Monday, September 30, 2013

Ohio: Better than California

Karl and his family moved from California to Ohio in 2008.  It was a BIG move for freedom.  At the time, California was ranked 48 in the nation for business friendliness - a good indicator for working-age people seeking a thriving economy.

Ohio had the best seat on the bell curve at the time.  It was ranked 25.

Now with five years in Ohio, the perspective has changed.  It doesn't take too long smoking cigars with the Captain of Capitalism before we begin our rant about the smothering effects of Ohio's state and local government.   And that is after Republican John Kasich eliminated the $3b deficit and created a $1b surplus.  So don't read into our comments, or the Captain's, to think Ohio's shortcomings are the fault of Republicans.

In truth, Ohio's major cities - Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati - are Detroits in slow motion.  They may not hit bottom as Detroit has, but they each have serious problems in the area of skilled and sustained job creation.  And there are positives in the Ohio economy outside the cities with auto manufacturing and oil fracking.  A deeper discussion would show many 'gray areas' in economic activity and trends.

Having said that, what Comrade Captain Capitalism says here is spot on.  Local taxes are stupid and add yet a third layer of expensive incompetence onto the taxpayer.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to our comrade, Captain CapitalismClick here to buy all of his books!  (He smoked a Nub CT, Karl smoked a RP Edge.)

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