Monday, September 30, 2013

Shut. It. Down.

The Government "shutdown," which doesn't shut it down, is an hour away.

We are watching MSNBC tonight.  Here is the latest:  
The stupid congressional Republicans, who got less votes than the congressional Democrats in 2012, are taking cues from the extreme right Tea Party and Ted Cruz.  They are forcing a shutdown.  The Republicans don't want to sit down and talk about this, they don't want to do their jobs.  One faction should not shutdown the government because they can't get over the last election.
Prediction:  Once Boehner surrenders, and he will, the MSM will claim this a victory over the Tea Party.

Images from FB Comrades.  The 2nd from a Hat Owner!

Stepping Up

Ted Cruz did it.  It was easy.  The stage was set.  His fellow GOP'ers all pussified - unable to even think about speaking out of turn.  Cruz spent 21 hours on the Senate floor recording all his sound bites for his 2016 campaign commercials.  He got the spotlight.  Little senators Paul and Rubio ran to the cameras (or to Sean Hannity) to grab some spotlight, but they didn't add one person to either of their corners.

Hat Owner and Comrade, Diann, posted this Photoshop at All The Right Snark.  Did you know she is new to Photoshop?  She downloaded the 30 day trial, taught herself, and is now turning out pictures as fast as our hat factory is filling hat orders.

Some William Wallace quotes that capture the moment:

There's a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.

It's well beyond rage. Help me. In the name of Christ, help yourselves. Now is our chance. Now. If we join, we can win. If we win, well then we'll have what none of us has ever had before: a country of our own.

Give me the strength to die well.

Via NiceDeb:

Ohio: Better than California

Karl and his family moved from California to Ohio in 2008.  It was a BIG move for freedom.  At the time, California was ranked 48 in the nation for business friendliness - a good indicator for working-age people seeking a thriving economy.

Ohio had the best seat on the bell curve at the time.  It was ranked 25.

Now with five years in Ohio, the perspective has changed.  It doesn't take too long smoking cigars with the Captain of Capitalism before we begin our rant about the smothering effects of Ohio's state and local government.   And that is after Republican John Kasich eliminated the $3b deficit and created a $1b surplus.  So don't read into our comments, or the Captain's, to think Ohio's shortcomings are the fault of Republicans.

In truth, Ohio's major cities - Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati - are Detroits in slow motion.  They may not hit bottom as Detroit has, but they each have serious problems in the area of skilled and sustained job creation.  And there are positives in the Ohio economy outside the cities with auto manufacturing and oil fracking.  A deeper discussion would show many 'gray areas' in economic activity and trends.

Having said that, what Comrade Captain Capitalism says here is spot on.  Local taxes are stupid and add yet a third layer of expensive incompetence onto the taxpayer.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to our comrade, Captain CapitalismClick here to buy all of his books!  (He smoked a Nub CT, Karl smoked a RP Edge.)

Related - Watch for a coming post about the quality of friendships Karl has found through Ushanka.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Impotent Rage

The NSFW Cartoon industry has been shocked to its knees this week.  The Ambiguously Gay Duo is out, and Impotent Rage is in after their debut on IOTW.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quote of the Day

Via NiceDeb, Michael Walsh at NRO: What we just saw.
After his disgraceful attacks on Cruz, including his reach-across-the-aisle, dog-in-the-manger response today, this should be the end of Senator John McCain as a voice of influence in the Republican party. Ditto his mini-me, Senator Lindsey Graham. Indeed, the entire Old Guard of business-as-usual “comity” fans passeth. When you care more about what the other side thinks, it’s probably time either to switch teams or step down.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 2%

This guy, RawDog, just cracks us up.  Opinionated as hell, just like the Libertarians he despises.

This is more of a funny, and thus less respectful, take on Libertarians.  Although he makes some great points!

We post here simply because we happen to share our disgust with that THC-induced political movement.

Click the label below to see our other Libertarian posts.  We've posted videos and comments from others who approach the insincerity and inconsistencies of the 2% with more respect and compassion.

BlogRoll Updates

We've added two blogs to our BlogRoll at the left.  As our three loyal readers already know, the Ushanka process for adding to our BlogRoll is quite extensive.  We scan prospective blogs for weeks, if not months.  We make sure the bloggers are not wackos that may just have a good post or two.  Another way to say this: our screening process is far more involved than the process used by the US Navy to issues Secret Security Clearances.

