Monday, February 28, 2011


That's what we thought he was singing about! It's what he's wearing...

Video spoof of Gaddafi speech made by Israeli is going viral. Or it will now that it is posted at!


Inch, inch. house, house. home, home, zanga zanga

Forward, forward, Revolution, Revolution


I got millions on my side not from the inside but from other countries. From here i send a call to all the millions in the desert.. from desert to desert the millions will march and no one will be able to stop them.

Fast, fast


The bell of work has rang!, the bell oto march has rang!, the bell of victory has rang!, no turning back!.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unions & Perceptions

We are emboldened by the shift in public opinion of public unions.

We've long looked at this fraud as modern-day slavery, where our fellow Americans are lured by a high wage only to lose that wage when their masters tell them to strike, engage in a work slowdown, "get bloody" (Malkin), or engage in some other business-damaging behavior.

It pulls everybody down and nobody wins.

The Blaze is reporting a union thug assaulting a non-union man in Sacramento yesterday.

It has been decades since unions engaged in violence, but they're back. We see the recent surge in violence from union members a result of this shift in public opinion. Desperation has set in, and a more aggressive tone is can be an expected human reaction from a group of people with a lot to lose.

We suspect the violence has two purposes: 1) the gut-reaction to this shift in public opinion, and 2) an intimidation tactic.

We doubt a favorable public opinion will return. The question is: will we be intimidated?

Some cartoons we found at Townhall:

Found at Michelle Malkin's blog:

As you watch this video, remember: the unions are voting "no" on a bill that will save all union jobs. Do these speakers really care for the 'workers', or do they care about political leverage and uninterrupted union dues?


An excellent video (U/T: NiceDeb) on the assault in Sacramento mentioned above. Shows the thug from start to finish, plus his explanation for his behavior. He's union, which means he's a Democrat, which means he's a Communist. Communists lie, cheat and steal, and tolerate others to do so.

The GOP has released a video (U/T: New Zeal) suggesting these union issues will be a leading theme in the 2012 elections.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


As our Dear Leader says, "We need to get in their face". SharpElbows shows us how it is done:


Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Feel Good Story

Here is what you see if you take away a toddler's favorite toy:

Here is what you see if you ask state employees to pay about half of what private sector workers pay for health care and retirement:

The Wisconson assembly voted in favor of the anti-union bill this morning.

Nice to see representatives representing.

Story and more video at The Blaze.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ohio SB 5 and Interview with Charles Henthorn

Karl and Charles Henthorn, retired Air Force Colonel and candidate for US Senate in 2012, visited the union rally at the Ohio State Capitol on February 22, 2011.

The unions were protesting S.B. 5. The bill would reduce union negotiating power with the state, which in turn would reduce the cost of unions and give the state government a better opportunity to balance its budget.

Charles Henthorn can be reached through his website.

See Karl's post for more comments on the rally plus a bonus picture!

Hammer & Sickle Post

Found at Moonbattery:

To paraphrase: It isn't socialism until all three auto companies are nationalized!

Columbus Bound

We're headed to the Ohio State Capitol today. SEIU is bussing their members in to meet with us. They will thank us for paying their pension and healthcare costs despite our unemployed or poorer-paid status. We expect to head home this afternoon empowered from this encounter - knowing that when we work, we're not just supporting our family but the families of Ohio's union members.

Pic found at IOTW.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Cheese Revolution UPDATED & BUMPEDx2

[originally posted 2.18.11 at 7:20am EST]
Gov. Scott Walker turned on the lights in Madison, and 14 Dem progressive commie cockroaches scurried for the shadows.

Those cockroaches are paid by the Wisconsin taxpayers to vote on legislation, but instead they voted with their feet to Illinois where they are out of reach of Wisconsin State Police. Their lesson to others: If you can run and hide from your problems, and keep your salary, do it.

At least Obama would have voted "Present".

The left runs the risk of labeling too many people Hitler. The only thing Walker has in common with Mubarak is that he has been thrust on MSM watchers in US households as the most evil person on the planet. This reminds us of George Orwell's 1984 - Two Minutes Hate.


"Here. Believe this. Yes, you've never heard of this person before. He's evil and must go now. There isn't another side to this issue. He's evil and you do not like him."

The Cheese Revolution is in full swing now. We support our tea party brothers and sisters in Wisconsin to keep the pressure on the entire government to correct these wrongs. Set the standard for the other states. We are all watching.

Gov. Walker's statement at the Weekly Standard:

Out of respect for the institution of the Legislature and the democratic process, I am calling on Senate Democrats to show up to work today, debate legislation and cast their vote. Their actions by leaving the state and hiding from voting are disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of public employees who showed up to work today and the millions of taxpayers they represent.

