Monday, January 12, 2015

Conundrum Du Jour

From Dinesh D'Souza on FB:
If a Muslim barber refuses on religious grounds to cut the hair of a lesbian, whose side does a liberal take? 

The comments (currently 3883) are great!  Here are a few:
They blame it on Bush and walk away

No way a lesbian should get that close to a muslim with a straight razor.

That's easy. She just blames the white male American for making the muslim angry, so it's not really his fault.

Why do you want a muslim with scissors near your neck if you're gay?

The liberals will come up with another rule. Just like they do any other time they are faced with their own hypocrisy.
muslim barbers? I thought all they cut was throats.

The liberal forces the muslim to cut the lesbians hair but Afterwards allows him to stone her under Shariah law. Thereby validating both. Everyone is a winner.

They would find some way to blame it on White Privilege.

They don't take either side. They stay quiet and let Fox News report on the situation. Then liberals rip Fox News for their stance.

The muslim would kill the Lesbian because the koran forbids being gay.  The Liberal would remain silent about the killing but would try to understand the cultural differences and blame the Jews for displacing the muslim barber and then call you a racist gay hater for proposing such a question.

The liberal will have to evaluate who is the bigger long term victim of white male capitalism.

This question could actual cause a liberal brain to explode. Don't worry, it would be a very small explosion.

She'll probably cut her own hair and then pay him (out of liberal guilt).

I say that the liberals would want to send the lesbian to muslim sensitive training. And want the muslim to attend lesbian sensitive training. Paid for by Christian conservative straight NRA members.

Which one is the lesbian?

Never say "a little off the top" to a muslim barber!

If Isis attacks Turkey from the rear, would Greece help ?

Use Common Core math to get the answer!

Posts like these do not promote peace and are irresponsible. Think before you post.

Now THAT is good clean fun.

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