Monday, September 23, 2013

Quote of the Day

Comrade and hat owner, NiceDeb, says this about Karl Rove in her post exposing GOP (!) attempts to sabotage Sen. Cruz in his fight against ObamaCare.
Rove has out lived his usefulness on the national stage. Once upon a time – when he was winning elections – “the architect’s” political skills were revered by most of us on the right. But those days are long gone. Now he just seems like a bitter old man who thinks the only way to win these titanic fights is to not rock the boat and be a little less liberal than the Democrats.

And now because Cruz and his compatriots have no use for that, they’re lashing out at him.
Is it possible to agree 125%?

Go read the post and view the video.

UPDATED 7:30pm:

Winning the White House is always said to be the hardest of goals.  It is the absolute most elite club.  To get there in the modern era it'll require close to a billion dollars and a squeaky clean candidate. 

Or maybe not.  Maybe just a regular guy could win it still...

We think we are witnessing how the next occupant is going about winning the White House in 2016. 

All this guy is doing is choosing to be the sole Republican who is willing to stand up in the Senate against Universal Communist Healthcare (aka ObamaCare). 

Not so hard after all, eh? 

If only the other Republicans had the balls.

BRAVO! Senator Cruz.  Godspeed! 

(And DO NOT let us down)

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