A tea party patriot found one of the cockroaches, via Breitbart:

That's how it is done!

NiceDeb has a bunch of links on this story, plus this excellent video that addresses the civility both preached by the left, and shown by the left:

And Van Helsing at MoonBattery posts the following video with his comment:

The mask is off. We are up against communism, as surely as we were during the Cold War.

A couple pictures:

From Doug Ross' top 15 pics from Wisconsin:

And one of five from Vicki McKenna's Facebook page:

Courage to run and hide in a neighboring state??

Michelle Malkin reports that AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka will be arriving in Madison today. Let's see how far he and his ilk are willing to go to keep getting free stuff at the expense of the rest of us.

The Cheese Revolution didn't just spill over into Illinois at a Best Western resort where 14 cowards sulked. It seems to have inspired a Buckeye Revolution here in Ohio (WARNING - explicit language) - from the Voice of Sarcastic Reason:

Was it just us, or is there a lot of red in that room?


Here are three related blog posts on the subject of Wisconsin. It seems our fellow bloggers have found a piece of government cheese worth discussing...

Steve Gilbert at Sweetness & Light links to a CPUSA article supporting the unions and AWOL Wisconsin legislators:

"You wouldn’t be threatening about bringing out the National Guard if this was just about budget cuts," said Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Phil Neuenfeldt. "The governor’s budget proposal is nothing more than a Trojan Horse designed to take away peoples democratic rights."

Moonbattery has a couple photos showing what it looks like after a commie cheesehead gathering.

And Weasel Zippers has pictures, names, and phone numbers for the commie cockroaches, now rumored to be in Chicago after being chased out of Rockford.

UPDATED 2.19 9am:

Astute Bloggers shares this:



Found through Glenn.

UPDATED 2.19 11am:

Found at The Blaze.

While 14 commies have fled to Chicago to avoid their responsibility to vote in Wisconsin, they passed other commies headed North to hand out the Chicago Revolution Newspaper:

What is the difference between the protesters in the capital at Madison and these people?

Short answer: These people embrace their ideology. The protesters are as cowardly as the state representatives now hiding in Chicago.

UPDATED 2.19 5pm:

Cartoons found at Townhall:

Picture and video from Glenn:

Gateway Pundit reports that doctors have set up a booth to sign false work-release notes for union members.

Video from datechguy:

Michelle Malkin reports:

The average Milwaukee Public School teacher will be receiving $100,005 in compensation this year – $56,500 of that is in salary, and a whopping $43,505 is in benefits.

UPDATED & BUMPED 2.21 8am:

Through Glenn, found Disrupt the Narritive's cartoon post. Local cartoonist Phil Hands, a liberal, has sided with the Governor in this debate. And he is brutal! Here is our favorite of the three:

Click the picture below to watch 15 minutes of responsible leadership:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Commie Thoughts on Wisconsin

We thought we'd go visit the Communist sites to see what they are saying about the recent events in Madison. Amazingly, some of the premier sites didn't have anything yet. Would it be too judgmental to suggest their organizations are made up of lazy bums?

The issue: WI Gov. Walker must balance the state budget. To do this, he is asking public union members to contribute to their pension and healthcare benefits in a manner similar to private-sector workers. The alternative: lay off at least 5400 state workers. The bill will also give union members the ability to opt-out of their union dues - about $700-$1000 per teacher per year.

And, President Obama came out this week in support of the unions and said this bill is an "assault on the unions".

Here is what the Communists are saying:

From Liberation - Wisconsin: Largest day of labor demonstrations yet.

A strong sentiment of solidarity has been forged between the community, students and workers from various unions. Placards with messages such as “United we bargain, divided we beg” and “Ironworkers support teachers” are seen everywhere. Handwritten signs in support of the workers covered the windows of restaurants, cafes and other small businesses around the capitol. A plane flew overhead with a banner stating, “We support working families.” Similar messages of solidarity were seen all around.

The Tea Party, which had scheduled for today its first “big rally” in support of Walker and his legislative assault on labor, mustered only enough support for a minuscule demonstration that was completely dwarfed by the mass presence of labor and its supporters.

From the Socialist Equality Party - The Wisconsin protests and the re-emergence of the American working class.

The financial aristocracy that rules America is every bit as removed from and hostile to masses of working people as the dictatorial regime that was headed by President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.
The Republican Walker is moving to shred collective bargaining and dictate terms of employment for state employees, imposing drastic attacks on pensions, health care and working conditions, while keeping wage increases below the rising cost of living.

Two posts from the Anarchist News - National Call-Out from Madison, WI.

the militant rank n file are organizing events and trying to push this past the union issue, further into our society.