A Chicago Police Officer's blog.  

Click here to see why this weather forecast is a bad thing in Chicago.

Read these blog posts from a former US Army special operations soldier. 

Click here to read his opinion of Obama's "red line" with Syria.

Senator Ted Cruz

The saying goes, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way."


One man has decided to lead when it comes to doing everything possible to stop Universal Health Care.  It didn't work when Lenin introduced it, and it won't work in 2014 when Obama forces it on us.


Some are starting to follow Senator Cruz in his second day of filibuster.  Senators Paul and Rubio, and others.

Getting Out Of The Way:

For the most part, all Democrats and most Republicans are getting out of the way.  They are voting "Present."  And why not?  ObamaCare gives them more money for their districts, more control over the masses, and finally makes things fair.  It is for the greater good.


How about we rally around the candidate that stood up for us?


535 people were sent to congress to represent us.  Exactly one is representing us today.  For that, we give a rare and coveted Tribute Post to the senator from Texas.


Judging from our fellow bloggers and FB Comrades, all eyes are on Senator Cruz.

The Senator's daughters:


Joke of the Day

Found at the Leninade FB page:

I met a rather plump woman once who was bragging to her friends about her 'universal beauty'. Someone asked what that meant, this 'universal beauty; I interjected that it means her parts are interchangeable with any Russian tractor.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Screenshot Clearing

We've accumulated these three screenshots over the past week and need to post them and move on.

This was what we saw the other day when we logged into our LinkedIn account.  A great tool that appears to be building momentum down that slippery slope of liberalism-run-amok.

The Navy Yard shooting saw the MSM falling all over themselves to avoid their mistakes following the Sandy Hook shooting.  Primarily, they waited a few days before calling screaming for more gun control after Sandy Hook and missed their opportunity to disarm the masses.

Notice this Google News screenshot that came up when we searched "AR-15."  It had long been known that no AR-15 was used in the shooting, yet all but one news organization was still using "AR-15" in their coverage.  Frauds - each and every one of them.

And, for you aspiring entrepreneurs out there... the people's government is seeking a technology that will allow them to broadcast across all AM and FM frequencies.  Won't you want to hear the same message that will be sent by text message at the same time?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Unions: Modern Day Slave Owners

Here is a video of a union protest in Walmart.

Something tells me these people wouldn't be that energetic if they were on the clock.

It is odd to consider that there is a class of people in America that will expend all kinds of energy to hurt others (people or corporations), but expend the absolute minimum in their own employment.

Unions are the modern day slave owners.  They are the festering cancer of marxists seeking, as Marx did, relevance in an economy that has passed them by.

They hold the pensions, and promises of a better wage, over the heads of their slaves.  And not just low-skilled labor like these Walmart dancers, but also of police, fire and others.

They punish those within their ranks that go elsewhere to earn a living, even when no union employment is available.  They set the bar for performance low, then push it lower.

They reward the lowest common denominator and punish those who excel (ie. teachers). 

Their entitlement attitude becomes generational, eliminating the value of work ethic, honesty and a day's hard work from each successive generation. 

Sure, there is probably something positive we could say about unions.  Let's see. 


Oh ya!

They set the standard for power napping:

Quote of the Day

Comrade and hat owner, NiceDeb, says this about Karl Rove in her post exposing GOP (!) attempts to sabotage Sen. Cruz in his fight against ObamaCare.
Rove has out lived his usefulness on the national stage. Once upon a time – when he was winning elections – “the architect’s” political skills were revered by most of us on the right. But those days are long gone. Now he just seems like a bitter old man who thinks the only way to win these titanic fights is to not rock the boat and be a little less liberal than the Democrats.

And now because Cruz and his compatriots have no use for that, they’re lashing out at him.
Is it possible to agree 125%?

Go read the post and view the video.

UPDATED 7:30pm:

Winning the White House is always said to be the hardest of goals.  It is the absolute most elite club.  To get there in the modern era it'll require close to a billion dollars and a squeaky clean candidate. 

Or maybe not.  Maybe just a regular guy could win it still...

We think we are witnessing how the next occupant is going about winning the White House in 2016. 

All this guy is doing is choosing to be the sole Republican who is willing to stand up in the Senate against Universal Communist Healthcare (aka ObamaCare). 

