Friday, April 22, 2011

Join us tonight!

We'll be talking with Andrea Shea King on her radio show tonight starting at 9:30pm EST.

Check back here afterwards. We'll post any links or other items that are mentioned on the show, as well as the podcast of the show.

Post show update

THANKS to Andrea for having me on her show tonight. That was too much fun!

We had the added honor to speak with IOTW's BigFurHat, Lloyd Marcus, Leninade's Danny, and IOTW's CFM990.

Here is the post at IOTW announcing tonight's interview. BFH will be posting a contest there later tonight.

And last - something I wanted to share tonight but we didn't have time....

The top ten reasons why Obama is NOT a Communist:

10) Stalin wouldn't go golfing with an unemployment rate over 9%.

9) Communism invented the concentration camp, Obama invented 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

8) Lenin spoke without a teleprompter.

7) Different lines: Kryuschev had bread lines. Obama wants MRI lines.

6) Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, didn't feel compelled to lead the fight against obesity. (Or did she?)

5) KGB checks your papers. TSA x-rays your underwear.

4) Communist regimes prioritize their military spending.

3) Obama's death counseling is conducted indoors. Pol Pot's death counseling was conducted in the fields.

2) If the Soviet Union wanted firearms to cross their border into a neighboring country, they would have carried the weapons themselves.

1) Obama only nationalized 2/3 of the auto industry.


Contest is Posted at IOTW. Good luck!

Tonight's Show is now posted.

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IOTW's CFM990 called into the show. He wore his Commie Obama hat in the hospital after his open heart surgery! We're happy he has recovered and commend him for his courage to wear that hat amongst union healthcare 'professionals'.

CFM990 is a trend-setter. Someday soon, everyone will wear that hat as they wait for their healthcare.

UPDATE 4.25 Andrea announces the Contest Winner. Dale wins with the russian spy name for Obama - Nyet Birthski.

Contgratulations Dale!

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