Sunday, November 19, 2006

Karl's Weekend Reading

Sick with the flu this past week, so a short list.

Get a hold of Friday's Wall Street Journal. The editorial page was rich with Milton Friedman articles.

Here is one: Capitalism and Friedman: The man who made free markets popular again.

Also on the editorial page - Daniel Henninger's "Optimism Pays Off: Twenty-five years later, Reagan’s tax cuts are a global tide."

In the final months of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, something else happened that forced even Beltway accountants to look up from their ledgers: The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Five years later this brought forth the second great wave of supply-side tax policy.

Communism had been running what might be called a 40-year demonstration study in life at one end of the Laffer Curve—what happens to economies when you tax away pretty much everything.

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