With that said the political situation is heating up in Wisconsin and Madison seems to be ground zero. Please consider spending your weekend in Madison and working with other unionists to stop this legislation while at the same time pushing for a more radical action. Things are moving very quickly and we are in need of strong organizers who are experienced in every facet of the trade.
Our goal is solidarity, not competition, as we try to find common ground with the more militant members of the public sector.

And, Wisconsin: A Sign of Things to Come.

The malignant genius of the conservative movement has been its ability to convince middle and working class people, particularly whites, to vote against their own interests. This is accomplished by playing to racial and religious bigotry. The result is an astonishing number of working class people who have negative views of labor unions.

American Socialist Party of Wisconsin - Protesters Statewide.

Your voices are being heard loud and clear, the economic capitalists (republicans) who have driven Americans into ruin by creating a 80 percent service sector (nationwide) and removed the industry of well paying jobs by sending them overseas. Republicans are intentionally trying to now remove workers rights to the remaining 20 percent (nationwide) from the governmental jobs remaining.
The only way to regain what has been lost is to make a real and tangible statement by bringing back socialists to elected government.

Worker's World - Tens of thousands liberate state Capitol in Madison to oppose anti-worker legislation.

Those protesting have pledged the Senate and Assembly will be faced with mass resistance of various kinds if they attempt to pass the bill.
A Bail Out the People Movement solidarity statement issued on Feb.14 declared: “What the rich and the powerful want to do is strip us all of our rights and to make all workers into virtual slaves, both in the public sector and private. The so-called deficit crisis is being used as an excuse to attack workers in every sector, from private to public. We say no! Make the banks get off of the money they are hoarding. Tax them and the rich! Take the trillions of dollars wasted on war and propping up dictatorships and spend it on the people. We should tell Gov. Scott Walker: Hands off the public workers or we will do what the youth and people of Egypt did! Come and stay at Wisconsin’s Capitol in the thousands until they listen! We will take up the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and march, sit-in and link arms with our sisters and brothers until justice is won.”

Bailout People - Emergency call for national actions Friday, February 18 and Saturday, February 19 in support of Wisconsin workers and students.

The Capitol is the property of the people of Wisconsin and is supposed to function for the good and welfare of the people. When it is used to wage war against their lives, the people have the legal and moral right to take it back into their own hands. The National Guard is supposed to help with floods and disasters, not to move against their sisters and brothers.

And the Democrat National Committee Blog - Fight for Our State Workers.

We’ve got a fight on our hands and it’s personal. Over the past few days serious developments have surfaced of Governor Scott Walker presenting a “Budget Repair Bill” that will essentially gut collective bargaining for public employees here in our own backyard of Wisconsin.

Over the next couple days nurses, teachers, snowplow drivers, prison guards, and public servants will be standing together to let Governor Walker, know what is at stake: livelihoods, heath care, our children's education, and the rights of all workers.

SEIU - Calendar of this week's events.

NK News

Two noteworthy North Korean news items from this past week:

From the WSJ, North Korea Frets Over Spread of Livestock Disease:

SEOUL—A swiftly moving disease that has decimated South Korean livestock and damaged the country's food production now appears to be out of control in North Korea.
North Korea, which faces chronic food shortages and whose authoritarian government resists interaction with outsiders, hasn't taken any apparent steps to cull animals infected with the disease, as South Korea did.

And from Chosun, N.Korea 'Importing Animal Feed for Human Consumption':

North Korea is reportedly importing animal feed grain from China to distribute on the market for human consumption as the regime struggles with food shortages.

If they are feeding the military with animal feed, then what are they feeding the thousands in the Gulags?

Food - the ultimate weapon of Communists, can also be the ultimate weapon against Communists. Will the animal feed suffice in North Korea, or will it lead to a Ceausescu moment?

Obama Debates Obama

Nice use of Obama quotes to show both sides:

Awkward Situation Room - Passive / Aggressive from RightChange on Vimeo.

U/T: Moonbattery

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cat S**t One

We regret two bunnies were injured in the making of this movie.

Movie starts at the 4:00 mark:

U/T: SayUncle

Friday Afternoon Cigar

The winter is over! The winter is over!

This Rocky Patel Sun Grown was so anxious this afternoon, it lit itself! We puffed in celebration of responsible governance in the great state of Wisconsin, and in anticipation of seeing Wisconsin Democrats being dragged into the chamber for a vote. Frankly, there just aren't enough cigars for this moment!

We are reading Oliver H. Radkey's The Unknown Civil War
in Soviet Russia. One sentence jumped out at us on Page 157:

Communists complained continually about weapons in the possession of the people.

