Thursday, April 11, 2013

Game of the Day

We play this every day!

Hat owner, Captain Capitalism, puts into words one of the most enjoyable games out there:  How Ugly is the Person With the Liberal Bumper Sticker?

This is part of a larger post about sex, so get over there and read it all!

The Game explained:

Understand the left, typically, though not always, are uglier than those of us on the right.  This is not up for debate.  All one has to do is play the game I do while driving:

"How Ugly is the Person With the Liberal Bumper Sticker?"

If you don't believe me try playing the game yourself.  Any time you see a car with a leftist bumper sticker catch up to it and peer inside to see how "attractive" the occupant is.

You'll note two things:

1.  They are usually pretty ugly, certainly homely.
2.  They are never smiling.

The reason why leftists tend to be uglier is the same reason they are leftists - a deep-seeded fear and hatred of effort and competition.  ie- they are lazy.


Anonymous said...

I was in the Land of the Liberal yesterday (Eugene, Or) and I noticed and absence of lib bumper stickers! I even made a concerted effort to cruise by the University area and it's like POOF! They just pissadeered. Maybe they fell out of love with obamama.

Karl said...

It is hit or miss, but there is something going on that we're not in on.

On election day I drove from Cincinnati to Kansas City and saw exactly TWO O stickers. I made the same drive last month and saw plenty of stickers. Not scientific, but it seemed they were cowering from a possible Romney bid and cuts to their benefits.

The Doktor said...

I will try this on my next excursion out in da werld.