Sunday, March 27, 2011


[originally posted 3.20.11]

We're not fooled Mr President.

Avoiding the Libya issue for three weeks then announcing the US is going to war with a country that poses no threat to the US is not measured deliberation.

Doing so without a vote form Congress demonstrates your lack of commitment to the cause and your tyrannical impulses.

And how dare you attack a sitting member of the UN's Human Rights Commission?! Have you no shame Mr President?

Ginger at IOTW has asked for some slogans for Obama's first war. It is her way to help the liberals progressives communists in the left as they are likely speechless as one of their own is going to war for oil. She has 251 suggestions so far! Here are our favorites:

War we can believe in!

Burn Your Burkhas against war!

Cleaner More Articulate War

If war is the answer, Barry didn’t ask any questions.

Stop the war, stop the lies, Obama bombs and Libya dies!

Winning the future, one tomahawk at a time.

We are the Invaders You’ve Been Waiting For!

Obama dithered, Credibility withered

Make Par Not War

You have to bomb Libya to see what’s inside it.

Muammar Gaddafi acted stupidly

1 2 3 4 If Barry bombs Arabs it’s not a racist war!!!!

Just think of it as aborting Khaddafy in his 195th trimester.

You stopped the economy, now stop the war.

It’s not war, it’s anti-bullying!

Operation Drop-a-Pair

How many lives per gallon, Barry?

Barry the boob went to War for French Lube!!!

Barry’s in a Sand Trap


This is the war we’ve been waiting for.

It’s Still Bush’s Fault.

Barry lied and hope and change died.

Endless War. End This War. What’s One More.

Top photo from CTV Edmonton.


This video not only sums up the Libya situation, but the challenges facing the security of our nation.

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