Friday, April 29, 2011

May Day Contest - CLOSED

As the Russians are preparing for their May Day Parade, we offer our second annual May Day Obama Cuss Jar contest!


There will be TWO WINNERS: you, and the blogger or source who sent you here! Both will get the Commie Obama Rally Cap and Bottle of Leninade - the two most coveted bourgeois trophies of the Obama Revolution!


Add your guess in the comments below. Guesses MUST consist of a dollar value guess (no cents) AND the name of the referrer. If you don't have a referrer, pick one of the cool bloggers in our Blogroll!

One guess per person please.

Contest ends at noon EST on Sunday.

If two guesses are equal - one higher and one lower by the same amount - the tie goes to the lower.

The first of duplicate guesses will be considered.


The jar is 10 inches tall, and 7 inches in diameter.

The jar contains 10 $100 bills and an unknown quantity of $1 bills. $1000 converted into $100 bills on December 14, 2009.

Previous Cuss Jar Contests: July 2009, $124, May Day 2010, $602, December 2010, $978.

A classic:

See more pictures of the hat at the hat store.

Ushanka Tips to those linking to our contest: Andrea Shea-King, IOwnTheWorld, The People's Cube.

Happy May Day, and may the best Comrade-Blogger team win!

Russian pictures from EnglishRussia.

UPDATE The guess is for the total $$ in the jar, including the $1000 in $100 bills at the bottom. We will ignore low guesses and accept new guesses from those same people! Sorry for the confusion!

UPDATESome are reporting errors when trying to post their comment. Please email us at and we'll post for you. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE - May Day, Noon

We have our winners!

Simply Amazed, from IOTW with the guess of $1,341. The total in the jar is $1340.

IOwnTheWorld is the winning blog!

Honorable Mention:
Milwaukee Mike from IOTW $1342
Beethovenqueen from IOTW, $1344
Col. Angun from IOTW, $1334
Melody from IOTW, 1350
Left Coast Dan from Doug Ross, #1328
Cotton Picking Cracker from IOTW, $1324

We look forward to an election year May Day contest next year. If you can't wait that long, you can alway grab a hat at!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

827 Days UPDATED 4x & BUMPED 2x

[original post 4.27 at 11:40am]

Obama released his birth certificate today, 827 days since he took the oath and closer to 1000 days since Hillary Clinton requested proof of citizenship.

This was good practice for us. Someday soon we'll have an 827-day wait for an MRI screening or an appointment with a cancer specialist.

This shows Obama's dedication to the military. If you'll recall, he took a mere 72 days to return Gen. McCrystal's phone call in 2009. Our Dear Leader's priorities are proper and he should be commended.

And don't get us started in praising Obama for his interest in our nation's oil supply. It took a scant 50 days for him to respond to the BP oil spill in the gulf. This leadership is why we're paying so little at the pump today!

An Ushanka Tip goes out to Rush Limbaugh, who warned in 2009 that this birther issue could be a trap. We followed his lead and only mentioned it once in passing. Rush Limbaugh knows these liberals progressives communists like he knows every square inch of his naked glor..... never mind.

Another Ushanka Tip to Donald Trump. He did what no other person could do, and he did it with style. Here he is taking credit in only a way the Donald could do:

Glenn Beck warns us to watch what the other hand is doing. 10m Video at The Blaze.

There is no way this is being released today for no reason. There is no way.

Here is paragraph one at the DailyKos today:

With the release of President Obama's long form birth certificate earlier today, naturally the lunatic, racist fringe—also known as a huge chunk of the Republican Party—are hanging their heads in shame for the false claims they've been making.

Refreshing. It is so nice to not hear them complaining for a change. Change? It's Change! Change you can believe in.... after waiting 827 days.

UPDATE 1:20pm

Headline at The Daily Caller. Don't you just love the new media??

UPDATE & BUMP 5:15pm: 827 Days, AND COUNTING!

According to the awesome Ann Barnhardt, this story isn't over yet.

Karl Denninger at knows his Adobe Illustrator and has discovered some interesting facts about the PDF file shared by the White House. The image has been altered!

