Monday, April 15, 2013


Anybody notice they are on the rise?

It is not just the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), as you would expect.  Other agencies are doing their own raids too.  This may be the reason for the recent order of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, or the 2500+ new armored personnel carriers in the Department of Homeland Security's fleet.  Or maybe not.

Here is what we've found with a few minutes of effort, in chronological order:

April 2011 - BATFE raids gun store in Indiana.  The charges are selling guns to an out of state buyer and to a felon. 

Apr 2011 - FDA and US Marshals raids Amish farmer Dan Allgyer in Pennsylvania He was selling unpasteurized milk to local customers.   He'd been under surveillance for over a year.  He has gone out of business.

June 2011 - DOE and OIG raid a house in Stockton CA The warrant states financial aid fraud for Michelle Wright.  She was not at home.  Her husband Kenneth, and their three kids ages 3, 9, and 11 were.

September 2011 - Fish and Wildlife raid Gibson Guitar in Nashville They used the wrong tariff code when importing wood from India.  This resulted in two armed raids.  Gibson settles case for $300k, and there are zero criminal charges.

January 2012 - SBA and OIG raid Mountain Pure Water in Arkansas This is a business that bottles water and the search warrant states the raid was due to equipment reported to the SBA as damaged.  The linked article says no charges have yet to be filed.  Here is a video made by the company president explaining the raid:

We've sent a note asking for an update and what charges, if any, were filed.  Here is the website they created in response to the raid.

December 2012 - BATFE raids Riverview Gun Sales.  This is the store that Adam Lanza's mother bought her AR-15.  Which Adam stole from her and shot her in the head with.  Then Adam proceeded to the Sandy Hook elementary school and murdered 20 kids and 6 adults.  The BATFE raided the store to confirm it was keeping accurate records.  They were.  No charges, but the store's firearms license has been revoked. 

March 26 - BATFE raids Kyle Myer's house He is the star of his own YouTube channel, FPS Russia.  (We are one of the 3.5 million subscribers.  [Our Russian accent:] He is funny guy.  With funny Russian accent.)


Selling a firearm across state lines or to a felon, or raw milk to a mom, or cheating on student loans, or importing the wrong wood, or writing off damaged equipment, or selling a legal gun to a legal buyer, or blowing stuff up with legal explosives are the reasons needed today to throw on bulky body armor, break in doors and jam muzzles into the faces of tax paying citizens.

Can you imagine the size of the raid if someone was funneling as many as 2000 American guns into another country?

Did you notice that the last three raids listed above resulted in no charges?

We warned in April 2009, here and here, less than three months after our dear leader took office, that the federal government would be targeting its political foes as terrorists.  Remember the release of the DHS pamphlet on Right Wing Extremism?

What is necessary now it so put more of DHS' agents out on the streets so these raids will seem less threatening.  Put them on patrol with local PD is the best way for the citizens subjects to become comfortable with the increase in government intrusion into small-town America.  This is happening in Seattle now, according to Knuckledraggin My Life Away.  He posted this photo from a loyal reader:

His post with more pictures - here - discusses the DHS agent, the three DHS vehicles, and the harassment of the person taking the photos.

So look for these guys as a signal that your city is safe from terrorists drunks who fall on the pavement.

And so far, no innocent person has been hurt.  Not since 2006Or 1993Or 1992


Let us know if we've missed any raids that belong in this list, or if any information above is incorrect.

We're keeping track of raids now at our Obama Checklist (google) spreadsheet.  

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