Not so hard after all, eh? 

If only the other Republicans had the balls.

BRAVO! Senator Cruz.  Godspeed! 

(And DO NOT let us down)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hump Day Cigar

Some reading, some capitalism, a phone chat with Mikhail, and a Romeo Churchill.

"Fire Two Blasts"

Watch this one on full screen. 

We are stunned at the editing quality.  Bravo!

U/T: FB Comrade David

The New iPhone is Out Today

The iPhone 5nSa:

U/T: FB comrade R

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Soviet Photos

English Russia has posted a large collection of Soviet photos from the 80s and early 90s: Moments of the Soviet Life.

Here are some of our picks.

The hat is everywhere you are not allowed to be.

He is larger than life, young pioneers!

The hammer is the symbol of the worker, the sickle the symbol of the peasant.  Always equal in the eyes of the state.

We'll let you figure out why we selected this photo.


The Secret to Happiness

Dance like nobody is watching.

Top rated YouTube comments:
Good for her. She must have been having a good day.

if more people were like her the world would be a better place

She got the job and is a lot happier than most people commenting. Good for her.
 The happy story at IOTW

Monday, September 16, 2013

Breaking: Govt Employee Goes on Shooting Rampage in Gun Free Zone

12 dead and several wounded near DC.

Still too early for details, but here is what we know.  Shooter was a black male government employee with a criminal history.

 Did he go postal?  Did he go Jihad?  Was it racial?  Did he target his victims, or was it random?  Will this shooting get more coverage than the daily shootings in Chicago?

Related: In another liberal city, New York, two bystanders were wounded in a police shooting.  The police didn't hit their target and after 3 shots tased the bad guy.  Here is a citizen video:

Just another day in Obama's America.

Let's see how long it takes for MSNBC to blame me for these events.   5.  4.  3....


First, corrections:  The DC shooter was not a government employee.  He served in the Navy, but the voices in his head got him kicked out in 2011.

We should have guessed this by the simple logic:  How many government employees does it take to kill 12 people?  Until ObamaCare starts, the answer to this question is >1.  If we have a single shooter and 12 dead, it is mathematically impossible for that shooter to be a civil service employee.

Motive is still unknown, although deficit reduction is now a possibility.  Tea-Party affiliation is still unknown.  Racial make-up of victims is still unknown.

What is known is the cafeteria was full of government employees at 8:15am.  One ponders how many would have been killed if he attacked at 4pm?

He shot from the 4th floor into the cafeteria, as if it was shooting fish in a barrel.  But we know fish are productive before 8:15am.

Having been private sector our whole life (or Army), we can't recall the last time we were in a cafeteria at 8:15am.  We're reminded of a 1981 Army commercial:

Apparently the shooter started his attack with his own shotgun, but then took firearms off of the security/police who he shot. There are still conflicting reports that one of the guns he took off of a guard or police officer was the dreaded AR-15.

Our research is limited to some FB discussion when time permits.  Here are some FB posts by hat-owner and gun-blogger, Tam:
Omigod! The AR15 got away! Put out an All-Points-Bulletin! Those things are murderous!

Shooter used to live in DFW? I'm pretty comfortable saying this was George Bush's fault, then.

Joe Biden, do you know where your shotgun is?

Hey, I know! They should make it illegal to steal high-capacity magazines off dead cops.
You can scold us for making light of this tragedy.  Of course we feel bad for the victims and their families.  We have been quite clear in Ushanka's 6+ years that we are against murder in any form.

But come on.  A gun-free zone mass-shooting in the city with the most oppressive gun laws? 

Not as if anyone is listening, but..... "I told you so."

UPDATED 9.17.13 2:45pm:

Shotgun or AR-15?  CNN has the answer:

It sure is easy to figure out the media's intended narrative here.  This is no longer a story about 12 dead, the dozens of gun-control laws ignored, or some mentally-ill person that existed under the radar of government agencies that are paid to take responsibility of the mentally ill.  It is a story about gun-control - specifically, how can we get more of it.

We're tempted to say the media has hit a new low by doing anything possible to get "AR-15" into the coverage, but this is nothing new.

UPDATED 9.17.13 4pm:

A warning from our comrade over at Knuckledragg'in:
Are y’all prepared for the coming storm over this? Because if you think this shooting that YOU had nothing to do with isn’t going to affect your 2A Rights, you’re fucking stupid.