Mother's "occupation" - the "Non" on "None" has been altered. What was there before it was tampered with?
The "Accepted date" (bottom right) has been altered. What was there before it was tampered with?
As has the other "Accepted" date. What was there before it was tampered with?
There's another problem with those dates too - they're clearly altered
By the way, they were dumb enough to leave the cuts in the clipboard too.
Now this does not prove that the alterations were actual changes in content. They might not be.

But..... what other reason is there to alter an alleged high-resolution photograph?

Click over to see the screenshots and his other comments.

Just five alterations. Time to contribute to our Obama Cuss Jar....

Hope & Change: "I HOPE nobody finds out I'm a lying commie bastard," and "Let's just CHANGE this thing here, that thing there in my official birth certificate."

UPDATE 5:35pm

Debbie Schlussel has another image expert's opinion, and her $0.02:

I still say, the real solid evidence of fakery is his phony Selective Service Registration document on file with the feds. That’s evidence that the Prez either was in on or knew about a forgery of federal documents in 2008 and lied about it in various television interviews.

Her post on the Selective Service Registration.

That Obama Cuss Jar is filling up fast!

UPDATE 10:40pm:

BigFurHat at IOTW has a full writeup with screen shots.

I can emphatically tell you that this document is not merely a scan of a document that has been uploaded to the internet. This is a document that has been either put together or taken apart prior to the upload, and even Charles Johnson would have to admit that.

After downloading the document that made available to the public I opened the file in illustrator and the file is indeed in layers, which cannot happen unless the document was edited.

Furthermore, what is layered and the method of the layering is peculiar.
I was never an ardent “birther” before, but I think I am now. This must be explained (frankly, I don’t think it can be) and I would expect that progressives with an ounce of integrity would want the same.


And so it starts. Seen on the Yahoo home page - link:

So what's fueling the dogged questioning of Obama's origins? Many critics of the birther movement say its core tenets--and its stubborn resistance to evidence disproving those beliefs--can be traced to racial hostilities. The fundamental birtherist conviction, these critics say, is that an African-American can't have legitimately won the presidency--and that his elevation to power therefore has to be the result of an elaborate subterfuge.

"There is a real deep-seated and vicious racism at work here in terms of trying to de-legitimate the president," Peniel Joseph, a professor of history at Tufts University, told The Ticket.

Actually, professor Joseph, we are just sitting back and watching him 'de-legitimate' himself. It would be fun, but the stakes are too damn high to laugh. Imagine losing tenure. That is sort of how we feel about losing our country.

Good Follow-Through

Another Hammer and Sickle for our collection!

Found this at The Looking Spoon.

New Golf Rules:

Every point under par get is given to players who go over par.

If a player is still under par after all points are redistributed that player is banned from the league until they adjust their level of skill to no longer be so excessive

If he so chooses, President Obama is allowed to keep his points under par



Found this at IOTW. Will the golf club be the symbol to represent those horrible Obama years, or will the hammer and sickle?

We'd prefer the funnier, and less lethal, of the two symbols.


Found at MoonBattery:


Two respected bloggers are calling Obama a Fascist today.

Trevor Loudon at NewZeal and Van Helsing at Moonbattery are writing on the same subject: the Obama administration is refusing to buy drugs from a company whose CEO is Howard Soloman.

As we've shown, those who argue Obama is not a socialist rarely offer a definition of Socialism. When they do, their definition is just plain wrong. Just click the "Not a Socialist" label at the bottom of this post to see.

Unlike those Obama sycophants, Mr.'s Loudon and Helsing define Fascism. They then defend their claim that Obama is indeed a Fascist, at least in this specific case.

From yesterday's WSJ: Government Aims to Remove Drug CEO Jolts Firms, by Alicia Mundy:

The Department of Health and Human Services this month notified Howard Solomon of Forest Laboratories Inc. that it intends to exclude him from doing business with the federal government. This, in turn, could prevent Forest from selling its drugs to Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. If the government implements its ban, Forest would have to dump Mr. Solomon, now 83 years old, in order to protect its corporate revenue. No drug company, large or small, can afford to lose out on sales to the federal government, a major customer.

