Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria III

The Syria crisis changes faster than we can post our $0.02, yet our $0.02 has not changed.

Yes, we should have attacked Syria.  The use of any WMD demands this of us, the sole superpower. 

Air power only, immediately following the use of WMD, with the intent to remove Assad and hit key infrastructure that enables his people stay in power.  Obviously this opportunity has come and gone.

We have not deviated from this position.  See our previous posts: Syria, Syria II and Red Line Talk.

Some of the recent changes:

The use of force request to congress includes the authorization to deploy combat troops.

For some reason, Obama has decided that it is our responsibility to inventory and dispose of Syria's chemical weapons.

No attack will happen now, as the discussion has shifted from "the use of WMDs" to "who used the WMDs."

Putin has taken the lead and schooled Obama in a most-public way.  Good on both accounts.  At least someone is leading.  And it is always fun to watch someone with no actual experience in problem-solving fail as we, and so many, have predicted.  Fun, despite the very real and negative impact on our standing in the world.

Having cancelled cable TV and having long stopped watching an Obama speech on nothing, we only noticed that our dear leader gave a speech on the Syria topic a few days ago when we saw some discussion on FB.  So, as we always do, we turned to Rush to tell us what we missed. 

What an historic speech last night!  It's probably the first time in history that a US president gave a speech about not doing something, unless you want to count all of Obama's speeches about how he's gonna fix the economy.  'Cause those have been speeches about how he's not gonna do anything, either.  Do you realize what a laughingstock we are?
Just more noise.

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