Sunday, August 18, 2013

Libertarian Anarchy

We agree with Ayn Rand - Libertarians are anarchists.

Their policies would result in anarchy.  Their mob-like Internet swarms in reaction to criticism of their contradicting policy ideas, or the latest poll that includes Ron Paul as an option, will not be limited to online if they ever got their way.

The good news is they will never get their way.  The last election was their best opportunity to gain traction by throwing an election, and they couldn't get more than 2% of the vote.  Ralph Nader has more followers than Libertarianism.

Want to spot a Libertarian?  Listen for "military industrial complex" or "end the fed."  Listen for all the reasons we should legalize a gateway drug and reject traditional religious and/or family values. 

Check out ZoNation's latest video.  He responds to some "H8" from Libertarians who have recently swarmed his YouTube account.  An excellent discussion of what comes first: Life or Liberty?

That is the best commentary about Libertarianism since Comrade Davis Aurini's video - WATCH HERE.

We mock the Liberals Progressives Communists here at Ushanka because they are destroying our great country. 

We mock the Libertarians just for the cheap laugh. 

Don't like it?  Go roll a joint and watch some ReasonTV videos.  Or, perhaps, respond to one of Zo's arguments above...

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