Be prepared. The very least that’s going to happen is more regulation and control. You can also expect another drought of ammo and firearms as the panic buying begins again. We were just starting to recover from the Sandy Hook shooting as far as ammo and firearms availability went.

But getting back to the gun control that’s sure to come out of this, it’s not going to be just California and New York this time. This shit is going to go federal, mark my words.

Get what you can while you can, people.
Yesterday's shooting is similar to the shooting that starts Matt Bracken's trilogy, Enemies.  Click here for book #1.

UPDATED 9.17.13 9pm:

We've been pondering the reaction of those government civilians targeted in yesterday's shooting.   We have some experience with people like those targeted.  We 'worked' with government civilians during our time in the Army, plus we've frequented the US Post Office many times over our 40+ years.

How did they react to the shooting from above?

We won't know until video is released or witnesses share their experiences, but we suspect this video sums it up.

Regardless of their reactions, we wonder how many continued sitting at their cafeteria tables expecting their armed security to resolve the situation.

And a FB Comrade posted these photos of Obama voters:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

As predicted, we are enjoying the start of a wonderful Fall season with a Rocky Patel Edge and a good book.

We are reading Alexandre Skirda's Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack.  It is part of our study of the peasant uprisings that occurred in the Soviet Union once people discovered Bolshevik promises were a 'hope and change' guise to take complete control of everything and everyone - a topic that we wrote about in our second article: The Original Green Movement.

Two take-aways so far:

1) What were the options at the time?  

This is a question rarely asked about Germany after WWI.  Few realize that zGermans had two options when Hitler rose to power: The Nazis, or Communism.  It is a common error of Liberals Progressives Communists in the US to make the assumption that zGermans had the option of a government and system like the US.  No.  Hitler rose to power not just on the attraction of the Nazi message of restoring national pride after the humiliation of WWI, but also on the agreement that anything is better than Communism. 

So what were the options in the Ukraine in 1917?  We are coming to understand that zGermans were not welcome despite Ukraine being surrendered to them by Lenin on March 3, 1918 at Brest-Litovsk.  There was a strong Anarchist movement in Ukraine at the time and Nestor Makhno distinguished himself as a brave and capable member of that movement.

The Anarchists, in the early days of Bolshevik rule, were allies.  They were led to believe they'd have a fair share of power with the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries and Social Democrats.  That idea ended the day after the first and last election in Tsar/Soviet times.  But in 1917 the Ukrainians had two options: stick with zGermans, or go with the Bolsheviks.

In 1918 their options were: stay with the lying Bolsheviks, or join the Whites.  They joined the Whites.

The lesson we've learned in our studies, and one we try to push here at Ushanka: when you see a leader emerge that you don't like, remember the people may not have been given a good option.  Remember 2008?

 2) The Anarchists were also known as Libertarian Communists.

As comrades of Ushanka know, we're not too fond of the American Libertarian.  Was Makhno's movement similar in their call for rights and liberty?  From a Ukrainian perspective at that time, we'd say "yes."  What we mean by that is there was a strong Communist influence then as that was the presiding reality.  For example, the Libertarian Communists had communes.  So don't think we are making a literal apples-to-apples comparison here.

Here is a quote from Makhno at the end of his insurgency, right before he fled to Romania on July 17, 1921.  This may help our point here, or maybe confuse the issue further.
The communism to which we aspire assumes that there is individual freedom, equality, self-management, initiative, creativity and plenty.  We have spelled out our thoughts in our 'Declarations.'  We have had principles of non-violence, but the Bolsheviks have not allowed us to proceed with this.  They have turned the clash of ideas into a struggle against men.  Not only has the entire State apparatus, despised by the people, with its functionaries and its prisons and so on, not been liquidated, but it has simply been re-cast.  The Bolsheviks have proclaimed might as their right.
Our criticism with American Libertarians centers mostly on their dismissal of traditional family and religious values in their policy debates and proposals.  They discuss an issue on its merits, but ignore the value aspect of the issue.  For us, this shows a disingenuous approach to problem-solving, and for this reason we do not take them seriously.  This may be why 98% of our fellow voters dismissed them in November 2012 when their movement arguably had a better chance than ever to disrupt an election.

