Sunday, April 28, 2013

The New Public Discourse and Who is Speaking

Judge Jeanine Pirro communicates our pent-up outrage at muslim terrorists - specifically the two Boston bombers and their winner of a mother - in her FOX News rant below.

For each word Pirro speaks, we thank her.  For this segment below, we honor her with a rare Ushanka Tribute Post:

Is it any wonder Fox News is the top watched media outlet by those who still pay for cable?  It isn't outrage for outrage sake.  We could get the outrage du jour anytime at MSNBC or CNN or ABC or NBC or CBS or NPR, if we still had cable.  No, there is something different about the outrage at FOX.  Something measured and authentic and moral. 

Question 1 - Is Pirro's rant the result of:

1) the frustration with the political correction movement that has poisoned America since the late 80's, or
2) the frustration with an impotent administration which will respond to each and every attack on Americans with a speech saying, "We will not rest until they are brought to justice blah blah blah," or
3) all of the above?

Question 2 - 

Have enough Americans died to warrant similar and more frequent rants?  In other words, can we agree that the Religion of Peace is a massive conspiracy of evil with the end goal of total submission or death?  And if so, will Pirro's comments above be as common and mainstream in public as they have been in private since 2001?

Changing the topic a bit....

Question 3 - 

Are we more receptive to Pirro's message when it is delivered by a woman? 

This isn't a loaded question and there is no right answer - we recently had an epiphany.

We just noticed that some of the most outspoken, deliberate and thought-provoking critics of the muslim Religion of Peace Conspiracy of Evil are women.

This isn't scientific - maybe Karl just gravitates to strong women who do not hesitate to call out evil.  Pirro, hat owner Ann Barnhardt, Pamela Geller, [name removed], several of our FB comradettes, and our better half don't suffer fools and they don't mince words.  They lead, and we are lucky to have them.

What men have been as persuasive and unfiltered in remarks about islamists?  Allen West?  Gret Gutfeld?  Maybe a few bloggers in our blogroll to the left?  We are drawing a blank here.

Do men have less to lose or think the dangers are farther into the future?  Or are men so comfortable with the tools, application and moral justness of lethal force that we'll take an actions-speak-louder-than-words approach to the problem?

We're just making conversation here, but it'd be nice to see more men deliver these scathing, yet poetic, indictments.  We should all be speaking in unison on this topic.  They are.

We promise to make a better effort too, when we're not picking the low fruit of mocking liberals and their communist inspirations.

Speaking of strong women, we'd suggest you go read parts one and two of Dr. Faust's recent predictions for our future.  Part two suggests watching for the emergence of the "killer mother" in pop culture as a sign of a coming collapse/civil war.  Quite interesting.
When the nation starts responding to killer mother images, it's war time. The men will sense this change and become hyper-aggressive, fear ridden, and near panic. When the internal pain of the world reaches a crescendo it's released into a deluge of external struggle.
Hyper-aggressive?  Fear ridden?  Panic?  That is going to be some "killer mother!"

CLICK HERE to see another brave American woman.

And yes, if you must ask, we are still consolidating, compiling and collating all the comments from moderate muslims denouncing the Boston bombings.  This is keeping us quite busy....

U/T: America's strong women, and Real Clear Politics

UPDATED 4.29 7am:

 We removed a blogger's name from our list of strong women.

UPDATED 4.30 11am:

Thanks for the link Doug Ross!

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