Thursday, January 29, 2015

Leftist Ideology Trumps All

A few years ago I floated my general theory that leftists put their ideology above everything.  Including religion.  Including exposure to glaring facts and events such as expanding glaciers, cooler temperatures, murderous muslims, significant post-abortion mental trauma, and more.  Including 100 million dead in just 74 years.

I resisted this conclusion then, and still do today, thinking there must be an exception.  It can't be all black and white with these people, right?  Is there something a liberal progressive communist will view without their Marxist lenses?

I have yet to see evidence of the contrary.

Today's quote of the day is Comrade Tam's quote of the day yesterday.  It is a small part of a fantastic blog rant about Holocaust Deniers at MunchkinWranger:
It’s because when you are invested in an ideology, you have to make reality subordinate to that ideology. And when the physical evidence points to the possibility that your ideology doesn’t match reality, then you have to deny that reality, or face the possibility that you ideology is wrong. It’s much easier to dismiss historical records or claim that a video was doctored than to examine your beliefs and concede that everything you believe is wrong.
Excellent drone video of Auschwitz, where an estimated 1.1 million were killed:

If one were to follow this phony self-serving behavior to the next level, one might think the plan is to dilute knowledge and values to a point where our betters in elected (and appointed) office can tell us what happened, what didn't happen, and why.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tribute Post: Dakota Meyer

(Wiki) Dakota Louis Meyer (born June 26, 1988) is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the War in Afghanistan. Meyer is the second youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, the third living recipient for either Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan and the first living Marine in 38 years to be so honored.

On September 8, 2009, near the village of Ganjgal, Meyer learned that three Marines and a Navy corpsman were missing after being ambushed by a group of insurgents. Under enemy fire, Meyer entered an area known to be inhabited by insurgents and eventually found the four missing servicemen dead and stripped of their weapons, body armor and radios. With the help of Afghan soldiers, he moved the bodies to a safer area where they could be extracted. During his search, Meyer "personally evacuated 12 friendly wounded and provided cover for another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death at the hands of a numerically superior and determined foe."
Check out his new license plate  FTWGA: For Those Who Gave All.

Tuesday Tab Clearing

Comrade Diogenes Sarcastica reacts to the recent muslim attack in France with her own European experience:
One day, as a young teenager shopping with my mother, two of these dark haired men touched me inappropriately. My mother turned and slapped one of the men in the face. He began yelling words I did not understand and knocked my mother to the ground.

. . . when I see scenes of muslims men in the news, I recognize the same soulless evil I saw that day in the market.
Bill Buppert at ZeroGov shows that Libertarians can be right when it comes to exposing the similarities between Communism and the current operation in DC:  Will the Last Capitalist Please Turn Off the Lights When You Leave…
I have often thought that to be a Communist at the beginning of the twentieth century was possibly an intellectually defensible position looking at the scant history of the movement in power and practice yet one hundred years later this extreme form of collectivism should be universally reviled and is intellectually and morally indefensible; and here in 2009, not only are the same miserable failures and barbaric practices heralded but endorsed by no less than the President of this decaying country known as America.

Comrade and hat owner, Googie, converts a Barry Manilow classic at ATRS.  Click over to see the full lyrics.
I’ll write the laws that make the people cringe
I’ll write the laws because I can, you see?
I’ll write the laws that over vilify
I’ll write the laws, I’ll write the laws
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit shares an update on the strength of our enemies - since our dear leader was elected:
. . . four-star General Jack Keane told Congress that al-Qaeda has “grown fourfold in the last five years.

[He said] “our policies have failed.”
Comrade Kerodin at III Percent Patriots shares an observation from a recent trip about America's general decline in useful skills and strong work ethic:  Plumbing, as to Third World America...
In the last two places we crashed for the night - national hotel/motel chains - at least one plumbing fixture was plumbed incorrectly.  This may not seem like a big deal.  But consider this - when national chains hire 'professionals' to do work, and those professionals either have not been taught the basics of their trade, or worse, perhaps know the basics but choose not to do the job properly, consider the devolution of standards that is on display.

This post isn't big-think.  It is simply observations and conclusions over many years that support a broader narrative.  America is devolving because the vast majority of people living among us no longer aspire to standards of a first world nation.  Pride and self respect are rapidly losing their place in society among our Countrymen.  Entropy is on display.

