Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie: JOBS

The movie about Steve Jobs opened a week ago to mediocre reviews and earnings.  Maybe the story is only interesting to entrepreneurs and older folks who watched the Apple empire in its early days.

Count us as one of those people.  We loved it.  We cannot suggest improvements.

And full disclosure here:  Steve Jobs is the only person who has had two Tribute posts here at Ushanka - Here and here.

Congrats to the movie's team in capturing Steve Jobs' tenacity, competitiveness, vision, strengths and flaws. 

Congrats to the movie's team in accurately presenting Apple CEO's John Scully and Gil Amelio.

Scenes and themes that might have been overlooked:

1) Jobs trying to explain a personal computer to investors.

2) The man behind the iPhone using a rotary phone.

3) The competitiveness with Microsoft.

4) The unique chemistry necessary for others to successfully work with Jobs.

Since the movie we've subscribed to the YouTube channel EveryAppleAds.  They have a bunch of old Apple ads.  Here is a brilliant one from 1992:

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puyalluppete said...

Thanks for agreeing with us on a pretty good flick that was fairly accurate and dwelt on facts more than emotion