Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bracken Excerpt

Author Matt Bracken just published a short story at his Facebook page: Alas, Brave New Babylon.  It is a story of society collapse and survival.

Here is an excerpt that caught our eye:
It must be the history teacher in me who always seeks historical precedents and comparisons. The former USSR, with the full power of a mass-murdering totalitarian state behind it, attempted for seventy-five years to create a new society of atheist but socially altruistic New Soviet Men—and failed utterly to achieve it. The Soviets considered this a goal worth slaughtering tens of millions of their countrymen, and they still couldn’t achieve it. Not even across four generations and with an entire archipelago of Gulag slave labor camps.

But not even the mass-murdering Soviet rulers were foolish enough to attempt to outlaw sexual differences and mandate a New Genderless Person in the name of perfect political correctness. What sane person in the United States could possibly have thought that our own vastly more ambitious experiment in social re-engineering would turn out any better than the simpler economic revolution attempted by the USSR?

We've read all of his books.  He is an excellent writer.  We've found him to be one of the best at understanding human nature, and the evils of big government and diluting values.

Bracken's Amazon Profile.

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