What did Mr. Solomon do?

The Forest case has its origins in an investigation into the company's marketing of its big-selling antidepressants Celexa and Lexapro. Last September, Forest made a plea agreement with the government, under which it is paying $313 million in criminal and civil penalties over sales-related misconduct.

A federal court made the deal final in March. Forest Labs representatives said they were shocked when the intent-to-ban notice was received a few weeks later, because Mr. Solomon wasn't accused by the government of misconduct.

Van Helsing:

Obama may be a communist by upbringing and inclination, but at this point his "fundamental transformation of America" more closely resembles fascism. Under communism, the government directly owns everything, and everyone works for it, essentially as a slave. In subtle contrast, fascism allows for ostensibly private concerns that in reality are run by the government.

Trevor Loudon:

What is it called when the government decrees who will be the CEO of a private corporation?

Fascism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Should we have made Obama swastika arm bands instead of the Commie Obama hat? Or, is this just an early step toward the communist utopia the hard left dreams of every night?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Warning

We are big Glenn Beck fans. He owns our Commie Obama hat and wore it a couple times on his CNN show. That was cool!

We don't watch many of his shows. We don't watch anybody else's show, ever. Glenn sets the standard for research, presentation, and love of country. Nobody else comes close on any of those fronts.

He is also the only host who is consistent in both sounding like a loon and being right in every story and prediction. He's twice the man Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow will ever be.

Tonight's episode deserves your attention. With no further comment:


Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Thugs & Communism

BDTR = Better Dead Than Red.

BigGovernment released two videos of two Missouri University classes in "Labor Studies".

Notice the lack of any discussion of "labor" and the constant theme of violence, intimidation and government overthrow.

These union enthusiasts should remember Ronald Reagan killed the biggest union - the Soviet Union. But if they forget, no worries. We'll always be here to remind them.

These union enthusiasts should discuss the constant decline of union membership in the US. They discuss the overthrow of the US yet the few remaining union jobs are in government. How's that going to work?

These union enthusiasts should step away from the computers and the video-conferencing equipment, out of the air conditioning and from under the water-proof roof, discard their levi jeans and nike shoes and go sit in the woods for this discussion. Their CO2 would help the surrounding trees and be their first (and only) contribution to this planet and to society.

Found at NiceDeb. She has a larger post on the subject, where she asks:

And why do they keep talking (right out in the open) about violent revolution? Is it because they know they have a fellow traveler in the White House?


This 10-minute video is worth your time.

This concept is DOA with Obama and the Democrat Party. Guess why:

a) Thorium will burn through the earth's crust and kill rare species of cockroaches that have yet to be discovered.
b) Native American Indians would disapprove as it has nothing to do with the sun, wind, or rivers.
c) Obama didn't think of it first.
d) Thorium would produce unlimited energy for capitalists, who in turn would profit from innovation and the production of new services, products and technologies.
e) All of the above.
f) Another reason (post in comments)

On the bright side, Stalin would just send this internal enemy to a death camp.

We found this video here, through Instapundit.

Thorium Wikipedia page.

Energy from Thorium site.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Cigar

The bold Rocky Patel Edge burned on this Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Che Quotes friend, Dale, linked to this article of 10 Che Guevara Quotes the Left Would Rather Not Talk About.

This one stands out to us, as it demonstrate's a commie's attitude toward justice and a functioning judicial system.

3. “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary … These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution!”

Elana Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg beware. You're a means to an end. You'll only retain your posts until you are no longer necessary.

Do Not Play The Fool America

Danny, the Commissar of Leninade, sent us this video. It has a favorite song of his that came out shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Song title: Do Not Play the Fool America.

We don't speak the language. Can anyone help translate?

Gulag Books

Andrew Stuttaford offers a review of top books on the Soviet Gulag in today's WSJ: A World Behind Barbed Wire.