You won't find anything in the MSM about the goings-on in the Venezuelan worker's paradise.  The new media, however, is keeping track of the glorious revolution there, and there are some good lessons to be learned.  Specifically, stores are looted first, then delivery trucks.  An informed looter will target the trucks when the masses target the stores. WZ has the story:  Robbers Target Food Delivery Trucks In Shortage-Hit Venezuela.
Robbers and looters are targeting trucks carrying food across Venezuela in another sign of worsening shortages that have turned basics like flour and chicken into coveted booty.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Your Weekend Reading

Once again I'm buried in articles.  Please allow me to dig out.

Here is some good reading for your weekend.

Family Security Matters: From Lenin to Obama Alexander Markovsky has a great article, perfectly in tune with the focus and spirit of Ushanka.
"Our task," wrote Lenin in 1902 in What Is to Be Done, "is to utilize every manifestation of discontent, and to collect and utilize every grain of rudimentary protest." Indeed, if you want to change a society, here is Lenin's script: cause the problem. Spread the misery. Send a cadre of professional community organizers to unite all of the angry and disinherited spirits to fuel an organized revolt. Entice chaos and violence. Exploit chaos for larger political objectives. Blame your political opponents, demonize and criminalize them. Move decisively to request a temporary suspension of civil liberties in exchange for the restoration of law and order. Usurp power before the deceived masses realize that there is nothing more permanent in politics than something temporary.

From Lenin to Obama the political landscape has changed, but the scheme remains assertively consistent.
Victor Davis Hanson: Multicultural Suicide The West's failures to deal with radical islam can be blamed on multiculturalism.
. . . multiculturalism is the twin of appeasement.
. . . multiculturalism also serves as a way of dealing with affluent Western guilt: one does not have to put his kids in an inner-city school, visit the barrio to shop, or invite undocumented aliens over for dinner, when one can both enjoy a largely affluent and apartheid existence in the concrete, while praising the noble Other in the abstract.
Radical Muslims both emigrate to the West and yet, once there, seek through Sharia law to destroy the very foundations of what made the West attractive to them in the first place. Clean water, advanced medicine, entitlement support and free speech ultimately cannot exist in a society that routinely assassinates the outspoken satirist.
Fred On Everything: The Birth of Three Nations.  Diversity: Koom. Bah. Humbug.  A refreshingly scathing commentary on "diversity."  I sometimes catch myself doing the wave when I read this guy.  Does that happen to you too?
Few things cause more misery, hatred, death, and destruction than does diversity. One may wish it were not so, but it is so.
Those among us who prefer hope to observation invariably insist that dislike springs from some defect in the character of those doing the disliking.
Glenn Beck authored a three-part series called The Root of the Problem: Russia.  Our comrade over at Noisy Room shared Part 2.  I've always been a fan of Glenn's research.  He was linking Democrat policies to communism and talking caliphate years before others figured it out.  Here he discusses an expansionist Russia.

I believe the architect of Russia’s geopolitical strategy is Aleksandr Dugin (above). If this is true the future of Western and Eastern Europe is headed toward catastrophic possibilities.

Aleksandr Dugin is known to be an advisor to some of the most influential men in Russia.
. . . incite Russian nationalism. To put it bluntly, it’s nothing short of Russian fascism.
This is the blueprint to dismantling Western Europe.
Taking a cue from both Ivan the Great and even Stalin, the Orthodox Church is Russian Nationalism on tap.
The Russian Orthodox revival is in full swing.
Just one year after Putin became President of the Russian Federation Aleksander Dugin founded the Eurasia Party. It’s primary purpose is to advocate Russian aggression and expansion. It became a legitimate political party in 2002.
Oleg Atbashian translates a Russian article written by Yulia Latynina: Redefining Ourselves to Death Yulia reacts to the dilution of values following the recent Islamic murders in Paris.  This is a great article for two reasons: 1) it offers a great perspective on the poison of political correctness and our need to "renormalize," and 2) like most insightful opinions of late, it is from a foreigner - an outsider looking in.
It seems we now need a similar cut-off point in order to understand what is happening in the real world. Whoever brings "renormalization" into public life will also deserve a Nobel Prize because, frankly, we're killing ourselves with infinite refinements.

Have a great weekend!

Swiss Franc News

I don't like repeating myself, but the recent Swiss Franc News justifies duplication here, after last month's collapse of the Ruble.

