Friday, April 05, 2013

We are the PhD of Bloggers

Captain Capitalism is the author of Worthless and a hat evangilist, a book about the poor state of today's college education.

He was joking recently about schools starting a blogging major.

It turns out, the esteemed University of Maryland is already teaching on the topic, ENGL488:

If they were intellectually honest at the University of Maryland, they'd at least offer their blogging classes through their Journalism department.

An upper-division class on blogging?  Do they realize we blog because we came through the public school system, and we (speaking just for our self here) might not have the critical thinking skills or writing skills or self discipline to share our thoughts in a more structured and 'mainstream' media?

U/T: Comrade Captain

Updated noon:

Been looking for a reason to use this.  Ha!

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