Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Gulag Diet

We find it extremely insensitive that Moby and his fellow liberals progressives communists call for fasting when hundreds of thousands of North Korean's are starving.

Is Moby having fun at the expense of gulag prisoners whose only crime was to be the child of a man who was caught eating a piece of bread out of turn 20 years ago?

That man may have had impure thoughts about the compassionate Dear Leader too! Can he prove his thoughts were pure?

Where were these clowns when their ideology killed 100 million - mostly by starving - during the last century?

Maybe they can go to North Korean Economy Watch and tour the North Korean concentration camps with Google Earth as they sip their 180-calorie latte's and brag on how they are fasting for a better, more fair, world.

The daily ration in Soviet Gulags was 800 calories. Punishment rations were 400 calories.

Food is not only the ultimate weapon, it is the weapon of choice for leftists like Moby and his ilk. These are the same people who buy into Marx, then later find their chosen leader standing between them and their food.

We'll say it again: Communism is Capital Punishment for the Innocent.

Some pictures from EnglishRussia.

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