Currencies are not supposed to move like this:

The Swiss Franc was pegged to the Euro.  They un-pegged this month after the European Central Bank announced that they would start their own Quantitative Easing (QE).  QE adds to the money supply, diluting said money supply, causing inflation and is intended to artificially benefit the economy.

QE in the States has led to roughly a 6% loss of purchasing power.  Or, another way to say it, QE has led to [an unofficial] 6% inflation.  Doug Ross recently shared a list of items and their rate of inflation.

In a complete surprise to apparently everyone, many who lost tens of millions, the Swiss decided to de-link their currency to the Euro.

European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi (above), announced today that the European Central Bank will print 60 Billion Euros per month.  It is an announcement of failure. 

MarketWatch (with video):

The 60 billion euros a month in bond purchases, equal to 1.1 trillion euros between March and September of next year, is bigger than had been telegraphed by news reports a day earlier.
I've been disappointed in the news coverage of this move.  98% of the commentary from the Swiss decision to un-peg from the Euro has been noise.  Yes, Swiss exporters will be hurt after their currency strengthens 30% in a day.  Yes, central banks must adjust their policies and future intentions because of the Swiss move.  But ask yourself "why?"  Why is it bad that exporters suffer when their currency is less artificial now than it was a month ago?  Why is is bad that central bankers must adjust to a dynamic, changing environment?  Why should one central banker care about what another central banker does - if their system isn't rigged?

What has been hard to find is the logic - and beautiful exquisite truth - behind the Swiss move.  Primarily, they aren't hitching their wagon to a sinking ship.  


The only article that I found that speaks from this perspective was at ZeroHedge (also the source of the graph above):  Thank the SNB for the Truth
So thank you, Switzerland! It's nice to get a little peek at how things are supposed to work.
A little background on this: Germany's Angela Merkel told Obama to pound sand back in 2009 when he told her the best way to improve Europe's economy was to print money.  She knew money supply dilution was counter-productive and destructive to the long-term health of the European economy.

Or, at least she did.

Because nothing happens with the Euro unless Germany approves.  Germany is the cornerstone of the European economy.  It has to do with that whole stereotype work ethic, dynamic and efficiency thing.

USA Today, June 25, 2009:  Obama, Merkel to meet under cloud of disagreement
. . . German briefers said Merkel will be looking for agreement on an "exit strategy," a means of moving toward long-term fixes of the global regulatory system and away from short-term crisis management.

Earlier in the year, she criticized Obama's decision to throw money at the problem as a rescue measure while paying less attention to improving the regulatory system that let the crisis run out of control in the first place.
I have another video planned on the topic of precious metals.  Gold is up roughly $120/oz (>10%) in just the past couple weeks.  And silver seems to go up 1-3% every day.  There are those 'doom and gloomers' out there taking credit for calling this, and I plan to address their claims in the upcoming video.  In short, anybody can look like a genius if they start yelling "BUY!" after a commodity or other security drops 40+%.  Others are saying "I told you so" about the current financial crisis.  They are right - but they were calling it 5 years ago.  Then 4 years ago.  Then 3 years ago.  And so on.  In hindsight, the correct advice at the beginning of an seemingly endless QE would have been: "Buy stocks."  That is the exact opposite of what the "experts" advised.  Stay tuned...

More about today's news at ZeroHedge:

Mario Draghi Unveils €60 Billion Per Month QE Through September 2016 With Partial Risk-Sharing: Live Conference Webcast

The Gloves Come Off: Germany Says Grexit "Manageable" As Tsipras Demands Greek Debt Writeoff

Here Are The Negatives In Today's ECB QE Announcement

5-Star Movies - UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 1.8.15 2pm]

The following movies have reduced, even insulting, ratings.  Take my word for it.  These are all top-quality movies well worth the price of the ticket.

Exodus (IMDB)

Pros:  Excellent scenes, acting and storytelling.  God's character was fantastic.

Cons:  Would have preferred no-name actors in supporting roles.  Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul and John Turturro were good, but were also distractions.

The Imitation Game (IMDB)

Pros:  Great footage of WWII London - the seriousness, the destruction, the purpose.  Excellent acting.

Cons:  A politically-correct topic is part of the story.  They take it too far. 

Unbroken (IMDB)

Pros: A great WWII movie.  The best match to its book I've ever seen.  The book is great, but you'll have no need to read it if you watch the movie.  Excellent portrayal of the Japanese brutality, but without without excess.  Congrats to Director Angelina Jolie.

