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Our first post on the Syria story.  First, some opinions and observations.  No predictions yet.  Also, some links to smart people who are paying more attention to the story than we are.

Opinion #1:  The US should bomb the s**t out of anyone who uses a weapon of mass destruction, like chemical weapons.  The weapons are abhorrent and destabilizing, and an example should be made of anyone who turns to these weapons.  And, as the only superpower on the globe, it is our duty to respond.

Opinion #2:  Obama is doing it wrong.  No US Navy ship or troop carrier should change course.  We have weapon systems that can do what is necessary.  Massing military assets might be intended to intimidate Russian or Iranian foes, but it can also facilitate the escalation of a wider war.

Opinion #3:  Some are warning a US attack on Syria will lead to a world war.  It will likely lead to more conflict over a wider theater, but we reject the talk of world war.  Every player has already done a cost-benefit analysis and we have no doubt all have concluded that containment of the Syrian action is in their best interests.  Yes, there are others who would like a wider war, but they are not in a position to get their way.  We think the best indicators are the stock market and the price of gold, and neither are showing any sign of panic.  We think the worst source for useful information is the US media.

Opinion #4:  Any discussion of a mess from US action is ignorance.  The US military is the only organization in the Federal system that is staffed with the best and best equipped.  Assuming the mission is clear, they will execute at near perfection.  For Obama, who has created a quagmire of everything domestic, he no doubt is excited about having a success to point to.

Opinion #5:  People are trying to cloud the issue of blame for the chemical weapons attack. Further, it is known that both parties, Assad Regime and the Rebels are bad.  Assad used chemical weapons against rebels that are supported by Al-Qaeda?  Sounds like there are multiple reasons to unleash Hell and less chance for collateral damage.  Call us callous, but there are ALWAYS reasons to not drop bombs.

Observation #1:  W was right about WMD - their existence in the Middle East, and their potential to destabilize.

Observation #2:  It took the administration and State Department to determine the use of chemical weapons about two weeks after everyone else on the planet knew. 

Observation #3:  The Democrats took power by claiming anti-war credentials and trashing an aggressive US policy towards WMD and terrorism.  They now embrace war.

Observation #4:  The Democrats wailed, bleated and demanded that W get congressional and UN approval for his use of force after 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslims.  He did.  Obama is threatening use of force against Syria and has not asked for support from Congress or the UN.  And he has lost support from Britain and other allies.

YouTuber Rawdog says the US will back down.  We have found his predictions to be almost always right.  However, he's changed YouTube accounts three times in the past year and has deleted past videos.  So, weigh our respect for him with that in mind.

YouTuber, blogger, author and hat owner Davis Aurini introduces a broader perspective of the Syria story.  We always learn something from his video presentations and we highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel.

NiceDeb has three posts on the subject.  As always, she posts plenty of links and relevant videos.

Obama About to Plunge Us into Another War w/o Congressional Approval, UN Approval, or Consent of the American People

Whoa: US Intelligence Officials Not So Sure Assad Regime Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Citizen of the World President Willing to Go It Alone On Bombing Syria

 Last, ZeroHedge has posted a list of reasons why Syria is a good distraction, by Simon Black. 

What have we missed?

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This picture above is a reference to Orwell's book, Nineteen Eighty-Four.  One of our FB Comrades, a fellow 95B no less, posted a comment that also references the book:
Iran is building nukes, and threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Barry refuses to act. Syrian thugs kill other Syrian thugs, and we must act "urgently", sometime in September when the budget battle begins. No distract here!!!

Perhaps even more importantly, We do not seek regime change. We do not seek to "win", only to send a"signal". Why the hell would America start a conflict, and say out loud, our objective is NOT to win? Is the enemy this week Eurasia? It's hard to remember.

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