Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris Rally Against Terror

Some may prefer to pre-empt terror attacks by a) telling muslims to either leave Western countries or convert to Christianity, and b) killing those who don't.  Because they see this as a war for the survival of Western Civilization.

Others may prefer to join hands at the scene of a slaughter and get their picture taken.  Because they can't take anything seriously and see random attacks as photo opportunities.

Maybe there is some gray area here that I'm missing.  I'll leave that for the deep thinkers to explore. 


Over a million rallied against terror muslims in Paris today, including over 50 world leaders.  Impressive.  I hope this signals a shift in future European elections and immigration policy.

One 'world leader' didn't make it, but was otherwise represented.  (And a hearty Ushanka Tip to the brains behind this one.)

More at WZ and GP.

UPDATED 1.13.15 10am:

A gun-toting hat-owning FB comrade shared this gem today:

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