Cons: None.

UPDATED and BUMPED 1.22.15:

American Sniper (IMDB)

Pros: Another authentic American movie about a flawed man who rises to the peak of his profession.  A great story about the cost of war on the individual.  A movie with rich patriotic flavor - which is why liberals like Michael Moore, Seth Rogan and former human rights lawyers are so upset about it.  See cartoons below.

Cons: Let's have a patriotic movie about someone who was not a SEAL.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union

I suspect this video has more to say about the state of our union than the our dear marxist will spout tonight in DC.

I'll wait for the transcript tomorrow to comment on his speech.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to you if you choose to watch.  You're a better person than I am.

UPDATED 1.21.15 Noon:

I still haven't looked at the transcript from last night's speech.  More pressing matters, such as selecting my next cigar, have taken priority.  I already know what I'll be thinking as I read each proposal:
Why wasn't this important when you had super majorities?
How do you plan to get that through Congress?
Ahh, life is full of questions with no answers.  And my Obama Cuss Jar is full of singles.

- I like Senator Ernst's speech (GP).

- I liked her speech even more when I saw the Liberal Progressive Communist comments (WZ), and more from Keith Olbermann (GP).

Prediction: History will show that Obama was a failed president.  It will show a key failure was to take advantage of all the RINO's in congress.  If he had taken a softer tone, he could have gotten amnesty, tax increases, gun-confiscation and more.  Historians will suggest this problem can be avoided by electing future presidents with real-world experience.

Of course, I am assuming there will be an honest and objective review of today's events in the future....

Monday, January 19, 2015

MLK and Civil Rights

Gateway Pundit shares a list of civil rights milestones from the post-Civil War era:  ON MLK Jr Day – Here’s the Real History of the US Civil Rights Movement You Won’t Read About

Here is a sample:
January 1, 1863: Emancipation Proclamation, implementing the Republicans’ Confiscation Act of 1862, takes effect

The Democratic Party continues to Support Slavery.

April 8, 1865: 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. Senate

Republican support 100% Democrat support 37%

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rubbing Salt Into Their Wounds

Liberals Progressives Communists are realizing their gun-control wet dreams are nothing but stains on the mattress.  Some would suggest we be honorable winners. 

I say "screw that."  Pass the salt.

So does Mr. Crowder (via 90 Miles: The 2nd Amendment: Liberal Edition):

So does 2nd City Cop:  BLOODBATH COMING!!!!!
24,000 citizens packing heat in Cook County alone! 
It is not just for the elite and politically connected anymore, eh?

Comrades, stay armed.  Stay vigilant.

If This Offends You . . .

. . . Does that mean there is some truth to it?

This morning's Drudge:

Almost an exact duplicate:

For those career-minded, remember you have options: The Gay Option


Comrade Diann posted this at ATRS.  I'm so glad she is on our side.

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

A Rocky Patel Sun Grown on a rare warm winter day.

I'm reading book #2 in the 4-book series, Black Tide Rising by John Ringo.  A pretty good zombie story.  I'll finish the series before I consider adding it to my list of recommended zombie books.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Operation Choke Point

Just a reminder to stay vigilant.

Back in April 2009, just weeks after our dear leader took the helm, I saw his approach to TARP as one different than then intended use.  You'll recall Bush asked for TARP after his Treasury Secretary painted a dark picture for the US banking industry resulting from the subprime debacle.

In correct order: 1) redistributionists pushed bad loans on US banks with white guilt and help from congressional democrats, 2) which led to significant loan defaults, 3) which threatened to destroy many banks that were greedy with the more lucrative subprime loans and took obscene risks in those investments, 4) which paid off by having a Treasury Secretary sympathetic to their plight and a president who (mistakenly in hindsight) trusted the advice of his cabinet.

For Bush, TARP was a short-term solution to a liquidity crisis.

For Obama, TARP was a way to take long-term control of the nation's banks.  He forced healthy banks to take TARP money, got his seat on the board, and led those banks through vacuous "stress tests," often without sharing the standards the banks would be measured against.  Since 2009, Obama and his commissars have controlled the banks.

