Saturday, August 17, 2013

Middle East Update

Nothing new to report.

In our 40+ years of fourth trimester existence the Middle East has been a series of film footage and images on the TV news.  Masses of people, all angry at the US for one thing or another.  Some angry enough to hurt others, who then have another reason to be angry. 

It is the "cycle of violence" that the Liberals Progressives Communists always tell us to stop, yet they support a religion that perpetuates the cycle. 

500+ dead in Egypt?  That is a shame.  But less so than 5 dead in a 95-car pileup here at home.  Why?  The drivers of the 95 cars were not 1) massing in anger, 2) using mob-violence to address their complaints, and 3) foreigners (although statistically we should assume several were here without proper documentation).

So, unless something more comes out from the Cairo events, we'll be sitting this one out - just like our comrade at Big Hairy News who sent us this photo.

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