Thursday, November 23, 2006

Communism Fights to the Death

While we here at enjoy a few laughs each day at the expense of the scattered nuisance that was once organized communism, we are provided reminders that this disease is still among us and is fighting at all costs. Detect a pattern?

Our best wishes to Alexander Litvinenko for a speedy recovery.

11.25 Updates - (after Alexander's Death): LFG & Hot Air

Remember Viktor Yushchenko?

Remember Anna Politkovskaya?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Karl's Weekend Reading

Sick with the flu this past week, so a short list.

Get a hold of Friday's Wall Street Journal. The editorial page was rich with Milton Friedman articles.

Here is one: Capitalism and Friedman: The man who made free markets popular again.

Also on the editorial page - Daniel Henninger's "Optimism Pays Off: Twenty-five years later, Reagan’s tax cuts are a global tide."

In the final months of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, something else happened that forced even Beltway accountants to look up from their ledgers: The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Five years later this brought forth the second great wave of supply-side tax policy.

Communism had been running what might be called a 40-year demonstration study in life at one end of the Laffer Curve—what happens to economies when you tax away pretty much everything.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our First Daily Kos Freak Link

Conservative bloggers: Ever wonder if we are the majority of the hits at Daily Kos? I do, because I think there are more of us than them. Well, to prove they are the glass-is-half-full types, mcjoan has a networking opportunity for all of those out-of-work Democrat campaign staff.

You have the thanks of us all, even though you're now probably unemployed.

So a good portion of the 4.4% un-employed in this nation are former campaign workers? Well, GOOD NEWS Kos Kids, agenda item #1 is a minimum wage hike. (Did you really think it was the war??)

Can you multiply the proposed 41% increase with your current wages?

Don't spend it all in one place!

Not Close, So No Cigar

No reason since Tuesday to smoke a cigar. Only a matter of time. The winners of the 2006 election are acting humble, keeping quite, or both. It is an act. It will end soon. And Karl will light up here shortly.

Until then, Karl will enjoy the weather, the backyard, and will finish reading Never Call Retreat

Karl's Weekend Reading

Been looking for some reading material that cuts through the post-election noise. This week's list is short - part 'half full' and part 'half empty'.

Charles Krauthammer's: Democrats moving the ball

The result is that both parties have moved to the right. The Republicans have shed the last vestiges of their centrist past, the Rockefeller Republican. And the Democrats have widened their tent to bring in a new crop of blue-dog conservatives.

Daniel Henninger's: Like Father, Like Son? Team 41 is a threat to the Bush legacy.

George Bush's foreign policy is at a tipping point. The administration's thinking on Iran and North Korea looks stalemated. He has taken to talking about the need for "fresh eyes" on Iraq. Looking back over the roster of the Iraq Survey Group, I'd say the eyes focused on his foreign-policy legacy, all essentially retired from public life, are anything but fresh. In response to Tuesday's election, House Republicans are about to usher in a younger generation of political thinkers. If he really wants to refresh his presidency, Mr. Bush should start looking in the same direction.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Jawa Report Shares Karl's Pain

Some proposed headlines from The Jawa Report (Gay Republican Theme):

Labor Crunch at "Crippling" Five-Year High
Church May Resort to Hiring "Suspected Homosexuals" to Meet Staffing Needs

Karl Rove Spotted Buying George Michael Album
Evangelicals Express "Appropriate Concern"

Dick Cheney's Daughter: "Yes, I'm STILL a lesbian."

Frustrated with the MSM? Be sure to add to your daily blog journey and vote on our biased headlines, fresh from the MSM. No disenfranchised voters here!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Night Cigar

What: CAO Brazilia Samba
Yet another Rove coup
Saddam to swing at a gallows near you,
One last task, but don't tell Dean
We figured out how to hack the voting machine!

Instapundit Shares Karl's Pain

From Instapundit's Nov. 5 post:

UPDATE: Hmm. Turned on the TV. Fox was covering Saddam, but CNN was running an election-themed piece on stem cell research, and MSNBC was reporting on the hot prospects for the Harold Ford campaign. You'd think this would deserve more attention than that . . . .

Oh, wait, they just teased a coming story with "Will Saddam Hussein's sentencing spark more violence in Iraq?" I should've figured on that spin, shouldn't I? doesn't have the disk space or manpower to record each MSM-Commie plug like this one. Help us do the next best thing and vote early and often on our headlines, and report any juicy ones we missed!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Overheard at the Office

WML: Want to hear a conspiracy?

WMC: From you? I expect nothing less.

WML: They're going to announce Saddam's verdict next week. My guess, they'll do it Monday night, give him a death penalty - just in time for the election.

WMC: Oh, I like that. But to get the proper impact, they'll have to catch somebody too.

WML: [drawing a blank, snapping fingers] Oh, oh, uh, that tall guy.

WMC: John Kerry?

WML: No, no... no. Um...

WMC: Osama?

WML: Ya, they'll pull him out of a hole.

WMC: Sorry, I get the two confused. They both say the same things.

Friday Night Cigar

What: Santa Domiana No. 600 Cabinet
Why: Un-Employment rate hits 4.4%. (Bush's fault for making the economy so hot! More people are working than should be working - Karl included!)

Karl's Weekend Reading

Topic: Election 06

"Party of the Rich": Limousine liberals are upgrading to Lear jets. By Peter Schweizer

Blues Project Depressed voters may roll the dice on the Democrats. By Daniel Henninger

Topic: John F. Kerry

Kerryism, by Victor Davis Hanson

Senator Kerry, Media Darling: The media have circled the wagons around the junior senator from Massachusetts. By Thomas Sowell.

Shame on Him John Kerry picked the wrong people to insult. By Ronald R. Griffin

Best of the Web Today, by James Taranto (Wednesday's Post)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Headline Proposals for MSM

Rove: I Deny Forcing John Kerry To Say That
Kerry: The Smart Soldiers are in Afghanistan
Poll: Voters to Turn to US Soldiers for Voting Advice
Kerry to Stop Apologizing on Nov. 8

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Smart

From: Scrappleface

Halp Us Jon Carry

14 years, US Army Reserves
2 graduate degrees
0 botched jokes

Picture Above - Priceless

Updated 11.2: Format and quote below.

A clip from Victor Davis Hanson's post at NRO regarding the picture above:

20 million Americans must have seen it [picture] all over the Internet, and nothing sums up the nothingness of Kerryism better than those smiling soldiers. After seeing that, no wonder he's offering deer-in-the headlights apologies.