Books mentioned in Stuttaford's article:

Gulag Archipelago

Kolyma Tales

Journey Into The Whirlwind

My Testimony

Faithful Rusian

Gulag Voices

Memoir of a Gulag Actress

Children of the Gulag

The Victims Return: Survivors of the Gulag After Stalin

There has been no Bolshevik Nuremberg. Total defeat left Nazi horror open for all to see, but many Soviet archives remain closed, their tales of atrocity unpublished. The new books on the gulag cannot begin to redress the crimes they describe, but they can at least help history locate the facts with which it can pass the judgment that the victims and their jailers deserve.

Mr. Stuttaford's NRO Archive.

Ushanka Tip to Mr. Stuttaford for the article, and to Mrs. Karl for finding the article.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Join us tonight!

We'll be talking with Andrea Shea King on her radio show tonight starting at 9:30pm EST.

Check back here afterwards. We'll post any links or other items that are mentioned on the show, as well as the podcast of the show.

Post show update

THANKS to Andrea for having me on her show tonight. That was too much fun!

We had the added honor to speak with IOTW's BigFurHat, Lloyd Marcus, Leninade's Danny, and IOTW's CFM990.

Here is the post at IOTW announcing tonight's interview. BFH will be posting a contest there later tonight.

And last - something I wanted to share tonight but we didn't have time....

The top ten reasons why Obama is NOT a Communist:

10) Stalin wouldn't go golfing with an unemployment rate over 9%.

9) Communism invented the concentration camp, Obama invented 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

8) Lenin spoke without a teleprompter.

7) Different lines: Kryuschev had bread lines. Obama wants MRI lines.

6) Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, didn't feel compelled to lead the fight against obesity. (Or did she?)

5) KGB checks your papers. TSA x-rays your underwear.

4) Communist regimes prioritize their military spending.

3) Obama's death counseling is conducted indoors. Pol Pot's death counseling was conducted in the fields.

2) If the Soviet Union wanted firearms to cross their border into a neighboring country, they would have carried the weapons themselves.

1) Obama only nationalized 2/3 of the auto industry.


Contest is Posted at IOTW. Good luck!

Tonight's Show is now posted.

Listen to internet radio with Andrea Shea King on Blog Talk Radio


IOTW's CFM990 called into the show. He wore his Commie Obama hat in the hospital after his open heart surgery! We're happy he has recovered and commend him for his courage to wear that hat amongst union healthcare 'professionals'.

CFM990 is a trend-setter. Someday soon, everyone will wear that hat as they wait for their healthcare.

UPDATE 4.25 Andrea announces the Contest Winner. Dale wins with the russian spy name for Obama - Nyet Birthski.

Contgratulations Dale!

Fun Videos

A couple fun videos we found today:

This one at Weasel Zippers. We forgot how much fun Sesame Street can be!

And another good job from Battlefield315:

Her: "The Constitution is just an excuse for people to tell me I can't implement my good ideas."
Him: "When do I get to hear the good ones?"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bay of Pigs

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs disaster in Cuba.

Read Decision for Disaster for the full story. Short story: JFK (the last Democrat that hated commies) supported an invasion of freedom-loving Cubans into Cuba to retake the island nation. He helped train them and promised a substantial air support effort. That air support was whittled away by risk-averse losers in the administration in the days/weeks leading up to the assault. By the time of the invasion, there was no air support and all Castro needed was a few planes to crush the invaders.

We've learned from another book that Kruschev knew of the invasion date and place four months prior.

And we've all learned that Kruschev saw the US failure as a sign of weakness. That weakness invited the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This is why we dislike communists so very very much. More death. More suffering.

Friday, April 15, 2011


...Opens today! Be there!

Movie website.

UPDATED 4.16 2pm Found at NiceDeb:

UPDATED 4.22 7PM THIS is related! John Fund writes in today's WSJ about how CA officials are visiting Texas to find out why 4.7 CA corporations are leaving the state for Texas EACH DAY. John doesn't say it, but this is called "Going Galt", and those CA officials could have saved the taxpayers some money by just going to see this movie instead.