Well, imagine our shock when another criticism of Libertarians is presented.  From 1918.  By Lenin!  In a meeting with Makhno, Lenin said this:
The anarchists are always full of self-denial and ready for every sacrifice but as fanatics and long-sighted, they see only the distant future and ignore the present.
Damn - why didn't we see that?!

BTW, you'll recall Ayn Rand connected the American Libertarians with Anarchists.


Well, we are only 50 pages into a 400-page book, so much more to learn.

Speaking of Libertarians, we'll leave you with this little brain teaser:

What came first, the rolling papers or the Libertarians?

Friday, September 13, 2013

When Democrats Lose

This uncomfortable CNN interview with Angela Giron, the Colorado state senator who was removed from office this week in a recall election, reminds us of a t-shirt we bought in November 2000.  (Actually, we bought nine for friends and family...)

We're pretty good with our US history, but we do not recall a Democrat loser who acted with class following their defeat.  At least not in recent history.

The only way we can see ourselves behaving in this manner, and even this is a stretch, is if we had felt ENTITLED to the victory.

Which, of course, would be quite ARROGANT on our part.

The Dear Leader Merge

Our latest video:

We know, we know.  You're asking, "What the hell are you trying to convey, Comrade Karl?"

Would you believe we are not really sure yet?

It has been a plan for several months now to combine some North Korean and US propaganda.  We  subscribe to the Stimmekoreas YouTube channel where we are treated to enthusiastic daily announcements of the Dear Leader's activities (sans executions of generals and ex-girlfriends).

Our tuned sense of commie-detection alerted us to the common theme between each country's single-party media.  Watching the North Korean videos is similar to watching MSNBC/CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/ETC, but in Korean.

So what is the point?

Are we publishing this video for the masses?  No.

Those who attended public school and/or are ignorant of both history and of the evils of Communism will not understand this video.  For those we suggest cracking one of the many books listed along the left side of this site.  It is a compelling subject.  You may even get mad, as we did, when you discover what was kept from you in school.  

Are we trying to show that communist leaders like to be seen touring modern factories and bonding with the proletariat masses?  Yes.  

This isn't a perfect match, as non-communists like to visit factories too.

The common trait, that can be easily lost here, is the fact that both of these leaders are seen touring factories funded by the state.

Are we trying to point out that state-run factories in North Korea remain open while state-funded factories in the US fail?  No.  

But if there is a way to convey that in a video, we'll do it!

Are we trying to show the similar one-party-media enthusiasm when the dear leader of each country makes his way into a [staged] public appearance?  Yes. 

This isn't a perfect match either.  In North Korea the media's coverage is dictated by the state.  Deviate from the script, and you'll be shot and your family will go to the Gulag.

Here in the US, our media is compelled to cover Obama's every step in order to:
  A) Spin it when he screws up (Syria),
  B) To retain coveted access to the regime's insiders,
  C) To lock-in a future position within the government, or
  D) Out of blind loyalty to the ideology.

Are we trying to say the US is a communist state?  Nyet.  

We have a leader who has all the communist inspirations of a Stalin, Mao or Kim Jung Un, but a legal, Christian and cultural environment that is hostile to blatant communist acts.  This is why we sell our furry Commie Obama hats, but do not sell fraudulent identification papers or one-way trips across the border.

We are a LONG way from becoming a communist state in the US.  Especially one that is similar to North Korea.  But is there anyone who would argue that Obama and his ilk are moving us in that direction?

Will we make another merge video?  Maybe.

Hopefully this video will inspire someone else with a similar idea but with more time and better skills.  We'll offer a free hat to anyone who does better!

There is a lot of room for improvement, and we may take another stab at this in the future.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria III

The Syria crisis changes faster than we can post our $0.02, yet our $0.02 has not changed.

Yes, we should have attacked Syria.  The use of any WMD demands this of us, the sole superpower. 

Air power only, immediately following the use of WMD, with the intent to remove Assad and hit key infrastructure that enables his people stay in power.  Obviously this opportunity has come and gone.

We have not deviated from this position.  See our previous posts: Syria, Syria II and Red Line Talk.

Some of the recent changes:

The use of force request to congress includes the authorization to deploy combat troops.

For some reason, Obama has decided that it is our responsibility to inventory and dispose of Syria's chemical weapons.

No attack will happen now, as the discussion has shifted from "the use of WMDs" to "who used the WMDs."

