coming days.

They'll keep their jobs, and they will continue to pursue the easy threats - the law abiding citizens who happen to own guns, raise families, share their love of country on the web, and criticize that which deserves to be criticized.

UPDATED 4.16 8am:

Added 2nd photo above.

A quote from The Investigative Project on Terrorism from last month, via Doug:
Saudi Arabia sends thousands of travelers into the United States each month, and more than 92 percent of Saudis who seek entry visas receive them, Asharq al-Awsat reported. In 2012, 20,677 student visas were granted to Saudi citizens.

Knuckledragg'in has more links. 

UPDATED 4.16 10:30am:

Drudge links to the spin in this Weekly Standard article (with video):
"The word has taken on a different meaning since 9/11," Axelrod said of the phrase "terrorist attack."

"You use those words and it means something very specific in people's mind. And I'm sure what was going through the president's mind is -- we really don't know who did this -- it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro--you know, you just don't know. And so I think his attitude is, let's not put any inference into this, let's just make clear that we're going to get the people responsible."
"Pro" what, asshole?

A pro-life person tried to kill people?  Pro-Constitution?  Pro Progressive Tax?  Pro-Bomb?  Probably Pro-Gun, right?

When a Liberal Progressive Communist says they's "get the people responsible," what he means is they will NOT hold anyone in the government responsible.

Remember, intentions are what counts with these people.

Our next prediction: DHS and Obama will try to absorb the high and worthy praise we and others are heaping onto the Boston PD and EMS responders and on the public who helped the victims.  Nothing will be said about the pre-bombing f**k ups that occurred or the government's role to prevent attacks.  The only praise we have of Homeland Security at this point is the guy who cut cell communications to prevent cell-triggered bombs.  Somebody was at the switch.

We shudder to think of the laws that will be passed after this event.

The solution to this type of crime is to post an undercover TSA loser next to each trash can.  They can feel up every piece of trash to ensure our safety.

Thanks IOTW for the link!

Quote of the Day

President Obama, as quoted by Bob Woodward:

We Can Absorb Another Terrorist Attack.

Hat owner, Amb. John Bolton:

Obama is simply not qualified to be commander in chief.

The Boston attacks will not be pinned on George W. Bush. 


Two bombs.  Suspect identified.  Drudge reports two dead and 23 injured.  We pray that's all.

FB is a powerful tool: plenty of images just seconds old.  Plenty of on-the-scene reports.  One FB friend's son was there and reported in ok and leaving the scene.  For all its negatives, FB is an amazing technology.

Two photos that were shared with us.  Very powerful! 

And a final photo that, while its been around for a while, its meaning is all too clear now.  (See the post we were writing when the Boston bombs went off)

UPDATED 4.16 7:45am:


Anybody notice they are on the rise?

It is not just the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), as you would expect.  Other agencies are doing their own raids too.  This may be the reason for the recent order of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, or the 2500+ new armored personnel carriers in the Department of Homeland Security's fleet.  Or maybe not.

Here is what we've found with a few minutes of effort, in chronological order:

April 2011 - BATFE raids gun store in Indiana.  The charges are selling guns to an out of state buyer and to a felon. 

Apr 2011 - FDA and US Marshals raids Amish farmer Dan Allgyer in Pennsylvania He was selling unpasteurized milk to local customers.   He'd been under surveillance for over a year.  He has gone out of business.

June 2011 - DOE and OIG raid a house in Stockton CA The warrant states financial aid fraud for Michelle Wright.  She was not at home.  Her husband Kenneth, and their three kids ages 3, 9, and 11 were.

September 2011 - Fish and Wildlife raid Gibson Guitar in Nashville They used the wrong tariff code when importing wood from India.  This resulted in two armed raids.  Gibson settles case for $300k, and there are zero criminal charges.

January 2012 - SBA and OIG raid Mountain Pure Water in Arkansas This is a business that bottles water and the search warrant states the raid was due to equipment reported to the SBA as damaged.  The linked article says no charges have yet to be filed.  Here is a video made by the company president explaining the raid:

We've sent a note asking for an update and what charges, if any, were filed.  Here is the website they created in response to the raid.

December 2012 - BATFE raids Riverview Gun Sales.  This is the store that Adam Lanza's mother bought her AR-15.  Which Adam stole from her and shot her in the head with.  Then Adam proceeded to the Sandy Hook elementary school and murdered 20 kids and 6 adults.  The BATFE raided the store to confirm it was keeping accurate records.  They were.  No charges, but the store's firearms license has been revoked. 

March 26 - BATFE raids Kyle Myer's house He is the star of his own YouTube channel, FPS Russia.  (We are one of the 3.5 million subscribers.  [Our Russian accent:] He is funny guy.  With funny Russian accent.)


Selling a firearm across state lines or to a felon, or raw milk to a mom, or cheating on student loans, or importing the wrong wood, or writing off damaged equipment, or selling a legal gun to a legal buyer, or blowing stuff up with legal explosives are the reasons needed today to throw on bulky body armor, break in doors and jam muzzles into the faces of tax paying citizens.

Can you imagine the size of the raid if someone was funneling as many as 2000 American guns into another country?

