Friday, September 13, 2013

The Dear Leader Merge

Our latest video:

We know, we know.  You're asking, "What the hell are you trying to convey, Comrade Karl?"

Would you believe we are not really sure yet?

It has been a plan for several months now to combine some North Korean and US propaganda.  We  subscribe to the Stimmekoreas YouTube channel where we are treated to enthusiastic daily announcements of the Dear Leader's activities (sans executions of generals and ex-girlfriends).

Our tuned sense of commie-detection alerted us to the common theme between each country's single-party media.  Watching the North Korean videos is similar to watching MSNBC/CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/ETC, but in Korean.

So what is the point?

Are we publishing this video for the masses?  No.

Those who attended public school and/or are ignorant of both history and of the evils of Communism will not understand this video.  For those we suggest cracking one of the many books listed along the left side of this site.  It is a compelling subject.  You may even get mad, as we did, when you discover what was kept from you in school.  

Are we trying to show that communist leaders like to be seen touring modern factories and bonding with the proletariat masses?  Yes.  

This isn't a perfect match, as non-communists like to visit factories too.

The common trait, that can be easily lost here, is the fact that both of these leaders are seen touring factories funded by the state.

Are we trying to point out that state-run factories in North Korea remain open while state-funded factories in the US fail?  No.  

But if there is a way to convey that in a video, we'll do it!

Are we trying to show the similar one-party-media enthusiasm when the dear leader of each country makes his way into a [staged] public appearance?  Yes. 

This isn't a perfect match either.  In North Korea the media's coverage is dictated by the state.  Deviate from the script, and you'll be shot and your family will go to the Gulag.

Here in the US, our media is compelled to cover Obama's every step in order to:
  A) Spin it when he screws up (Syria),
  B) To retain coveted access to the regime's insiders,
  C) To lock-in a future position within the government, or
  D) Out of blind loyalty to the ideology.

Are we trying to say the US is a communist state?  Nyet.  

We have a leader who has all the communist inspirations of a Stalin, Mao or Kim Jung Un, but a legal, Christian and cultural environment that is hostile to blatant communist acts.  This is why we sell our furry Commie Obama hats, but do not sell fraudulent identification papers or one-way trips across the border.

We are a LONG way from becoming a communist state in the US.  Especially one that is similar to North Korea.  But is there anyone who would argue that Obama and his ilk are moving us in that direction?

Will we make another merge video?  Maybe.

Hopefully this video will inspire someone else with a similar idea but with more time and better skills.  We'll offer a free hat to anyone who does better!

There is a lot of room for improvement, and we may take another stab at this in the future.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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