Andy Puzder, the CEO of Hardee's Restaurants, was one of many witnesses to bemoan California's hostile regulatory climate. He said it takes six months to two years to secure permits to build a new Carl's Jr. restaurant in the Golden State, versus the six weeks it takes in Texas. California is also one of only three states that demands overtime pay after an eight-hour day, rather than after a 40-hour week. Such rules wreak havoc on flexible work schedules based on actual need. If there's a line out the door at a Carl's Jr. while employees are seen resting, it's because they aren't allowed to help: Break time is mandatory.

"You can't build in California, you can't manage in California and you have to pay a big tax," Mr. Puzder told the legislators. "In Texas, it's the opposite—which is why we're building 300 new stores there this year."


Ann Barnhardt writes at the American Thinker, Reconciling Rand with the Gospel. Rand was an atheist - a problem for many who enjoy her work. Ann suggests a synergy that has been overlooked.

I know that many Christians read Rand and want to stand up and cheer, but at the same time are racked with guilt because of her atheism and decidedly anti-church professions. Can Rand be reconciled to the Gospel? Can Christians read and learn from Rand's writings? I say yes, and emphatically so.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Gulag Diet

We find it extremely insensitive that Moby and his fellow liberals progressives communists call for fasting when hundreds of thousands of North Korean's are starving.

Is Moby having fun at the expense of gulag prisoners whose only crime was to be the child of a man who was caught eating a piece of bread out of turn 20 years ago?

That man may have had impure thoughts about the compassionate Dear Leader too! Can he prove his thoughts were pure?

Where were these clowns when their ideology killed 100 million - mostly by starving - during the last century?

Maybe they can go to North Korean Economy Watch and tour the North Korean concentration camps with Google Earth as they sip their 180-calorie latte's and brag on how they are fasting for a better, more fair, world.

The daily ration in Soviet Gulags was 800 calories. Punishment rations were 400 calories.

Food is not only the ultimate weapon, it is the weapon of choice for leftists like Moby and his ilk. These are the same people who buy into Marx, then later find their chosen leader standing between them and their food.

We'll say it again: Communism is Capital Punishment for the Innocent.

Some pictures from EnglishRussia.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yuri Gagarin was first into space 50 years ago today. A major accomplishment. Yet he was a Soviet citizen, and so that accomplishment really wasn't his.

From peasant to soldier to astronaut to the first Soviet in space - a remarkable rise that was only possible because the state deemed it so. He brought great pride to his countrymen, people proven to wrap themselves in national pride when not wrapping themselves in a concentration camp pea jacket.

For every Soviet astronaut there were millions already dead or in captivity as political prisoners in the Gulag - where "zero sum" dynamics meant if you ate today, someone else didn't. While the manned space programs in the US and USSR both contributed to new weapons technologies, only the Soviet program was designed for first-strike use.

His is a story of great achievement and depression, and is now told in a book released today - Starman. We have our copy and look forward to reading it. Click the link below to order your copy!

Pictures from today's Yuri post at EnglishRussia.

Leaders of the Left

1) Lawrence O'Donnell
2) Adam Klugman

A required attribute of a true leader is one who speaks the truth. *

Our Leaders-on-the-Left list doubled in size this week with the addition of radio talk-show host Adam Klugman. According to The Blaze he said:

People have been brainwashed by the right into associating Socialism with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia and not with free, highly successful democratic nations like Norway, Finland and the Belgium.

... I believe it’s time for us to stop making up nice words to describe ourselves so Republicans will tolerate us.

Liberal is not a bad word. And neither is Socialist.

The fact that we’ve completely given up on these ideas demonstrates a defensive mindset that always keeps us on the losing side.

Here is a video Adam has posted at his website. Any surprise his site doesn't list the radio stations that carry him?

Adam's message in this video is as foreign to us as socialism - the taking from the one who earned and giving to the one who slept in. Count us out, but give credit to Adam for trying the truth for a change.

* Correction: A required attribute of a true leader is one who speaks the truth all the time, can be expected to tell the truth, and demands the truth of others.

We lower this standard for liberals in order to praise the few who risk it all to speak the truth just once. It is our way of being tolerant.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Ann Barnhardt

Today's rare and coveted Tribute post and Ushanka Tip go to Ann Barnhardt from Colorado.

