Monday, January 12, 2015

My White Privilege

This is a post about racism written by a white heterosexual male who cares little about race and would rather spend his time exploring MORE important issues that all people face.  Such as: "Why is there air?"

I've spent some time exploring my white privilege.  This is a new, market-tested term designed by liberals progressives communists to keep racism alive in the post-african-american-president era.  The fact that this is being uttered by liberals, and encouraged by their dear leader, is full admission that he, Obama, has failed in his promises to end racism in America.

I have one theory, so far, as to my white privilege:
1) Not being offended at racial slurs.
Anybody have another other theories?

I'd ask why the Democrats didn't issue a definition at the same time they released this new term, but you would know I was being facetious.  Oh, that might be a possible #2:
2) Having a vocabulary that includes "facetious."

Portland Policy Director Deanne Wesson-Mitchell:
. . . getting white men to see how they as white people, as men, as heterosexuals, are imposing their expectations of what is 'normal' on other people, and how to not do that.
My expectation for Ms. Wesson-Mitchell is for her to shut her trap and try holding a real job.  Unfortunately, I suspect she will keep her job and continue imposing her expectations.

She continues:
...being color-blind is not a good goal.
Really?  That is what I was taught in 13 years of diversity training (aka public school).  What happened to "the Melting Pot" of America?

Watch the hyphenated commissar below.  Keep in mind:  you are watching someone who has never, and will never, contribute anything to society.  You are watching a commie parasite who is justifying limits on speech, who believes in social-engineering, who worships multiculturalism, and embraces the state over the citizen.  Any half-decent person in her position would have resigned if told to say the following.  Even most liberals would probably refuse (although they desire the intended result). 

My $0.02:  There are two black Americas.
1) The dependents that look to government for housing, food, spending money, excuses for bad decisions, etc.  The mothers who reproduce without a father.  The 70% of fathers who disappear at the first sign of responsibility.  This group has traditionally voted 95% for Democrats, and 100% blame their failures and misfortunes on whites and Republicans.

2) And the growing segment who are past the hate and anger and scapegoating.  People who take, or are starting to take, responsibility for themselves and their families.  Those who voted Republican last November - 25% in Ohio!
Ms. Wesson-Mitchell might be right in one aspect.  Straight white men may have expectations of others, such as:
a) don't break the law,
b) raise good children,
c) don't be a burden on others,
d) work at getting a skill and making yourself marketable, and
e) be respectful of others.  
I'd venture to guess those in group #2 share these expectations, and may have a few more of their own.

Comrades, please take everything I say about race with a grain of salt.  First, as a white man I am not qualified to speak on the subject.  Second, I am the opposite of commissar Wesson-Mitchell and those Democrats in the race industry.  Except for the last ten minutes, I spend zero time thinking about this empty topic.  It depresses me to think about how many lives have been ruined by these people.

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I want to scrub my eyes with bleach after that one.