Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Suppose...

The Newbius Papers offers suppositions:

Suppositions first: Suppose that Obama is actually a committed Marxist whose intent is on overthrowing ("fundamentally transforming") the way America operates. Suppose that he intends to destroy life as we know it, to be replaced by top-down socialism/fascism, and wants to be able to claim that an outside agent is responsible. Suppose that he intends to weaken our country, our citizens, and our standing in the world. Suppose, also, that the Democratic Party (and their Union enforcement arm) are agents of this change and that it has been their desire for the last 75 years or so, too.

How do you achieve this without prematurely alerting the American public?

Most people are willing to give Baby Barack Duvalier Obama the benefit of the doubt and chalk up his 'mis-steps' to naievete and disinterest. Most people are willing to apply Hanlon's Razor to his governance. However, what if it is not stupidity at all?

What if Obama's actions really are malicious to the long-term success of the United States? What if ideology really does drive every action or inaction on his part? What if the results are intended? What then? Because the already-visible results of his policies, if intended, make him an enemy of the Constitution - Domestic variety.

Are you ready to face that reality?

Fair questions. But how many of us are asking?

U/T: Newbius


Van Helsing at MoonBattery not only gets it, but does so in poetic fashion. Click over to see the video that inspired Mr. Helsing's post.

There has never really been a line between liberalism and communism, just a murky gray zone of flowery-sounding but fundamentally wrong principles your average liberal doesn't have the focus or intestinal fortitude to follow through to their logical Stalinist conclusions. That gray zone is disappearing, as hardcore authoritarians use the party to drag America toward a collectivist future.

Like we've always said, Democrats hold Communist Inspirations. They will choose the same path that a Stalin or Marx would choose under the same conditions. Always.

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