Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If we had another son....

No doubt our dear leader will declare his outrage at the recent shooting in Oklahoma.  Just as soon as he gets off the golf course.

But he might hesitate.  This is that "black on white" offense that doesn't get a lot of attention from our media.  If the media isn't picking it up, then why would our dear leader take notice?

It seems in our new, transformed America, the media rule is "If it bleeds, it leads."  And the transformed part of that is that "it" must be black.

So three "teens" are bored in Oklahoma City.  We've know this level of boredom and can confirm it is dangerous.  We lived this level of boredom every day in government school.

The "bored teens" see a guy jog by and decide to shoot him.  They pursue, then shoot him.  Christopher Lane, an Australian here on a baseball scholarship, is dead.

Another victim of fatherless children.  Mr. Lane no doubt had an involved father.  We guess that from his success.  And no doubt, again a guess, the three human-trash thugs that shot him did not have involved fathers.

That's it.  That is the source of our violence problems.  Why elaborate and make the NSA read a whole long rant?

Either the father is involved and raises a productive and successful young man, or the involved father comes in the form of a government check.  Yes, the Liberals Progressives Communists will scream that there are exceptions, but alas, they are exceptions in the black community where 74% of children are raised by mothers alone.

Hat Evangelist Captain Capitalism elaborates:

Is this the proper forum to share our hope that bored fatherless teens don't murder us?

Top photo from hat owner Diann at All The Right Snark.

Second photo from story at The Guardian.

Completely unrelated:

Drudge links to this study that says welfare payments exceed minimum wage in 35 states.  And in 13 states welfare exceeds the pay from a $15/hour job.

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