Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ohio S.B. 5 - BUMPED

[originally posted 2.22.11 5pm]

Karl and a friend attended the rally today at the Ohio State Capitol.

Not much to share. Maybe 2k white people there - all union types chanting "Kill the Bill". No anger - more of a picnic attitude. Many just there finding old friends and catching up. As for organization: the busses were running, but there wasn't a sound system, evidence of leadership, nor were they any creative signs. In short, for a rally with a message, it was a bust.

S.B. 5 may be inevitable, but so was ObamaCare. And we recall far more passion at the tea party rallies in '09 & '10.

There was no evidence of anyone on the pro-S.B. 5 side except the two of us, so intellectually they were pretty outnumbered.

It appears only one representative joined his constituents. Say what you will about the UFO spotter - he found time away from The Ed Show to join his constituents today when his fellow state and national representatives were nowhere to be found.

Video coming soon...

UPDATE 10PM: See the Video!

UPDATED & BUMPED 3.22 10am

Another example of how this guy sticks to his principles. Congressman Kucinich, our buddy in the picture above, on FOX News questioning the validity of the US bombing Libya. His points are valid.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Kucinich showed up to this rally in Columbus instead of joining Obama at a small business summit in his how district in Cleveland tells you all you need to know about Kucinich's priorities.