Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Thugs & Communism

BDTR = Better Dead Than Red.

BigGovernment released two videos of two Missouri University classes in "Labor Studies".

Notice the lack of any discussion of "labor" and the constant theme of violence, intimidation and government overthrow.

These union enthusiasts should remember Ronald Reagan killed the biggest union - the Soviet Union. But if they forget, no worries. We'll always be here to remind them.

These union enthusiasts should discuss the constant decline of union membership in the US. They discuss the overthrow of the US yet the few remaining union jobs are in government. How's that going to work?

These union enthusiasts should step away from the computers and the video-conferencing equipment, out of the air conditioning and from under the water-proof roof, discard their levi jeans and nike shoes and go sit in the woods for this discussion. Their CO2 would help the surrounding trees and be their first (and only) contribution to this planet and to society.

Found at NiceDeb. She has a larger post on the subject, where she asks:

And why do they keep talking (right out in the open) about violent revolution? Is it because they know they have a fellow traveler in the White House?

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