Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Long Way To Go

This Jesse Jackson Jr. speech on the floor of the House could be dismissed if it had been made in the Hope & Change days of 2008.

It could be dismissed if it were made in Russia in 1917. Or in Venezuela today.

Nope. The Illinois Democrat Congressman gave this speech this past week. In the United States of America.

Did any fellow Democrats rush down and pull Jackson from the microphone? Didn't any leaders in the Democrat Party proof his speech? Did any Democrats rush to denounce this speech?

Or was he presenting the Democrat platform: Communism?

EnglishRussia has photos from 1953 Soviet Union. The same philosophy the Congressman preaches was applied in the Soviet Union. Instead of iPods and Laptops, it was bread that was a right, and it was bread that was received.

U/T: Moonbattery


Battlefield315 has a new video out that fits perfectly with this post.

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