Thursday, March 24, 2011

Union Man

Found over at NiceDeb - she has posted the lyrics there too. A fantastic piece of work by Glen Shulfer.

Related: Karl Rove writes in the WSJ today about SB5, the 'anti-union' bill about to go into law here in Ohio.

For weeks, the nation's attention has been drawn to the storm in Madison over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to limit the power of government unions. Yet 500 miles to the southeast, in Columbus, Ohio, Gov. John Kasich is on the verge of passing a more extensive reform.
Why then so much attention to events in the Badger State and so little to those in the Buckeye State? The most likely reason is that legislation began moving in Wisconsin first. Once the media had deployed to Madison, they didn't have reporters, cameramen and television time to open a second front in Columbus. It was also costly for unions to bus in protesters and put on rallies in Madison. Similar protests in Columbus would have drawn much less attention while doubling expenses.
In attempting to re-energize itself by battling in Madison, the labor movement is making itself appear weaker and more thuggish than before. Scott Walker didn't expect this fight, but he is winning it. He absorbed body blows in the process, as strong and effective leaders do. The lasting damage has not been done to Mr. Walker but to the labor movement, whose desperation grows as its power, numbers and reputation wane.

Picture from Weasel Zippers

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