Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trick of the Month

No, this isn't a post about Sandra Fluke.

Apparently there is a satire site called The Daily Currant.  They posted a news report saying Obama has forgiven all of the student loans.  All $1T of them.

They even quoted our dear leader:
Just because someone borrowed a bunch of money doesn’t mean they have to pay it back. This isn’t 19th century England. This is America. And in America we’ve always believed in second chances.
Ah, the marvels of social media.  Word traveled fast.  Twitter was abuzz.

Why couldn't we come up with this idea?  We're smart.  Our public school teachers told us we are smart.  They gave us a high school diploma to prove it.

The day will come when we too have an idea that will tweak the Liberals Progressives Communists. Until then, we'll just keep wearing our Commie Obama hat and keep plugging away.

U/T: Legal Insurrection

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