Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bell Curve

We all know that the left end of the envy bell curve contains the communists among us. Every union rally we go to is a visit to the other end of the curve.

What we dont know is where to draw the line.

Now, thanks to a Rasmussen poll, we know that 11% of Americans will admit that communism is the ideal government solution. Comrades!

So we know how many will admit to preferring communism. But we still do not know how many are communists.

NiceDeb's opinion on this poll:

I think the fact that more than one in ten of us are stone cold Commies is frightening. It explains the massive numbers that show up at leftist rallies with their Communist banners. It helps explain the undercurrent of violence we see at so many left-wing rallies. It helps explain how Obama was elected and continues to have support as high as he does.


Commenter Greg at Weasel Zippers:

Well first there is all the success stories of Communism…uhh well they killed a lot of people efficiently.

And who could compete with the economic powers of North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and China? I mean when China gets to the point that all the males won’t have females the economy is really going to skyrocket.

And weren’t people in Berlin just fixing to get over that wall to go to the communist part of town.

Can’t see why people in the United States would be against this.

Greg, the force of sarcasm is strong in you. You should wear our Commie Obama hat!

And you're right, Greg, the killing was efficient. While every quota for harvests and every 5-year plan for infrastructure were missed, every train to the Gulag ran on time. For some reason commies are efficient only when human suffering is at hand.

A new phenomenon is emerging. Hints: ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NPR.

Yes, it is the hidden camera! A glorious invention by the folks at 60 Minutes, yet long since discarded.

But those stimulus-funded commies aren't the only ones to be exposed for their evil, immoral, anti-human ways. So is North Korea.

Here is a 4-minute video taken in North Korea with a hidden camera. Hidden cameras are crossing the Chinese border all the time now, and there will be more where this came from.

For the viewing pleasure of those 11% of Americans, including Michael Moore and President Obama, we present... your utopia:

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch it all. Those poor people!