Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Screenshot Clearing

We've accumulated these three screenshots over the past week and need to post them and move on.

This was what we saw the other day when we logged into our LinkedIn account.  A great tool that appears to be building momentum down that slippery slope of liberalism-run-amok.

The Navy Yard shooting saw the MSM falling all over themselves to avoid their mistakes following the Sandy Hook shooting.  Primarily, they waited a few days before calling screaming for more gun control after Sandy Hook and missed their opportunity to disarm the masses.

Notice this Google News screenshot that came up when we searched "AR-15."  It had long been known that no AR-15 was used in the shooting, yet all but one news organization was still using "AR-15" in their coverage.  Frauds - each and every one of them.

And, for you aspiring entrepreneurs out there... the people's government is seeking a technology that will allow them to broadcast across all AM and FM frequencies.  Won't you want to hear the same message that will be sent by text message at the same time?

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