I bring this up because of the latest news from GP:  Obama DOJ Caught Targeting Legal Gun Dealers – Threaten Banks to Close Their Accounts (Video)
Operation Choke Point – The Targeting of Legal Gun Dealers
A gun dealer in Hawkins, Wisconsin says the Department of Justice forced Heritage Credit Union to close his recently opened bank account because he’s in the business of legally selling guns.

Their gun-grabbing efforts have failed.  Every one. 

Americans want gun rights.  Large majorities.

The Liberals Progressives Communists in Washington are not deterred.

The fight continues...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

If This Guy Can Get Elected...

...WTF are the bloggers in my blogroll (left) doing still blogging?  There is work to do!

Come on Ann Barnhardt.  Let's go Aaron Clarey.  Time to fix the system Mr. B.  Time to set the standard Joe Dan.  Time to make lists for pink slips Doug Ross.  Get your citizenship papers in order Trevor Loudon and Davis Aurini.  Heck, maybe I'll jump in...

Congratulations Ohio State

Great game.  Four turnovers and a 3rd-string quarterback, and it still wasn't fair.

Hitler is now 0-2:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Conundrum Du Jour

From Dinesh D'Souza on FB:
If a Muslim barber refuses on religious grounds to cut the hair of a lesbian, whose side does a liberal take? 

The comments (currently 3883) are great!  Here are a few:
They blame it on Bush and walk away

No way a lesbian should get that close to a muslim with a straight razor.

That's easy. She just blames the white male American for making the muslim angry, so it's not really his fault.

Why do you want a muslim with scissors near your neck if you're gay?

The liberals will come up with another rule. Just like they do any other time they are faced with their own hypocrisy.
muslim barbers? I thought all they cut was throats.

The liberal forces the muslim to cut the lesbians hair but Afterwards allows him to stone her under Shariah law. Thereby validating both. Everyone is a winner.

They would find some way to blame it on White Privilege.

They don't take either side. They stay quiet and let Fox News report on the situation. Then liberals rip Fox News for their stance.

The muslim would kill the Lesbian because the koran forbids being gay.  The Liberal would remain silent about the killing but would try to understand the cultural differences and blame the Jews for displacing the muslim barber and then call you a racist gay hater for proposing such a question.

The liberal will have to evaluate who is the bigger long term victim of white male capitalism.

This question could actual cause a liberal brain to explode. Don't worry, it would be a very small explosion.

She'll probably cut her own hair and then pay him (out of liberal guilt).

I say that the liberals would want to send the lesbian to muslim sensitive training. And want the muslim to attend lesbian sensitive training. Paid for by Christian conservative straight NRA members.

Which one is the lesbian?

Never say "a little off the top" to a muslim barber!

If Isis attacks Turkey from the rear, would Greece help ?

Use Common Core math to get the answer!

Posts like these do not promote peace and are irresponsible. Think before you post.

Now THAT is good clean fun.

Embrace the Gay

Two news stories, three days apart.

January 9, ELLE:  Tiffany & Co. Features First Same-Sex Couple in Engagement Campaign

Linda Buckley, Tiffany and Co. VP of North American PR:
Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear, and true love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms...

January 12, MarketWatch:  Tiffany's stock drops after profit outlook cut 

Shares of Tiffany & Co. TIF, -13.82% after the high-end jewelry retailer cut its fiscal 2015 profit outlook, as sales for the two-month holiday period ended Dec. 31 were "disappointing."
It appears, nowadays, the road to profitability is no longer linear.

For more gay stuff, see our July post: The Gay Option

U/T: Comrade Tina

My White Privilege

This is a post about racism written by a white heterosexual male who cares little about race and would rather spend his time exploring MORE important issues that all people face.  Such as: "Why is there air?"

I've spent some time exploring my white privilege.  This is a new, market-tested term designed by liberals progressives communists to keep racism alive in the post-african-american-president era.  The fact that this is being uttered by liberals, and encouraged by their dear leader, is full admission that he, Obama, has failed in his promises to end racism in America.

I have one theory, so far, as to my white privilege:
1) Not being offended at racial slurs.
Anybody have another other theories?

I'd ask why the Democrats didn't issue a definition at the same time they released this new term, but you would know I was being facetious.  Oh, that might be a possible #2:
2) Having a vocabulary that includes "facetious."

Portland Policy Director Deanne Wesson-Mitchell:
. . . getting white men to see how they as white people, as men, as heterosexuals, are imposing their expectations of what is 'normal' on other people, and how to not do that.
My expectation for Ms. Wesson-Mitchell is for her to shut her trap and try holding a real job.  Unfortunately, I suspect she will keep her job and continue imposing her expectations.