Putin has taken the lead and schooled Obama in a most-public way.  Good on both accounts.  At least someone is leading.  And it is always fun to watch someone with no actual experience in problem-solving fail as we, and so many, have predicted.  Fun, despite the very real and negative impact on our standing in the world.

Having cancelled cable TV and having long stopped watching an Obama speech on nothing, we only noticed that our dear leader gave a speech on the Syria topic a few days ago when we saw some discussion on FB.  So, as we always do, we turned to Rush to tell us what we missed. 

What an historic speech last night!  It's probably the first time in history that a US president gave a speech about not doing something, unless you want to count all of Obama's speeches about how he's gonna fix the economy.  'Cause those have been speeches about how he's not gonna do anything, either.  Do you realize what a laughingstock we are?
Just more noise.

Images found on FB.

She Is Miss America

She has earned the title.  Not for a "I want world peace" speech, but for her service.

Our latest Ushanka Babe, US Army Sergeant, and Miss America contestant, Theresa Vail:

Why isn't the Miss America competition limited only to members of our armed services? 

How can someone who hasn't served in the military possibly represent America?

More photos.


Do us a solid, and we'll return the favor:

Don't judge us by just our friends.  Judge us by our enemies as well.

This is no friend of ours:

Can the Truthers just go away already?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Have We Turned The Corner?

Excellent election results from yesterday.

First, Weiner is out.  No doubt he'll run again for something, but it'll be nice to be rid of him for a while.  Granted: no doubt the new NY mayor is a flaming lib, so no real victory here.

Is that his finger?

And in Colorado, two state senators were ousted for their recent support of draconian, neananderthal, middle-ages-like gun-control laws.  Senate president John Morse and senator Angela Giron were shown the door by their constituents for over-stepping their assigned roles.  Kudos to Colorado.  Now on to the secession.

If these elections had gone the other way, we'd be told by our MSM betters that voters had rejected the extremist pro-gun and pro-values views of the Republicans, and that this is a sign of more Democrat victories to come.  So, using that same logic:  Is 2014 going to be our year?

We Will Never Forget

Artwork by Bosch Fawstin.

Found at Imgur.  Ah, ignorance.  It was bliss.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warning Signs

Are you connecting the dots?  Are you protecting what is yours? 

Chrysler - 2009

Story:  The Obama Administration nationalizes the Chrysler corporation to avoid the corporation's bankruptcy, then hands ownership to the bondholders.  Union bondholders get 100% of bond value, private bondholders are paid 10%.  More from Sweetness and Light.

Significance:  This theft of private assets with public funds was one of the first acts by President Obama after he took office.  It ignored the law behind the bond contracts, and demonstrated the ability of a soft-tyranny.

Our Chrysler posts:
May 2, 2009 - Karl's Weekend Reading
May 14, 2009 - Karl's Weekend Reading
May 29, 2009 - DealerGate
June 2, 2009 - The "S" Word
September 5, 2009 - Not a Socialist - Another Dupe!
September 10, 2009 - Not a Socialist - The Red Scare Returns!
March 4, 2010 - GM, or Chrysler?
May 3, 2010 - Another Label
February 6, 2012 - Halftime in America

MF Global - 2011

Story:  A former Democrat governor was head of this commodities brokerage firm in New Jersey.  They bet over $1.6 billion of their customer's funds, a violation of law, on European bonds.  The bets failed and MF Global shut its doors in October 2011.

Status: Some of the customer funds have been 'found,' but the trustee has not yet made the victims whole.  Despite having the responsibility to reimburse the MF Global customers, and having the funds, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has not done so.  No one has been charged or has gone to jail.

Significance:  The law is quite clear here.  Those who actually accessed customer funds, and the CEO who is responsible for everything within the company, are known.  The fact that no justice has been sought suggests that there is no rule of law.  Will the law protect you from similar criminals at your bank?

Our MF Global Posts:
October 31, 2011 - Today's News
November 1, 2011 - MF Global
November 4, 2011 - When the Middle Class Gives Up
November 17, 2011 - Breaking: Ann Retires
December 24, 2011 - War with Britain. Again?
March 29, 2012 - Choices
August 16, 2012 - MF Global - No Criminal Charges

Cyprus - 2013

Story:  Germany, which carries the European Union, was tired of the multiple bailouts of Cyprus.  They were tired of the promises to reduce government spending and promises to behave like a responsible European Union member.  Neither ever came.