A business owner and bitter clinger (see picture above), she sets the new standard in the areas of leadership and patriotic activism. She is educated and informed, which sets her apart from the masses, even many on our side. She is, in courage and intensity, what Glenn Beck is to using history and research to predict the future, or Sarah Palin is to inspirational classiness.

Likely, you've already seen her videos at the other cool blogs. These two videos are her response to Senator Lindsey Graham's abhorrent comments on a Sunday show where he would be open to banning Quran burning. He didn't help with subsequent comments either. Called "Lindsey Grahamnisty" by Rush Limbaugh, you'll recall that the Senator has sided with the RINO's and Democrats Communists on immigration and other major anti-American legislation. He pushed all his chips in the 'righteous moderate squishy middle' as did his buddy Senator McCain. South Carolina should be ashamed as their senator fails to stand for anything except winning the praise of our enemies.

From CBS:

"I wish we could find some way to -- to hold people accountable," he [Graham] said during a Sunday appearance on "Face the Nation." "Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war. During World War II you had limits on what you could say if it would inspire the enemy. So burning a Quran is a terrible thing, but it doesn't justify killing someone. Burning a Bible would be a terrible thing, but it wouldn't justify murder."

"Any time we can push back here in America against actions like this that put our troops at risk, we ought to do it," he added. "So I look forward to working with Senator Kerry and Reid and others to condemn this, condemn violence all over the world based in the name of religion."

As a former soldier, may I say this in a way Ann would approve? Hey JACKASS, how dare you wrap yourself in the honor of American service men and women as you suggest we subordinate our Constitution to your whim du-jour. Hey JACKASS, World War II was a war, declared by congress. Libya is a war declared by the UN. You are in congress and you were passed over for a group of dictators, and instead of demanding congress vote, you toe the administration's line of 'anything for the muslims'.

That was therapeutic.

Here are Ann's two videos. As soon as we post this we'll watch them again. Will you join us?

In your face, eh? We went to public school, so like you, we were initially uncomfortable with Ann's directness. It bruised our self-esteem and high degree of tolerance. We've been sheltered all these years in mandatory corporate diversity training so our first reaction was to run and hide from that bright light of truth called Ann.

Will Ann get discouraged? She takes responsibility for her message and is rallying those of us who agree. Yet, we haven't seen any other videos of like-minded folks. (We haven't looked for them either). So will a lack of copy-cat videos discourage Ann? Will she feel she is the only one left with "brains and balls"? We hope not, and here is why:

We stood outside the single entrance to the Democrat National Convention in Denver in 2008 selling our sexy Commie Obama hats. We yelled "Be the first inside with a Commie Obama hat!" as Democrat senators, officials, donors and Hollywood scum were forced to walk by our smiling face. We picked this as our battle space and brought the fight. It was right for us, as were these videos right for Ann in both time and message. We each have our ideal fight and time, and while a mass Quran-burning would be fun to watch, spontaneous outbursts at random times and locations have as good or better effect.

We hope to see more of Ann.

You can get to know Ann better. She was interviewed this week by Andrea Shea King.

Ann's Blog -

This post was written while smoking a Santa Damiana.

Imagination Land

South Park had three episodes by the same name where they hammered AlGore. This is a fantastic summary by Pajama's Media:

So true.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Never Take the Red Pill

Better Dead than Red!

Found this at Moonbattery. Originally from Waznmentobe.

The Republicans are on a roll in Congress and we look forward to a government shutdown, albeit a partial one.

With the wind at their back now, why not repeal the Hammer and Sickle?

Or, since Lindsey "Jackass" Graham has suggested his opinion trumps the 1st Amendment, why doesn't he outlaw the Hammer and Sickle?

Was 100 million dead over the course of 72 years not enough to justify these suggestions?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Cigar

CAO Brazilia.