She continues:
...being color-blind is not a good goal.
Really?  That is what I was taught in 13 years of diversity training (aka public school).  What happened to "the Melting Pot" of America?

Watch the hyphenated commissar below.  Keep in mind:  you are watching someone who has never, and will never, contribute anything to society.  You are watching a commie parasite who is justifying limits on speech, who believes in social-engineering, who worships multiculturalism, and embraces the state over the citizen.  Any half-decent person in her position would have resigned if told to say the following.  Even most liberals would probably refuse (although they desire the intended result). 

My $0.02:  There are two black Americas.
1) The dependents that look to government for housing, food, spending money, excuses for bad decisions, etc.  The mothers who reproduce without a father.  The 70% of fathers who disappear at the first sign of responsibility.  This group has traditionally voted 95% for Democrats, and 100% blame their failures and misfortunes on whites and Republicans.

2) And the growing segment who are past the hate and anger and scapegoating.  People who take, or are starting to take, responsibility for themselves and their families.  Those who voted Republican last November - 25% in Ohio!
Ms. Wesson-Mitchell might be right in one aspect.  Straight white men may have expectations of others, such as:
a) don't break the law,
b) raise good children,
c) don't be a burden on others,
d) work at getting a skill and making yourself marketable, and
e) be respectful of others.  
I'd venture to guess those in group #2 share these expectations, and may have a few more of their own.

Comrades, please take everything I say about race with a grain of salt.  First, as a white man I am not qualified to speak on the subject.  Second, I am the opposite of commissar Wesson-Mitchell and those Democrats in the race industry.  Except for the last ten minutes, I spend zero time thinking about this empty topic.  It depresses me to think about how many lives have been ruined by these people.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris Rally Against Terror

Some may prefer to pre-empt terror attacks by a) telling muslims to either leave Western countries or convert to Christianity, and b) killing those who don't.  Because they see this as a war for the survival of Western Civilization.

Others may prefer to join hands at the scene of a slaughter and get their picture taken.  Because they can't take anything seriously and see random attacks as photo opportunities.

Maybe there is some gray area here that I'm missing.  I'll leave that for the deep thinkers to explore. 


Over a million rallied against terror muslims in Paris today, including over 50 world leaders.  Impressive.  I hope this signals a shift in future European elections and immigration policy.

One 'world leader' didn't make it, but was otherwise represented.  (And a hearty Ushanka Tip to the brains behind this one.)

More at WZ and GP.

UPDATED 1.13.15 10am:

A gun-toting hat-owning FB comrade shared this gem today:

The White Flag of DNC

We've been long overdue for the White Flag post.  Thanks WZ!

Click the White Flag label below to see our 8+ year collection of flags!  If there is one prediction that keeps on giving, it is predicting the foreign policy failures of Democrats.

Froglegs 2015

Comrade Joe Dan's first episode of the new year!

The Emporer's New Groove
The Rino Boogie
The Liberal Creed
Islam and Political Correctness

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday, January 09, 2015

France "Terror" - Some Perspective

The number one killer of innocents in recent times is Islam. 

Those that just figured this out after the sixteen killed in France this week are late to the game, and lack perspective.

Is it because blaming George W. Bush isn't an option anymore?

Help me out, for future reference: How many must be killed to call it "Terrorism?"  Or, must we first assess who was killed and which political party is in the White House?

Because: if sixteen killed in France over four days is "terrorism," then Chicago suffers the equivalent of a "terrorist" attack 2-3 times in a warm month.


The action in France makes for good news coverage. 

Do the liberal news outlets recognize their role in the bloodshed?

They allow criticism of all but muslims.  They selectively report news to downplay criminal acts by muslims.  They embolden evil with their one-sided coverage of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Example: Did you know muslims burned 940 cars on New Years Eve in France?  If so, did you see any judgement or opinion on the matter from any media sources?


Too many guns.

A suggestion for the old media:  Address the proliferation of AK-47's in France.

Perhaps the ATF is behind this.  Fast, Furious, and Froglegs?


The US is the Wild West?

France and their smug European neighbors paint a picture of the US as the wild west.  Guns blazing on city streets.  Everyday.

Yes, we have gun crime.  We have 300 million guns in circulation. 