The Tambov insurrection is a fascinating story. Likely the largest peasant revolt in history, this ten-month battle against Lenin shortly after the revolution shows how weak the Bolsheviks really were. They had Poland and their own Civil War with the Whites in 1920, and in July/August a bunch of peasants South East of Moscow start killing the food-requisition thugs, killing Soviet soldiers, and attacking trains on one of the most important rail lines in the country.

While we are big fans of the Kronstadt rebellion up near Petrograd at the exact same time (Feb-Mar 21), the Tambov insurrection comes closer to the modern-day tea party in the areas of organization and purpose. The sailors at Kronstadt issued the demand that Lenin allow the other socialist parties to participate in the government as had been promised in the Revolution. The Tambov peasants, on the other hand, fought ferociously only on the principal that they rejected Communism. They didn't have any specific demands, or none that survived the Soviet Union, that stated what they did want.

In other words: they saw Communism for what it was - evil. 1920 was their third year of forced food requisitions and they had had enough. They knew what they didn't want, but did not necessarily agree on what they did want.

The Tambov peasants had survived the Tsars and could see their improving economic progress. Communism presented a return to the slave past, and likely worse. These peasants were not going to allow that to happen to them, nor their children. Hence - the tea party similarities.

Another trait unusual for a rebellion within a Communist state - guns. The Tambov leader, Antonov, saw Communism for what it was as early as 1918. As the militia leader in the area, he followed Soviet orders to disarm Czech soldiers as they passed through his district. But unlike his orders, he didn't turn those weapons in to the authorities. Instead, he stockpiled them and used his role to network with neighboring villages. When it came time to fight, his men had the means. And the quote above sums up the feelings on the other side.

Another Timeless Lesson at, brought to you by Rocky Patel!

Steve Jobs - Our Hero

The Enquirer reports today that Steve Jobs may have under 6 weeks to live.

This man is our hero - despite his assumed political ideology.

He created a product that was embraced by our first employer, and which led to our being hired.

He had led innovation after innovation at Apple and at Pixar that have made the world a funner, better and more efficient place for billions of people.

We hope this story is incorrect, and we hope he bounces back like he did after his liver transplant in 2009. But we aren't going to wait for his death to express our sadness for his suffering and our absolute respect for his achievements.

Steve Jobs is our inspiration.

The Hat in Afghanistan

Our favorite photo site, English Russia, has posted some pictures of the early days of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Here is a photo that caught our eye:

That hat goes everywhere!

Our version, the Commie Obama Hat, is now in the US House of Representatives (we have not disclosed the representative's identity), owned by the leading conspiracy theorist on FOX News who so far has been right on all of is theories, and is owned by a likely contender for the Republican nomination in 2012.

Is there any place the hat won't go?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ushanka Cover Girl

You may recognize the face on this years Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Yep, she was our third Ushanka Babe from way back in February 2008. Back when the commie hat was just a novelty!

English Russia has six pages packed with old Soviet posters on their site today. This one caught our eye...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Best Book Ever

Coming soon to a theater near you!

We're hoping the movie can match the book.


Monday, February 07, 2011


"Disgrace" best sums up our feelings about last night's National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

The anthem is something bigger than any one person, and was meant to be sung, and listened to, with that in mind.

Christina Aguilera now joins the others who have failed at the anthem and shamed their nation:

Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack:

The last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.


Palin Derangement Syndrome explained:


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Criminal: All Things Obama

So the Universal Healthcare Decree was rejected as unconstitutional the moment a constitutional-thinking judge looked at it. The case was brought by 26 of the 57 states - a near majority. Bipartisan, no less.

We wonder how the other 31 states feel. Smart, because they too knew it was unconstitutional and they chose to let others carry their water? Or stupid, for passing on such a no-brainer?

For those who wish to read about this, we suggest WSJ's Janet Adamy: Judge Rejects Health Law.

A federal judge ruled that Congress violated the Constitution by requiring Americans to buy insurance as part of the health overhaul passed last year, and said the entire law "must be declared void."

With his ruling, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson set up a clash over whether the Obama administration still has the authority to carry out the law designed to expand insurance to 32 million Americans.

A Florida federal judge on Monday ruled that a key plank of the health overhaul passed last March violates the Constitution, in a decision that could threaten the Obama administration's ability to implement the law.

David Rivkin, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said the ruling meant the 26 states challenging the law must halt implementation of pieces that apply to states and certain small businesses represented by plaintiffs.

But the Obama administration said it has no to plans to halt implementation of the law.

For those disgusted by a runaway liberal progressive communist Democrat Party who pushed this law on the American people much like Collectivism was pushed in 1918 in the USSR, a more intellectually relaxing update can be found in this video:

Video found at IOTW.