By March 2013, Germany said enough.  Cyprus turned to the only remaining funds in the country, the peoples' money.  They froze all bank accounts and begun a series of discussions as to how much of the people's money would go toward the 'bail-in.'  During the freeze, account holders were limited to small daily withdrawals, and foreign (Russian) account holders pulled their funds from bank branches elsewhere in Europe. 

Status: Account holders lost over 40% of their savings.

Significance:  This is change Obama can believe in.  Cyprus was the first time in the modern West where a government has turned to citizens' savings as a source of funds.  It shows that the only assets you possess are those that are in your direct control.  The question going forward isn't "Will the government take my savings?" to "What percentage of my savings can the government take?"

Our Cyprus Posts:
March 17, 2013 - The Redistribution End Game
March 18, 2013 - Quote of the Day
March 19, 2013 - How Much Is Too Much?
March 19, 2013 - Big News Today
March 24, 2013 - The Cyprus Bungled Redistribution
March 26, 2013 - Quote of the Day
April 5, 2013 - Your Property. Is it?

Poland - 2013

Story: ZeroHedge reports the Polish government has confiscated 50% of all private pensions.  They are calling it a "pension overhaul."  Hat Owner, Ann Barnhardt, has a post comparing the Polish debt problem with the United States' problem.  Read, and re-read.

Significance: Like Cyprus, governments nearing their totally predictable end-game are scrambling for cash to maintain the status quo.  And when the pressure builds, they seek out piles of cash rather than cut the fat.  Private pension funds in Poland, bank accounts in Cyprus. 

So we ask again:  

Are you connecting the dots?  

Are you protecting what is yours?

WWIII - the Kickstarter Campaign

Lots of shock.  But tons of Awe.

Comrade Doc, a proud hat owner, just sent us this one:


Prediction #1:  Obama will continue to destroy this country.

Prediction #2:  Karl will celebrate the end of anther "summer of recovery" this coming Friday or Saturday.

Bracken Excerpt

Author Matt Bracken just published a short story at his Facebook page: Alas, Brave New Babylon.  It is a story of society collapse and survival.

Here is an excerpt that caught our eye:
It must be the history teacher in me who always seeks historical precedents and comparisons. The former USSR, with the full power of a mass-murdering totalitarian state behind it, attempted for seventy-five years to create a new society of atheist but socially altruistic New Soviet Men—and failed utterly to achieve it. The Soviets considered this a goal worth slaughtering tens of millions of their countrymen, and they still couldn’t achieve it. Not even across four generations and with an entire archipelago of Gulag slave labor camps.

But not even the mass-murdering Soviet rulers were foolish enough to attempt to outlaw sexual differences and mandate a New Genderless Person in the name of perfect political correctness. What sane person in the United States could possibly have thought that our own vastly more ambitious experiment in social re-engineering would turn out any better than the simpler economic revolution attempted by the USSR?

We've read all of his books.  He is an excellent writer.  We've found him to be one of the best at understanding human nature, and the evils of big government and diluting values.

Bracken's Amazon Profile.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Grand Slam Photoshops

From All The Right Snark today!

We think all of the creators are Commie Obama hat owners. 

As it should be.

The For War image was selected by American Thinker!  Way to go!


Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Red Line Talk


We've gone hoarse the past few days as we've been screaming at the media elites and their misleading statements about Obama's "Red Line."

Everyone that we've heard discuss this starts their timeline with "Obama's Red Line."

In fact, the timeline starts before Obama's "Red Line" statement.

The timeline starts with Assad threatening to use chemical weapons if the rebels gain momentum against regime forces.  The "Red Line" was.  in.  response. to. Assad's. threat.

So, when you hear Rush or others talk about the Al Qaeda rebels using Sarin gas in order to frame Assad, remember these key points:

1) Assad threatened the use of chemical weapons a year ago, which prompted Obama's "Red Line" comment.  A comment that has exposed Obama as an irresponsible and incompetent ruler these past few weeks.

2) Sarin gas is very difficult to handle, store and transport.  A government with a chemical weapons program is far more likely to use the weapon properly, as it was.

Was it Assad?  We don't know.

Could the Al Qaeda rebels have gassed their own people - of course.  Dancing in blood is dancing in blood to those people.