Did you notice that the last three raids listed above resulted in no charges?

We warned in April 2009, here and here, less than three months after our dear leader took office, that the federal government would be targeting its political foes as terrorists.  Remember the release of the DHS pamphlet on Right Wing Extremism?

What is necessary now it so put more of DHS' agents out on the streets so these raids will seem less threatening.  Put them on patrol with local PD is the best way for the citizens subjects to become comfortable with the increase in government intrusion into small-town America.  This is happening in Seattle now, according to Knuckledraggin My Life Away.  He posted this photo from a loyal reader:

His post with more pictures - here - discusses the DHS agent, the three DHS vehicles, and the harassment of the person taking the photos.

So look for these guys as a signal that your city is safe from terrorists drunks who fall on the pavement.

And so far, no innocent person has been hurt.  Not since 2006Or 1993Or 1992


Let us know if we've missed any raids that belong in this list, or if any information above is incorrect.

We're keeping track of raids now at our Obama Checklist (google) spreadsheet.  

Happy Tax Day Comrades!

U/T: The People's Cube

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spoon for Sale

IOTW's Big Fur Hat interviews hat owner Ann Barnhard.

If you didn't know, she went on a tax strike last year, about a year after she shut her brokerage firm in response to the MF Global theft. The IRS has taken her bank balance, and will be taking her house in a few days.

She is selling a wooden spoon on eBay.  Just one day left!  It is at $510 so far.  Click Here to place your bid!

We wish her luck in her coming travels.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Photos of the Day

Found at 90Ninety Miles from Tyranny.  No kidding.

Found at English Russia. See! There are commies around every corner!

And Kim Jong Un is seen in his evil lair at Big Hairy News.  "I shall bomb the world unless you give me one hundred million gazillion rice cakes."

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quote of the Day

Doug Ross, regarding North Korea's threats:
Ironic: the same Democrats that ridiculed Reagan's missile defense initiative are also the first to beg the Pentagon for protection using those very same systems.
Damn right Doug! (or Papa B, if he is the source)

Reagan announced SDI in March 1983 and there were only a few that believed it could be done: Reagan, and the Soviet Politburo.  Everybody, including many on the Reagan team thought the old man was losing it.  Obama said "no" to missile defense for Poland to placate his like-minded buddy Medvedev, even though the defense was to protect against missiles from Iran and other middle east states.

Whether it is gun-control or arms-control, the Democrats always vote in favor of an unarmed victim. 

The chubby dictator threatened the attack for yesterday, but we're still here.  We've been pondering the reason why.

Did Kim Jung Un call in sick?  "Can't make it today guys.  I over did it last week."

Or did the project manager forget that one week is needed to fuel the rocket?  This project task can not be done simultaneously to moving the rocket to the launch pad.  This is a fixed-duration task!

Maybe no volunteers have stepped forward to light the fuse?

Or, did they use game theory to play out a North Korean first strike against the US or South Korea?  Un: "We bomb them, then they surrender and send us food."  General: "Uh sir.  We may want to consider another sequence of events..."

Or maybe...  Un does not want to rattle his sword anymore until he replaces his ratty North Korean ushanka with an authentic and stylish Commie Obama ushanka?


ZeroHedge shares this secret launch footage (Slow to load - large file):

Game of the Day

We play this every day!

Hat owner, Captain Capitalism, puts into words one of the most enjoyable games out there:  How Ugly is the Person With the Liberal Bumper Sticker?

This is part of a larger post about sex, so get over there and read it all!

The Game explained:

Understand the left, typically, though not always, are uglier than those of us on the right.  This is not up for debate.  All one has to do is play the game I do while driving:

"How Ugly is the Person With the Liberal Bumper Sticker?"

If you don't believe me try playing the game yourself.  Any time you see a car with a leftist bumper sticker catch up to it and peer inside to see how "attractive" the occupant is.

You'll note two things:

1.  They are usually pretty ugly, certainly homely.
2.  They are never smiling.

The reason why leftists tend to be uglier is the same reason they are leftists - a deep-seeded fear and hatred of effort and competition.  ie- they are lazy.

How Many Brinks?

Hat owner Glenn Beck says:

The Dollar is on the brink, and it is quite apparent that every one else in the world knows it.

Yet our dear leader has told us repeatedly:

We're back from the brink.

Two brinks?  How many brinks are there? 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Hat in the Wild

Another Commie Obama hat has been seen in the wild. 

Pretty soon, every proletarian will have their own ushanka.  Just like in Mother Russia!

A comment on this photo at Captain Capitalism's blog:
Communist hat as eaten her brains leaving her happy and vacant and with an IQ of 50.

Democratic party salutes you.

U/T: Captain Capitalism

The Symbol of the Workers

It is everywhere these days. 

U/T: 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny

Thatcher - RIP

Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady," has died in London today.

The best video of her, via NiceDeb:

To know more about her and her role in the crushing of communism, we highly recommend the book from our Library at the left: The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister.


The People's Cube has a list of 25 Thatcher quotes.  Here is #7:
Socialists cry “Power to the people”, and raise the clenched fist as they say it. We all know what they really mean—power over people, power to the State.