Friday, April 15, 2011


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UPDATED 4.16 2pm Found at NiceDeb:

UPDATED 4.22 7PM THIS is related! John Fund writes in today's WSJ about how CA officials are visiting Texas to find out why 4.7 CA corporations are leaving the state for Texas EACH DAY. John doesn't say it, but this is called "Going Galt", and those CA officials could have saved the taxpayers some money by just going to see this movie instead.

Andy Puzder, the CEO of Hardee's Restaurants, was one of many witnesses to bemoan California's hostile regulatory climate. He said it takes six months to two years to secure permits to build a new Carl's Jr. restaurant in the Golden State, versus the six weeks it takes in Texas. California is also one of only three states that demands overtime pay after an eight-hour day, rather than after a 40-hour week. Such rules wreak havoc on flexible work schedules based on actual need. If there's a line out the door at a Carl's Jr. while employees are seen resting, it's because they aren't allowed to help: Break time is mandatory.

"You can't build in California, you can't manage in California and you have to pay a big tax," Mr. Puzder told the legislators. "In Texas, it's the opposite—which is why we're building 300 new stores there this year."


Ann Barnhardt writes at the American Thinker, Reconciling Rand with the Gospel. Rand was an atheist - a problem for many who enjoy her work. Ann suggests a synergy that has been overlooked.

I know that many Christians read Rand and want to stand up and cheer, but at the same time are racked with guilt because of her atheism and decidedly anti-church professions. Can Rand be reconciled to the Gospel? Can Christians read and learn from Rand's writings? I say yes, and emphatically so.

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