Could our media - both old and new - take responsibility for their statements?  Could they report the full timeline?  Apparently, both old and new are pushing agendas.

Just because we do not trust our president.  Just because we've come to learn that his view of America is far different than our founders' and our greatest presidents'.  Just because his is a pursuit of reparations and redistribution.  Just because we've discovered he is a liar - doesn't mean everything he says is a lie.

The time is long past for the response we wanted.  Assad and his leaders should be dust, regardless if they used the WMD.  The message should have been sent that anyone who is suspected of using weapons of mass destruction will be thumped by chest-pounding neo-cons.

It is the only real deterrent.

As to the theory that Assad is innocent.  Shouldn't we have seen him rushing to the cameras and to the UN immediately after the chemical attack?  Why are the people who first consider Assad's innocence Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh?

We're off to get some tea and honey.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

If Only It Were The Klingons

Robert Stacy McCain's recent "Funniest Thing on the Internet."

We haven't hit bottom yet.  Maybe next year?

Gangbangers Hardest Hit

With mockery and sarcasm rivaling our Commie Obama hat, YouTuber CrucibleArms explains the impact of Obama's latest gun-control executive orders:

In case you are confused, one of the executive orders is to ban the re-importation of US firearms that were sold to foreign buyers.  This includes the beautiful M1 Garand in the video above. 

These rifles are in demand by collectors (non-criminals) and are priced high as a result.  They are fun to shoot, but don't fit the low-cost light-weight high-capacity spray-n-pray type weapons desired by the criminal element.

In other words, that Liberal Progressive Communist in the white house saved zero lives with this executive order.

If you want to know the real reason for the latest gun-control, look at who it hurts, not at who they claim it helps.

U/T: SayUncle

Syria II

Our first Syria post is getting a big bloated, so we'll start a new one here.

Besides, the story has taken a turn since our last post.  Our dear leader has blinked.  He is now wondering if 1500 gassed Syrians is worthy of a US response.  He is punting to Congress with the hope that they can get him out of this corner he's painted himself into.

First, an observation from Rawdog.  Did our dear leader mis-speak, again?  Or has Rawdog discovered something that the entire media establishment missed?

We received a hat tip from Diann over at All The Right Snark for suggesting this photo:

She also posted this one on FB:

We're not sure about these following pictures of active duty military protesting possible deployment in a Syrian theater of war.  Call us undecided, as we seem to be on both sides of the fence at the moment.

First, no soldier wants to go to war.  Any war.  This is the reason why it is best to elect a president with a military background.  Ah, live and learn.

Second, our military is the last useful government organization, period.  It is filled with incredible men and women who risk everything, and who have always answered the call of duty.

Now that call is being answered with this social media protest, albeit by only a few.  A sign that our military is going the way of the USPS, NSA, IRS, and DMV?

We don't want one American on the ground anywhere near Syria.  Well, ok, maybe Barney Frank could go over there and spread the message of tolerance...

Boots on the ground is not the proper response to the use of chemical weapons.  The proper American response, which is weeks late in our opinion, can be done without risking the life of one American.

If the NSA can read these words as I type them, the DOD can pinpoint the location of Assad, his family, and key Syrian infrastructure.

We see these photos of service men are a symptom of our social media culture, the "me" culture.

When we were in the military and wondered what our opinion was on a certain subject, there was always someone close by to help us.  In fact, that help would often pre-empt our own thoughts.

The positive of using social media is the potential for an issue to go viral.  And pointing out that any damage to the Assad regime in Syria is, in effect, a favor to Al Qaeda has triggered such a viral effect.  Of course, there is no rule that says we can't thump Al Qaeda next.  We have enough bombs to go around, right?

Maybe such a protest is the only way to get the message out.  We all agree we won't hear a contrary view from our media.

Our men in uniform didn't take photos of themselves protesting the coming war in the Pacific in 1942, or in Europe in 1944.  And while Forrest Gump and the liberal left would want you to think otherwise, there are only a few photos of military men in uniform protesting the Vietnam war 20 years later. 

UPDATED 10:20am:

We found two excellent posts related to ours:  Doug Ross and MoonBattery, who comments:
It will take a while to purge the military of patriots and turn it into a cross between a make-work jobs program and a San Francisco bathhouse. In the meantime, Obama should watch how fast he pushes his anti-American agenda.

UPDATED 9.9 Noon:

Now that's funny!