Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not one Ron Paul shirt or sign

It is not just a gateway drug to more lethal drugs.  It is a gateway drug to violence too.

And a society that dilutes its values 'for a good time' gets what it deserves.

We have yet to see an interview with Ron Paul (or any of his Libertarian successors like Gary whats-his-face or Rand Paul or Judge Napalitano) explain where their policies end. 

Reduce sentences for pot users and dealers first. Then legalize it because it is so harmless.  Then what?  Needle parks?  Therapy paid for from the only source that has funds but no moral judgement, the government?

We're only in our late 40's, but so far in life we haven't met one pot user who we found trustworthy or worthy of a job.  That doesn't mean there are pot heads participating in society and earning a living.  We just haven't seen any.

The day the US Army started piss tests was a great day.  Was that 84 or 85?  It was refreshing to know the people we counted on for our survival were drug free.

It is a shame to see this happen to Colorado.

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