But the last time in the US where two men engaged police in an epic shootout was in Hollywood, back in February 1997.  In France, it was Tuesday.

And, could their finger-pointing have less to do with a superior system and more to do with distracting their citizens from their failures?


Taking [selective] offense.

Why is there anger over this cartoon (I have no idea what it says, nor do I care):

But not any anger over the movie, Four Lions

Four Lions is part comedy, part tragic.  An Islam version of Idiocracy.  I have not seen any muslim fatwa over this blasphemous movie.

Four Lions is a sad look at the retarded world of evil and extremism. 

The story is prefaced on the rarely spoken fact that Islam is an inbred culture, which has led to a lower average IQ among its people.

Comrade Zhukov recommended Four Lions to me, and now I recommend it to you.


Islamic Immigration.

Why did France choose to open their borders to muslims?  200,000 muslims in 2014 alone!

Why didn't they open their border to Germans instead again?

Maybe entice them with low tax rates for entrepreneurial endeavors.  They are smart, hardworking, educated and efficient.  And they are next door!

How many nationalities have that stereotype?


Speaking of immigration...

We spent blood and treasure the last two times France was invaded.  I say "no more!"

This invasion is self-inflicted, and France is on their own for this one.

Here is how it is done, Frenchy:


And even more about immigration...

The positive of sixteen dead in France this week is the boost to Europe's anti-islam efforts.

Accusations of racism against groups like PEGIDA are falling on more deaf ears now than ever before.
Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (PEGIDA, in English: "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West") is a German political movement based in Dresden. Since October 2014 it has been organizing public demonstrations, aimed at the German government, against what it considers to be the Islamization of Europe.

UPDATED 1.11.15 8pm:

Some more perspective from Ann Barnhardt.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Good Riddance

Senator Barbara Boxer (D, 74) to Retire in 2016.  Story: ABC.

Her accomplishments after 22 years in the Senate and another 10 in the House:

UPDATED 6:30pm:

More from Knuckledraggin: Please Die

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

12 Dead in France

Stephen Charbonnier, murdered Tuesday by the Religion of Peace:
I am not afraid of retaliation. I have no kids, no wife, no car, no mortgage. It perhaps sounds a bit pompous, but I prefer to die standing than living on my knees.
Rest in Peace, sir.


12 were killed in France yesterday.

Had it happened in the US, our smug 'allies' in Europe - led by the smug French - would blame it on guns.

The idiot RINO senator from NC is blaming religion.

The Religion of Peace and their apologists are blaming the Jews.

Libertarians blame the US.

Added 1.9:  The Kremlin blames US Intelligence.

As of yet, nobody has blamed that marxist totalitarian political movement that practices little-boy rape, little-girl mutilation, 'honor' killings, suicide killings, denigration of women, and more.


A note to the French:
Dear France,

Muslims are upset that a few hundred years ago someone, somewhere, forced them to stop participating in the sciences, math and other noble studies.  France, you allow this.  So allow me to continue to hold a grudge about our request to overfly your territory to go kill a bunch of the. exact. same. people.

France, your gun-control laws failed on Tuesday.  Didn't they?

You, France, coddle Muslims and bring them into your country by the thousands because it makes you feel good.  How's that working for you?

Your intelligence organizations failed the employees of Charlie HebdoThey were in Syria a year ago?

Your disarmed police failed the employees of Charlie Hebdo when they ran away.

Your disarmed police could not rely on armed citizens, because you don't let your citizens "keep and bear arms."

Your justice system failed the employees of Charlie Hebdo when they gave one of the shooters a suspended sentence when caught trying to join Al Queada in Iraq back in 2008.

Excuse my French, but you really need to unfuck yourselves.  Some say you have only a few years left before your culture and your country are lost forever.  Is it worth saving?


A note to the media and Obama Administration (D):
You failed once again to label evil, "evil."

You, media and Obama, are the last sources one goes to for an honest report.

Any story you spout is treated as "ALLEGED" until confirmed by a new media source like those linked in this post.

As cable subscriptions are cancelled by the thousands, more and more will turn first to a new media source for their news.  A White House press conference will be a thing of the past.

You can only hide behind language, spin and anti-freedom policies when nobody dies. When people die, as they did Tuesday in France, your fraud is exposed to all.


U/T: linked sources at WZ and GP.

UPDATED 1.9: added some items and did some formatting.