Friday, April 05, 2013

Wild Bill Says The "C" Word

Hat Owner, Wild Bill, is using the same logic that led to our slogan: Liberal Progressive Communist.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're familiar with The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen that enumerates the 45 goals of Communism that were read into the congressional record.

Even the leftist Wikipedia openly lists them. Our educational system has been dumbed down so much that either people want this to occur (libs and democrat party), they dismiss it, they don't comprehend it or they just don't care. Then again the cultural marxist subversion of our educational system is a topic you or I could talk about for a long time (FYI, John Taylor Gattos' website now has his book The Underground History of American Education available for free at )

The latest big one is the legalization of sodomite so-called marriage. Homosexuality has been undergoing normalization since comrade Klinton was chairman and homopseudomarroage is the culmination of those efforts. If they succede in redefining marriage they will have a powerful tool against all of Christianity too. Simply reading scripture could be "hate speech", look at the bizarro world of Canadian hate speech laws for a glimpse at our potential future.

Blog on comrade!

Karl said...

Our post on the Naked Communist:

The homosexual movement is par for the communists. Like Nazis, the communists seek to dilute traditional family and religious values from society. These values must be scarce in order for the communists' end-play: total dictatorship and control.

Thanks for the note!