We're celebrating Congressman Ryan's effort to save our country. From the WSJ's editorial page today:

Mr. Ryan's budget rollout is an important political and policy moment because it is the most serious attempt to reform government in at least a generation. The plan offers what voters have been saying they want—a blueprint to address the roots of Washington's fiscal disorder.
The Ryan plan would chop $179 billion from the 2012 White House budget and another $241 billion in 2013. This would be the largest two-year savings since the demobilization of the military after World War II. Mr. Ryan would cut funding for corporate welfare and hundreds of ineffective programs, reform agriculture subsidies, reduce the federal work force by 10% and repeal ObamaCare, among other good ideas.
Unlike many Republicans and some in the tea party, Mr. Ryan understands that the budget can't be balanced with spending cuts alone. Above all, we need faster economic growth to drive higher incomes and more revenues. So Mr. Ryan also proposes a tax reform that would cut the U.S. personal and corporate tax rate to 25%, in return for eliminating loopholes and credits that allow companies like Whirlpool and General Electric to pay little tax.

This won't pass, but the vote on Ryan's budget now will speak volumes next November when we are even further in the hole. For that reason the CAO Brazilia smolders today.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Doubling Down on Failure UPDATED X2 & BUMPED

[original post 4.4.11 8:40am]

"We are the one's we've been waiting for" is now "It begins with us."

So decrees our Dear Leader, who wrote us a personal email today announcing he is running for re-election next year.

We'll start by doing something unprecedented: coordinating millions of one-on-one conversations between supporters across every single state, reconnecting old friends, inspiring new ones to join the cause, and readying ourselves for next year's fight.

And it came with his video of the commie-next-door variety where publicly-educated envy-filled "workers" have already made their voting decision for 2012. (Hint: They chose the candidate who will promise to take away from others and give to them.)

If they can decide now who they are voting for, why can't we too?


Mr. Pinko at IOTW has posted an alternative 'Vote For Me" video. Feels more authentic and more honest - don't you think?

UPDATED April 5 7:30am

Jon Stewart shares his reaction with the Dear Leader's opening campaign video. Found at The Blaze.

Does Jon speak for his fellow liberals that this President is an incompetent fraud? Will Jon retain this objectivity up to and through October 2012?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Afternoon Cigar

Romeo Y Julieta Habana Reserve.

We are making fast progress through Robert Conquest's The Dragons of Expectations. Unlike his other books, which seem to take as long as the USSR to collapse, this one is fun and fast. This brilliant scholar uses this 2005 book to sum up his vast work from previous decades. We are enjoying his input of recently uncovered facts as he reviews the major events that were Communism. One example from page 116: the total of signed death orders by Stalin - 44,000. He also quotes - liberally - from Orwell. Good stuff!

A couple paragraphs that stood out, from page 120:

Dead bodies were a common product of the Stalinist system. But minds did not do well either. They had to endure a continuous barrage of untruth. It can be argued that the Soviet Union's main negative characteristic - with plenty to choose from - was falsification. One finds it right from the start. But in the 1930's, after the disastrous failure of collectivization, the disjunction was complete. Henceforth, two different Soviet Unions existed - the official one, a flourishing and happy country (beset, though, by traitors), and the real one, overrun by poverty, squalor, and terror, and with a crushed population.

The prettier of these pictures was not only compulsory in all Soviet media and deniable by citizens at the cost of their liberty or lives. It was also, as far as possible, conveyed to the outer world and especially (as we have said) to a stratum of the Western intelligentsia, many of whom were even taken in by, for example, the official denials issued by Soviet representatives in the West of the very existence of the 1933 famine, let alone its causes.

The Blues

"Do you know how hard it is to be a liberal?"

Friday, April 01, 2011

Commies a Calling

An inside look at the White House Communications office?

This video reminds us of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago (Volume 2, we think) where he writes of the positives associated with confinement in a Soviet death camp. Two of those positives: No Party Dues, and no Party Meetings. Ha!

Some items cleverly edited out of the video:

"Will you accept a collect call from the Communist Party?"

"Is life a zero-sum game, where you must take from someone else to get ahead?"

"Would you fight for the right to get free stuff paid for by other people?"

"Do you agree that Communism is pure and that Lenin, Stalin and Obama were flawed leaders?"

U/T: The Blaze

Photo from Wikipedia.