Thursday, January 29, 2015

Leftist Ideology Trumps All

A few years ago I floated my general theory that leftists put their ideology above everything.  Including religion.  Including exposure to glaring facts and events such as expanding glaciers, cooler temperatures, murderous muslims, significant post-abortion mental trauma, and more.  Including 100 million dead in just 74 years.

I resisted this conclusion then, and still do today, thinking there must be an exception.  It can't be all black and white with these people, right?  Is there something a liberal progressive communist will view without their Marxist lenses?

I have yet to see evidence of the contrary.

Today's quote of the day is Comrade Tam's quote of the day yesterday.  It is a small part of a fantastic blog rant about Holocaust Deniers at MunchkinWranger:
It’s because when you are invested in an ideology, you have to make reality subordinate to that ideology. And when the physical evidence points to the possibility that your ideology doesn’t match reality, then you have to deny that reality, or face the possibility that you ideology is wrong. It’s much easier to dismiss historical records or claim that a video was doctored than to examine your beliefs and concede that everything you believe is wrong.
Excellent drone video of Auschwitz, where an estimated 1.1 million were killed:

If one were to follow this phony self-serving behavior to the next level, one might think the plan is to dilute knowledge and values to a point where our betters in elected (and appointed) office can tell us what happened, what didn't happen, and why.

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